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Red Wing Blacksmith Vs Iron Ranger: Sizing, Quality, Comparison

These rugged work boots go way back. They have been a big deal since the time they arrived at the market and helped men arrive at work looking better prepared. Deciding which one is better between the two requires that you look more closely.

The difference between the Red Wing Blacksmith and the Iron Ranger is in the materials they are made with. Their sizing is also different and this may affect your preference. Let’s go on to place them side by side.

Red Wing Blacksmith- Quality and Sizing Details

Red Wing Blacksmith is the latest edition of the Red Wing shoe collection. The Red Wing made its first shoes for American soldiers during World War 1 and 2. They had and still have intimidating builds with high-quality materials. Old fashioned and masculine, the Red Wing company has gone on to make its shoes well-fitted for different work environments.

The Red Wing Blacksmith is slip-resistant, making it great as a service shoe if you will. You may prefer it for work as a warehouse picker or as a miner.

Heavy-duty workers generally will find this shoe extremely useful. It had a metatarsal guard for maximum protection. This guard helps to protect the wearer during moments of unprecedented collisions with heavy objects.

It works the same way when a heavy object falls on your feet at work. Because of the accidents that may occur in places like construction sites and warehouses, they are the shoes to go with.

Red Wing Blacksmith has been in its own class for a long time, and no matter the work shoes that get manufactured, these shoes will still be on the top of the list.

The oil-tanned leather used to construct the shoes help to resist damage by water or stain.

The shoe is handmade with imported materials and comes with aluminum safety toes to offer even better protection. As you can see, the shoes prepare you for the worst, which any work shoe should.

Another highly practical feature of these shoes is the puncture-resistant options. The shoes don’t give way easily, and even if you were to step on a sharp object, you wouldn’t even realize it.

The protection from electrical hazards is intact. As work shoes, they protect you from getting electrocuted even if you unknowingly step on a live wire.

For your pleasure, the shoes come in three different delightful and masculine colors of black prairie, Briar oil slick, and copper rough and tough. The shoes are easy to lace up and fit very snugly around your feet.

There’s nothing you want in a pair of work shoes that you won’t find in the Red Wing Blacksmith. For what it’s worth, the shoes save lives.

Sizing Details of the Red Wing Blacksmith

When buying these shoes, you should go a half size down. The shoes have excellent arch support and have roomy toes. They come in only one width however and so may not be perfect for your feet.


  • The leather used to make the shoes is oil tanned.
  • There’s a slightly red tint on the leather that makes the shoes sleek.
  • They are water, stain, and perspiration resistant.


  • The Blacksmith comes in only one width.
  • It has no inner lining.

Iron Ranger Quality and Sizing Details

Now let’s talk about the Iron Ranger. This shoe is also a product of the Red Wing company. As such, you can expect it to be just about the same quality with the Red Wing Blacksmith. There are only a very few differences.

The Iron Ranger is also a pair of highly dependable work shoes that will give you maximum protection and support at work. First, let’s discuss the thick oil-tanned leather that resists water, sweat, and stain. This is a feature that confers durability on the shoes, but not just that.

They help to protect your feet.

Once your feet enter those boots, it’s similar to being in a safe haven. They are tough shoes that at the same time manage to look exquisite.

The 7 mm Vabram mini-lug sole comes with good arch support that helps take the strain off your feet on a typical work day. You can land confidently on these soles without fear of ruining them or hurting your feet.

The bump toe of the shoes helps to provide room in the toe areas. This is an important feature aimed at increasing the level of comfort you feel when you have been at work all day.

The arch support comes up very dependable as there is cork attached to a steel shank across the arch. These shoes require just occasional conditioning with mink oil to maintain it. You don’t have to spend so much or fret over the shoes.

Sizing Details of Iron Ranger

Unlike the Red Wing Blacksmith, the Iron Ranger comes in two widths: D and EE. You can pick out any of those that fit you better.

When buying, go half a size smaller.


  • They are versatile shoes that fit properly for work environments.
  • The grip in their soles is highly efficient.


  • The shoes don’t dress up easily.
  • They don’t have any inner lining.

Red Wing Blacksmith Vs Iron Ranger

The two shoes are perfect for the work environment. They protect you from work hazards and offer you quality in their materials.

Red Wing Blacksmith is more pricey than the Iron Ranger. You can check the Blacksmith selling price here and the Iron Ranger selling price here.

Also, the Red Wing Blacksmith comes in only one width size while you’re freer to choose between two widths with the Iron Ranger.

You can also say that it’s easier to dress up the Red Wing Blacksmith which is more old fashioned than the Iron Ranger.

Conclusion & Final Note

Work shoes continue to be a big deal, especially among men that engage in heavy-duty jobs. The Red Wing shoes have always been high ranking among these kinds of shoes. They are great for constant use. Pick out either of them as long as its little ‘con’ does not bother you.