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Best Athletic Shoes for Knee Pain

If you are an athlete suffering from knee pain, the fastest remedy is wearing the best athletic shoes for knee pain. Many things are responsible for knee pains especially if you are enjoying an active life. Sometimes, bone issues or other muscle problems may lead to it and require your doctor’s advice. However, in this review, we are talking about the knee pain that comes as a result of wearing inappropriate footwear for workouts.

Knee pain is always frustrating even when the doctor tells you that it is not serious. That’s why; there is the need for a pair of the best sneakers for bad knees, to enhance your performance and efficiency. This is the perfect way to minimize frustrating ache and enjoy an effective. Once you discover that your knee is always painful during workouts, at your gym or while running, go for the best athletic shoes for knee pain.

best athletic shoes for knee pain

After carrying out thorough research, we have landed the best athletic shoes to suit your condition. With these shoes, you can run, jump, or perform other athletic activities painlessly. These brands offer support, protection and cushioning. They are also comfortable to alleviate most of the pressure from your knees.

Reviews of the Best Athletic Shoes for Knee Pain 

Skechers Men's Energy Afterburn Lace-Up SneakerSkechers Men's Energy Afterburn
Our rating:
Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running ShoesSalomon Men's Speedcross 4
Our rating:
PUMA Men's Tazon 6 FMPUMA Men's Tazon 6 FM
Our rating:

Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn Lace-up Sneaker

Skechers Men's Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker

This particular product comes from a well-known brand that has stayed up to 25 years in the industry. They aim to produce the best footwear that can satisfy every customer’s needs and lifestyle. This Skechers Men’s sneaker combats every weather condition. It doesn’t matter whether you are working out on the gym or jogging; this flexible and cushioned shoe delivers exceptional performance.

Product features:

The material of this shoe is pure leather. As a result, this shoe is 100% durable and can withstand any atmospheric condition. Its outsole comes from lug rubber to improve the shoe traction attributes. You don’t have to worry about slipping on the trail since it offers excellent stability and traction.

There are also the pull-on tabs on the heel and tongue of this shoe for easy wearing and taking off. This shoe is specially constructed to offer a perfect fit.

The size comes in many different ranges so that feet of all sizes can wear it. Also, their color selection is nice and neutral for every customer needs.


  • The midsole is cushioned for comfort.
  • It comes with a padded heel
  • Provides exceptional arch support
  • The colors are classic
  • Its collar and tongue ensure perfect a fit
  • The material is pure leather to ensure durability


  • m to be a bit on the large side

Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe

If you are looking for the best athletic shoe to navigate the soft ground briskly, you have it here from, Salomon. This shoe is an aggressive lugged trail runner that can challenge any obstacle on its way. The design is performance-driven to ensure efficient performance. To be precise, the style of this shoe is quite different from any other shoe available. Its appearance is almost cleat-like which makes it the perfect shoe running around rough trails and forest paths.

Product features:

This shoe delivers a reliable, well-cushioned, and aggressive grip through its superb midsole. With this brand, you are sure of exceptional support. It snuggles to your feet like a glove and moves the same as your feet. Thanks to the Sensifit technology that ensures an exceptional snug, customized fit, and adequate comfort.

If you are wearing this shoe, you don’t have to worry about falling at any given time. Also, there is no possibility of sustaining injuries due to a fall. This brand offers slip-resistant possibilities no matter the slippery or steep terrains you are applying.

Its construction is performance oriented. It is unique and has various compounds and densities to ensure your excellent performance. No matter the weather condition or rugged terrain, you can fly high as you want with this best athletic shoes for knee pain.

Also, you can easily take this shoe off or wear them without any issue. It is as a result of its Quicklace one-pull closing attribute. Wearing your shoe and taking it off becomes easy as a breeze and also enables a perfect fit. There is also the Contagrip attribute which makes this shoe perfect for those who love the trail and adventurous running.


  • This shoe offers an aggressive grip
  • It is stylish in construction
  • Mesh material for excellent breathability
  • There is also the minimalistic lace-up system


  • Its laces seem to be a bit difficult to loosen

Puma Men’s Tazon 6 FM Running Shoe

This shoe is sleek in appearance which makes it different from other running shoes. It comes from a worldwide athletic brand known throughout the sports world. Puma is known for its revolutionary and technically innovative design, and this particular shoe is not an exception. With how stylish this shoe is, you can seamlessly run on the tracks or run errands with it. You may think that this shoe is too beautiful to perform well. However, it offers excellent functionality and support.

Product features:

The heel pod of this shoe comes from durable foam. As a result, you have the assurance of excellent shock absorption. Also, its heel is raised slightly to remove any impact on your Achilles. Thus; your legs and feet can get the appropriate support they require.

This sock liner is environmentally friendly. Not only that, it delivers maximum comfort and enables the wearer to feel good at all times.

The breathable EcoOrtholite feature makes it possible for the shoe to wick moisture away as you run. Also, they can still retain their shape and thickness to offer durable support.

This shoe offers versatility. If you want to use it as a running shoe, walking, or just to run errands, it is possible. One thing you are sure of with this shoe is all-day support and comfort.


  • The size you asked for is what you will get
  • It is breathable
  • The heel pod comes from EVA
  • There is also a midfoot saddle
  • You are sure of extra stability with the raised heel


  • It is a bit difficult to wear or remove

Things to Consider Before Buying The best athletic shoes for knee pain

Things to Consider Before Buying The best athletic shoes for knee pain

With many manufacturers of athletic footwear in the market, there are various brands available. If you want to shop for the best shoes for joint pain, you may find it difficult. However, if you follow our guide, your shopping will go like a breeze. Also, you will get the perfect shoe you require. However, before you buy, check out for the following;

Stability and Comfort

Most times, the causes of knee pain are problems that originate from improper stability and lack of motion control. That’s why; you’ll need the shoe that can offer the required support. If you run or carry out other athletic tasks without the appropriate stability, you are increasing your knee stress. Thus; you will be multiplying the problem and suffering more discomfort as you run.


Whether you are suffering from knee pain or not, no runner wants to wear an uncomfortable shoe while running. It may result in additional issues and also affect your performance and efficiency. That’s why; you have to buy a running shoe that can provide adequate underfoot comfort. This is the only way you can prevent additional stress on your knee while you run. You should check out the models that come with Gel cushioning, REVlite midsole, and DNA technology. They are the best attributes in footwear that assure you of comfort.


It is beneficial to buy a shoe that can deliver a perfect fit to offer comfort and prevent issues that increase pain. You should look for the shoe that will provide space to accommodate wide feet. Also, the shoe that has toe box and adequate heel space to enable your toes spread very well. Even with all these features, the shoe still should fit very well.

Traction and Grip

If you don’t want to sustain an injury that stems from a running accident, then look for the shoe that offers better grip and traction. Such shoes like the best tennis shoes for knee pain since they can deliver exceptional grip on any of their intended surfaces.

Focus on Traction and Grip

Outsole and Durability

It is advisable to purchase shoes that are constructed with firm soles. Most especially if you are one of those runners that tend to over-pronate. This condition is rampant among runners with low arches, and it causes knee strain that leads to pain. Also, it is vital to look for an athletic shoe that can last for a long time. If your shoe had to break down on the way when you have not reached halfway on your run, there is a likelihood of sustaining an injury. You may suffer a fall if the sole slips off unexpectedly. It may also be that the construction collapses lead to inadequate support.

Shock Absorption

If you are a runner with knee pain, buy a shoe that can deliver excellent shock absorption. Support and stability feature helps to keep your feet in its proper position. Also, excellent shock absorption can help your body system shift some effects of each foot strike impact on the shoe. Your body will no longer have to bear the entire impact. As a result, your ankles, hips, and knee will suffer lesser tear and wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Good Shoes Help Knee Pain?

It is a common misconception that wearing bad shoes will cause knee pain. However, it is actually a myth. Good shoes are important to have as they provide support and stability to your feet, essential for maintaining healthy joints and tendons.Good Shoes can help alleviate knee pain by: • Protecting your knees from impact injuries caused by running or jumping. • Promoting healthy foot alignment, posture, and gait patterns with proper support. • Preventing muscle imbalances in the lower body that may lead to injury or overuse problems such as runner’s knee, patellofemoral syndrome, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, or plantar fasciopathy.

Are Cushioned Shoes Better for Knees Pain?

It all depends on the type of shoes you are wearing and how much you weigh. If you are wearing a pair of high heels, then they can cause a lot of pain because they place more pressure on your knees. However, if you are wearing sneakers or flats, then they will be comfortable and better for your knee

Can Shoes Cause Severe Knee Pain?

Many people wear shoes without taking into account the problems that they can cause. This includes causing knee pain, shin splints, and other injuries that are commonly seen in athletes.This is because a shoe may be too tight or not have enough cushioning for your foot to move correctly. When this happens, you can damage your knees and joints by using improper form when running or playing sports.


Knee pain is common for most active people. At least, about 70% of individuals are likely to face this condition at a particular point in their life. That doesn’t mean that you have to stop your athletic lifestyle. With the help of the best athletic shoes for knee pain, you can carry on with your active lifestyle painlessly. All you need to do is make your choice from any of the above products, and you are home free.

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