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How Can I Stretch My Shoes That Are Not Leather

Nothing is more painful than finding out that your newly bought shoes are not your size! It happens a lot in our life. Especially now that online marketing has gotten quite popular all over the world, people barely want to go out shopping. They would rather sit at home and order everything they need. The thing about online shoe shopping is that thing could get entirely wrong if you do not make the right measurement. Usually, all the shops would have the sizes written for you, but sometimes, even if you know your size, you may end up buying one pair of shoes that do not fit your feet. That is when you may wonder about how can I stretch my shoes that are not leather.

Yes, not all the shoes you buy will be of leather. There are so many other material shoes that you will need to use for your daily need. When you buy the wrong size of shoes, you may not be able to return them at all sometimes. That is when you will want to stretch them to fit your feet. It is relatively easy with leather shoes but may not be with other materials. But it is not impossible either.

How Can I Stretch My Shoes That Are Not Leather

A lot of people do not know the right way to stretch non-leather shoes. There is more than one way to do that! If you are curious to know about them, then keep reading ahead to know how can I stretch my shoes that are not leather.

Find the Ways of How Can I Stretch My Shoes That Are Not Leather

Stitching in the other parts of the shoe doesn’t get much dirt on them. Stitching in your sole gets most dirt, as they are closer to the ground. Other stitching is colored to match the design of the boots. They don’t get that much dirt like the stitching in the sole. But they do get discolored over a period of time. So when they get discolored, they will diminish the looks of the boot. People find it extremely difficult to regain the color of the stitching. Although there is a solution, but you will need to spend a considerable amount of time. So you need adequate precision to regain the color of your stitch.

Use Potato to Stretch the Shoes

Use Potato to Stretch the Shoes

A great trick to stretch your non-leather shoes is using a potato. We are not joking; this method is beneficial if you do it in the right way. To apply this method, you need to find a potato that is the size of the toe box of the shoe. For this, you need to use large sizes of potatoes. Take one potato and peel off the skin from it. After you have peeled the skin off, you need to dry the potato using tissue thoroughly. Now, you need to take the peeled potato and put it inside the shoe. You need to keep the potato inside the shoe for the whole night. This should enlarge the shoe by 50%. And if it’s not stretch with one potato, then you can repeat the process as many times as you need.

Using a Shoe Stretching Spray

Shoe Stretching Spray

There are many shoe-related products available for you to purchase. So, it is natural that there is going to be a product that will help you stretch the shoes. These sprays are useful to make the boots fit your feet. To use the spray, you need to spray the spray right where you feel like the shoes are tight. After spraying it, you should wear the shoes and walk around the house for a reasonable amount of time. You need to give the shoes some time to be stretched. With the combination of walking and the spray, the shoe stretching should give you a good result of the size change.

Using Newspaper to Stretch the Shoes

Another great trick you can use on how can I stretch my shoes that are not leather is to use the wet newspaper trick. This trick is quite popular, and people have gotten good results using it. To use the trick, you need to make balls out of newspaper. You need to make sure that the sizes of the balls are big enough. After making the balls, you need to wet them and scrunch them up to get the excess water out of them. You can now put them inside of the shoes and keep them in a place with air to get them dry. You can even put them inside the sun to get a better result. When the newspaper balls get dehydrated, they will start to expand inside the shoes. This will help the shoes to get stretch and get you some room to fit your feet.

Using Socks and Hair Dryer

The next trick has been known to be useful and used by a lot of people to get their shoes stretched. It is to wear socks and a hairdryer. To use this method, you need few pairs of socks. Wear two or three pair of socks you have. Now, you need to wear the shoes, which could be a little tough to get the shoes to wear as they are already smaller in size. But that is not impossible. You probably feel suffocating now, and that is why you need to blow the dry hair on the shoes. Be careful not to burn your feet. After the socks and shoes are warm, you need to walk around the house for a while. Repeat the process a few times, and you will see the shoes are stretch a lot.

Using Ice to Stretch the Shoes

Another trick you can use is using ice. To do that, you need to put some water on a zipper bag and put the shoes inside the bag. Make sure that the zipper bag is tightly sealed and it has no chance of getting leaked. Now, put the shoe inside a fridge overnight. As the water becomes ice, the ice will help the shoes to get stretched.

Wear Them as Much as Possible

To stretch your shoes, you need to wear them to get them loose. Walk around the house wearing them during your free time. Make sure to wear socks with them so they will not hurt your feet.

Consult a Shoe Specialist

If the shoes are your favorite and cost a lot, you cannot just give up on them. Contact a specialist, and they will help you get the shoes stretched enough for you to wear comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Rubbing Alcohol Stretch Shoes?

There are many misconceptions about rubbing alcohol and how it can affect your shoe. Let’s understand the facts: Rubbing alcohol is used to clean small scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints from most surfaces such as glass, metal, wood, leather, etc. It has a very low toxicity level that is safe for humans to use on their skin and will not cause any harm if you accidentally get some in your eyes or mouth.

It is also an effective disinfectant because it kills bacteria but does not leave behind any harmful residue. If you use rubbing alcohol in place of water when cleaning your shoes, there won’t be any difference in the shoe’s lifespan.

Will Man Made Material Shoes Stretch?

To get the most out of your shoes, you should make sure that they are broken in before wearing them for an extended period or participating in a sport. This can be done by wearing them around the house or while doing some light walking before they are put into heavy use.

Does Putting Shoes in the Freezer Stretch Them?

Putting shoes in the freezer will not make them stretch out. The cold temperature of the freezer will keep your shoes intact, but they may become a little more flexible and easier to put on after you take them out.

Final Thoughts

That was all about how can I stretch my shoes that are not leather. We hope our suggestions will help you get your favorite shoes stretched for you to wear comfortably around and flex on them!

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