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How to Use a Shoe Stretcher on Boots


Shoe stretchers are a great investment for anyone who owns shoes. You can use these devices to stretch the material of your shoe so that it fits more comfortably on your feet. This is especially useful if you have wide feet and need to wear narrow shoes. This article will discuss how you can choose the best shoe stretcher for your needs and how to use it properly. Today I am going to discuss a technique on how to use a shoe stretcher on boots.

A Process on How to Use a Shoe Stretcher on Boots

Shoe stretchers are generally used to make shoes last longer. However, it is important to know that they can also be used on boots, especially if the boot fits tight around your foot. There are two ways of stretching a boot with help from a Shoe Stretcher:

The first way is by soaking the boot in warm water and using the stretcher right after so it will be easier for you to mold and stretch out the leather. Ensure that when stretching a boot, do not use too much force as it may cause damage to the shoe; start slow while applying pressure onto both sides of where you want to stretch but be careful not to overstretch it.

Do this until you notice that your boot or shoes become more flexible, and as a result, you will have room to move your toes when wearing them.

The second way is by using a shoe stretcher before you wear the boot. The reason why this method works best is that stretching leather for the first time can be hard as leathers are harder than shoes, so that’s why in this case, we use a stretcher beforehand and after so we can adjust the size of our boots properly.

In addition to these two methods of using a Shoe Stretcher on Boots, another discovered involves using heat to stretch out boots.

This method is similar to the first one where you put your boots inside warm water then use shoe stretchers right away; however, it involves using a heating system to aid in stretching the leather. In my personal experience, it’s not always best to do this process, for I have tried and experienced that sometimes it can be riskier as you risk burning your boots unintentionally, so I would suggest sticking to either one of the methods mentioned above or just buy new shoes altogether.

For those who want to stretch their big-sized boots that are too tight, they can use shoe stretchers just like those who use them on their shoe size. You can get a bigger stretcher specifically designed for bigger sizes.

There are different kinds of stretchers; some are made of wood while others are made with rubber material. The latest ones even have to cushion on their sides, making them more comfortable to use.

If not careful, you can easily damage your shoe or boot when using a stretcher. You have to be patient and do it slowly to avoid tearing the leather of your shoes and boots.

How Can I Make a Shoe Stretcher On My Own?

Shoe stretching is an easy thing and requires different techniques depending on the type of material used in making your footwear item. The most commonly used material is wood, which will be used to make your shoe stretcher.

If you look around the house, you may find all required to make a shoe stretcher for any footwear item. Some of these materials include:

1 . A Broomstick or Other Long Stick –

This should be straight and strong enough to hold shoes upon it without breaking apart.

A Broomstick

2 . Rope or Cord –

Used to secure the shoe in place on the wooden device during the stretching process. 

3 . Flat Strip of Wood –

This may come from an old packing box or a homemade wooden object made from scratch. It is used as a base platform for holding onto the shoes tightly while working on them with the help of rope or cordage.

4 . Some Cloth or Sturdy Paper –

This will be used to cover the wooden base, not to damage your footwear item while working on them. You can also use a thick plastic bag if you do not have any cloth or paper readily available in the house.

5 . A Heavy Object –

Use this to press and hold down the shoes during the stretching process.

6 . Hammer –

Used to make indentations into shoe stretcher device for holding ropes, cordage, and straps for easy access during foot insertion and pulling out of the stretched boots from stretching device.

7 . Sufficient Amount of Time –

To work on shoes and patience since this is bound to take up some time before finishing with all parts properly fitted.

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Steps To Follow for Shoe Stretching:

This is what you need to do:

Using A Shoe Stretcher On shoe
  • Get started by twisting up the rope or cordage to create loops around one end of your wooden stick of choice for use as a shoe stretcher.
  • Insert this into holes made at either side of the flat strip of wood which will serve as a base platform area for placing shoes after ready for stretching and any other purpose like pushing down on them.
  • Once this is done, place some cloth or paper over the flat strip of wood so that your shoe and its material are not damaged while working on them.
  • Place this covered wooden base with rope loops attached at one end near a heavy object like a cast iron bench or table or even a piece of furniture if you are using an old stool for placing shoes to be stretched and worked upon. 
  • Now you can start inserting your boots into a wooden stretcher device by placing them into loops made in rope and then pull tight all around the base platform so that it sticks firmly to the shoes inserted for stretching purposes.
  • After ensuring that your footwear item has been completely inserted, you can now hammer some indentations into the wooden base to prevent the rope from breaking apart and secure it in place for effortless work on shoes without any problems.
  • Now, you can begin pulling out your boots by placing some heavy objects like a cast iron bench or table or even a piece of furniture if you are using an old stool for placing shoes to be stretched and worked upon. These will act as pressing objects that hold down shoes during the stretching process to easily expand without breaking apart rope loops inserted at one end of the wooden stretcher device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Leather Boots Stretch Out?

Leather boots are one of the most durable types of footwear, and they last a long time. They do not stretch out like other types of shoes but can be stretched by wearing them over time to accommodate your foot.

The best way to stretch leather boots is by using a shoe stretcher or wheel puller that will evenly stretch the leather for a perfect fit.

Will Shoe Stretchers Work on Sneakers?

Shoe stretchers are a great option for shoes that are too tight. They can be used on sneakers as well, but it is best to use them on shoes that you want to stretch out of shape.

The most important thing to keep in mind when using shoe stretchers is that they should not be used on high-top or low-top sneakers because they will not work effectively.

Should Boots Be Tight on Top of Foot?

No, boots should not be tight on top of the foot. The top of the foot is a part of your leg that needs to breathe, and you should allow it some space to do so.

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Final Thoughts

Using a shoe stretcher is an excellent way to prolong the life of your expensive shoes and boots. The stretching process will help loosen any material that has become bunched up in the shoe, which can cause blisters and discomfort over time. So ensure all the aspects properly and have a good day.