Can You Store Shoes in Plastic Bags

People love to wear the shoe. But can you store the shoes in plastic bag? Everything in this world comes with some responsibility. In the case of the shoe, it is maintenance. If you don’t maintain and store your shoe properly, those pretty shoes will soon turn into junk. The longevity of a shoe depends on how appropriately you store your shoes. Some try a plastic bag for storing shoe. Is it okay to store them in a plastic bag? Answer to your question, “can you store shoes in plastic bags”, is “Yes”.

The plastic bag is an efficient and cheap way of storing shoe. Plastic can act as a vacuum if properly closed. This vacuum helps to keep away the dirt from your shoes. Although storing shoes in a plastic bag is a trouble-free and quite effective, you should use conventional furniture for storing. If you are a student or you have less space, you can use a plastic bag. You may store multiple pair in a big plastic bag. You can store your sports shoe, walking shoe or flat feet walking shoes in the plastic bag..

But you have to follow some measure before doing that. Otherwise, when you open the bag, you might be disappointed. Before going further, you have to be careful about leather and suede shoe because they might get damaged due to the vacuum created by plastic. So you should avoid storing leather and suede shoe in the plastic bag

How Can You Store Shoes in Plastic Bags

The good thing about the plastic bag is that it is inert, meaning nothing can go through or react with the plastic. So if you want to keep clean shoe or sandal in a plastic bag, you will find them in the same state even after weeks.

Check the Plastic Bag

You have to ensure that there is no leak or hole in the plastic bag. The plastic bag also needs to be thick enough so that it doesn’t get shredded easily. With thin plastic bag, even a slight pressure of thumb may create a hole. They also have to be tough enough to hold the shoes so that they don’t get punctured by the part of shoes.

Remove Dirt From Shoes

You should clean your shoes before packing them. Otherwise, they may cause problem, especially if you store them for a long time. They might degrade the surface of the shoe. So, first of all, find a clean cloth or a brush to eliminate the debris and mud from shoes. Then you have to wash them for further cleaning.


Wash the shoe for satisfactory cleaning. You can use detergent, dish soap, vinegar etc. Clean the sole, footbed properly. Take a cloth or brush, then soak that in a detergent mixer. Then rub them over the shoe, then dry them for a while. You can also use dish soap, which is an excellent cleaner. They are especially effective against oil and other fat-related dirt in your shoe. Dish soap contains organic compound which will pull the dirt out of pores of your sandal. Using vinegar is another fine way of washing shoe. Mix them with some water then wash your shoe without stress. Some people also prefer bleaching powder. But wear gloves while using it.


Cleaning your shoe will make your shoe free from bacteria and fungus. Otherwise, they will start contaminating if you keep them in the plastic bag for a long time. You just have to lay your shoe out in the open. It will dry by its own. You can reduce the time for drying. You can put them under the sun. Sun is a natural dryer. You can also put your shoe in front of your fan so that air absorbs the moisture from your shoe. Some people use hair dryer. You can use that too.

After drying the shoe, check for any kind of moist inside the shoe. Otherwise, this hidden moist will result in severe damage to your shoes while storing.

Use Paper

Most of the time, people store shoes for a more extended period of time. The emptiness of the plastic bag may change the shape of your shoe slightly. It may happen as a result of the pressure of a tight plastic bag. So put some squished paper inside the shoe, so that it holds the interior of the shoes firmly. Thus it will avoid any kind of distortion to your shoe.

Wrap the Shoe

Then you have to wrap them to prevent colour distortion and any other deformation of shoe materials. Make sure you cover them adequately, as they will stay there for a considerable amount of times.

Plastic Bag

Then enters the shoes inside the plastic bag. Tight them carefully. Close the opening so that there is no way for air to enter the bag. Then put the plastic bag in a higher place so that they don’t get deformed by anyone stumbling upon them. Don’t put them near any sharp object. It might slice the plastic bag.


You should be able to store them for weeks in those plastic bags if the plastic bag remains intact. One thing you need consider is that leather and suede shoe is not suitable for vacuum. So do not keep them in a plastic bag for an extended period. It’s better not to keep them there. Check the plastic bag regularly for any kind of shred.

Author: Jennifer Brannet

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