Best Cheer Shoes for Flyers

Cheerleading is a demanding sport that requires the use of specific equipment to keep athletes safe and injury-free. Finding the right cheer shoes can be difficult, but this article will make it easy for you with our five best cheer shoes for flyers.

Cheerleading is an ever-growing sport, and as such, there are many types of cheer shoes that have been created to aid in hitting specific tricks for more difficult stunts. To keep it simple, you can classify your shoe choice into three categories: stunt shoes, all around, or stunts. All are designed differently for the purpose they serve.

Best Cheer Shoes for Flyers

Top 10 Best Cheer Shoes for Flyers List


Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer 

Chassé Apex Cheerleading s

Adidas Performance 

New Balance Women's 623 V3 

Nike Women's Cheer Sideline IV 


Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer Shoes
Chassé Apex Cheerleading Shoes - White Cheer Sneakers for Girls and Women
adidas Performance Women's Triple Cheer Shoe
New Balance Women's 623 V3 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer
Nike Women's Cheer Sideline IV Cheerleading Shoes


Not Mentioned

Rubber sole

Rubber sole

Rubber sole

Not Mentioned

Air Pump


Feather light Bubble laces

Low profile and lightweight cheer shoe

Mesh lining for breathable comfort

623v3 has an athletic look

Durable rubber tread


100% Leather

100% Synthetic

100% Synthetic

100% Leather

Leather, synthetic and textile


6.56 Ounces

19.36 Ounces

19.2 Ounces

10.08 Ounces

19.2 Ounces



Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer Shoe

Product Feature

Tired of how heavy and impractical your cheer shoes are, particularly for the lightweight activity that is cheering? Try Nfinity Adult Evolution. This shoe's innovative design makes it lightweight but tough enough to take a few direct hits to keep you safe when tricking around.

Made with 100% leather. Ergonomically designed insoles offer exceptional arch support and cushion and perfect fit due to feather-light Bubble laces. Don't forget about the Sateen uppers that promote breathability so your feet won't overheat even on long days!

The Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer Shoe is a performance shoe designed to meet the athlete's needs. The unique design helps with the natural fit around your toes and impact area. Ankle Lock Technology aids in heel fit, making for a sleek look on the floor.

The Ndurance for adult shoes provides excellent support even during the most intense moves. They are meant to be worn without socks and run a little small, so we recommend sizing up if you're not sure!

It is an excellent shoe for those who want comfortability and durability with their performance gear. If you are looking for competition shoes, we recommend the Sateen uppers of this shoe for everyday wear.


  • Design helps with the natural fit around your toes and impact area
  • Ankle Lock Technology aids in heel fit, making for a sleek look on the floor
  • Excellent support even during the most intense moves
  • Meant to be worn without socks
  • Sized for comfortability and durability


  • May run a little small, so we recommend sizing up if you're not sure


Best for flyers who want a comfortable shoe designed to maximize movement and protect their ankle from injury and pain


Chassé Apex Cheerleading Shoes - White Cheer Sneakers

Product Feature

The classic Chassé Apex Cheerleading shoe is your new best friend for classes, camps, and cheering. The all-over white synthetic upper attracts dirty less than other colors and helps camouflage cleats. Classic lace-up detail with a reinforced TPU front strap also helps keep the shoe on tight. Rubber outsole offers traction, so you can be sure to stick those jumps!

These Shoes are an ideal pick for dedicated squad members looking to get serious about their cheering. Designed by former collegiate cheerleader and professional dancer, these breathable shoes pair low profile design with a lightweight yet sturdy construction that's perfect for stunts like pyramids!

Say goodbye to hot, sweaty feet caused by limited air circulation thanks to the synthetic leather upper, as well as uncomfortable skin rubbing on several layers of fabric due to a one-piece tongue made from mesh material allowing airflow.
These sneaker cheer shoes have elastic band crisscross straps at the top that ensure a secure fit while also providing easier access when lacing up (no more having to take off each layer.

These best cheer shoes offer an unbeatable combination of style and protection! With their sturdy rubber outsole, ultra-soft inlay, and bubble laces that never tangle or wear out, these sneakers are built to last through hundreds of routines.


  • Extremely Lightweight and durable
  • All around the great shoe for cheerleading
  • Great price point
  • Great Outsole Protection
  • Narrow and flat


  • Make sure to double-check the Sizing Chart of Chassé Apex Cheer Shoe
  • Not for serious stunters; they are a bit tight


Adidas Performance Women's Triple Cheer Shoe

Product Feature

These Adidas shoes offer a balance of comfort and support for cheerleading. The rubber sole provides great traction, no matter how much you'll be jumping up and down on the floor!

The shaft measurement will ensure these stay on your feet while balancing desperately with only one hand glued to the rail in front of you. Plus, the jellybean colors are just so irresistible that everyone's going to want a pair!
It's impossible to be on the little-league sidelines without a cheer shoe. Celebrating athletic achievements for kids of all ages, Adidas Performance Women's Triple Cheer Shoe won't let you down when it's time to stand up and shout!

A platform height of approximately 0–3 inches means this is the perfect shoe for leaping into jumps or standing out in front of a crowd. The boot opening measures about 0– 3 inches around and fits easily over skinned knees, sore feet, or even mildly bruised feelings after an intense game. So go ahead–– get out there and make your voice heard with these performance women's triple cheer shoes by Adidas™️ Hockey Company Inc.

This Cheer shoe is a staple for any activity. It has excellent arch support and breathability, perfect for triple jumping cheer! It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Superior durability
  • Extra cushioning for the ball of your foot
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable mesh on the sides and tongue
  • Extra arch support
  • Non-marking rubber outsole for traction when you need it most


  • None! These shoes are perfect. They're lightweight, breathable, durable and have excellent arch support without sacrificing a comfortable fit


New Balance Women's 623 V3 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

Product Feature

A calming isle of breezes awaits you with the New Balance 623v3 cross-trainer. Pleasantly these cheer shoes are designed in synthetic leather material; they feature superior comfort with their next-level comfort technology. Let your feet feel light and free as they roam across a vast expanse of open seas and fields.

Experience comfort and agility in the New Balance 623V3. These shoes are made with breathable and durable leather material for your feet's most comfortable wearing experience. Lace-up these professional cross trainers to be on the move all day.

Never let your passion for running get overshadowed by your fondness for fashion. With the New Balance Women's 623 V3 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer, you'll be able to do both effortlessly. Featuring a hidden heel, these sneakers are perfect for those days when quick errands turn into marathon outings where comfort is key.

These New Balance women's training shoes are made to withstand impact and provide just the right amount of cushioning wherever you go. As runner-up for "Best Running Shoe" in Runner's World magazine, these 623 V3 trainers are the shoe that runners want as they take on their next goal race!


  • A hidden heel
  • Lightweight
  • Superior comfort and stability
  • Strategically placed mesh panels for breathability
  • Extra cushioning in heel and forefoot


  • Expensive
  • If you have a job to stand for all day, You can avoid it


Nike Women's Cheer Sideline IV Cheerleading Shoes

Product Feature

Whether you're just starting out as a cheerleader, or have been leading cheers for years, these Nike Cheer Sideline Series shoes will get you there. They fit your feet comfortably and come in many styles to match any look.

Plus, wearing these nikes means that every time you make a flip on the mat, your team cheering squad will be right behind you with their voices in tow.

With their flexible and durable synthetic leather and textile construction, these cheer shoes provide a comfortable base to keep cheering all day. The foam midsole gives your feet just enough cushioning to make you feel like you're walking on clouds while giving you a stylish look with the silver accents on these sneakers!

With Flex grooves that promote natural movement, durable rubber tread, which provides excellent traction and imported materials, these kicks have everything you need to take your game to a new level.

You may not get much "court time," like other players in basketball, but if you want to be the go-to gal in college gyms across the country, then you'll be boarding this bus of greatness!

These supremely comfortable and durable shoes provide excellent traction, while the conservative colorways let you lean into less flamboyant outfits when it matters most.

Ankle support channels flexibility so that even the toughest routines are no match for these go-to cheer shoes. The dual hinged design adds extra security.


  • Shock absorption
  • Shoes are designed for natural movement 
  • Durable rubber tread provides excellent traction
  • Dual hinged design adds in extra security
  • Supports the arch of your foot for a secure fit - Specifically designed for comfort and performance


  • Less flamboyant colorways. It can be a pro or con, depending on the school's uniform code and your personal preference.


Kaepa Stellarlyte Shoe

Product Feature

The Kaepa Stellarlyte Shoe is the perfect shoe for everyday use! Its secure fit system adjusts to arch height and tightens around the heel for a better fit. It features thinner soles that put your foot 30% closer to the floor for better stability and performance.

These sneakers are built for indoor use, so they never feel restricting. With these benefits, you will be dancing around all day long with the comfort of this great shoe from Kaepa! The Flexible Torsion Zone conforms to your step, resulting in a more natural gait.

Keep your feet protected from germs, and keep them light with an easy-to-clean anti-microbial lining. A new innovation by Kaepa gets around the long break-in period. Not only does this shoe have Aegis™ Anti-microbial Lining, but it also has great arch support to keep your feet comfortable no matter how long your journey.

Kaepa Stellarlytes has everything you need for an easy time going off-road without having to worry. Lightweight synthetic leather uppers wear solo or layered for optimal comfort in all conditions. Whether in bulk or solo luggage bins, these shoes are ready with six eyelets and tough laces designed for durability and puncture resistance.

The ScotchGuard™ protection straight from the Scottish Highlands, your little footsies won't go without some love when these folks come out to play. With a lightweight and durable synthetic leather upper, these all-weather shoes are unexpectedly comfy, so you can keep on trekking and exploring without any problems.  


  • Lightweight and durable synthetic leather upper
  • ScotchGuard™ protection to keep feet dry all day long
  • Six eyelets for easy on/off
  • Great arch support
  • Tough laces designed to last and resist punctures
  • Comes With Anti-microbial Lining


  •  Sizing is not accurate


Adidas Performance Women's Triple Cheer Shoe

Product Feature

The new Adidas triple cheer shoe that is made of synthetic materials is perfect for flyers. The 100% synthetic strap-style upper provides a snug fit to ensure you can fly high with ease, while the rubber outsole ensures grip when executing your badass stunts.

The Adidas Performance Women's Triple Cheer Shoe has a super-low profile platform and low shaft that retains enough strength to support the most high-flying stunts. With the rubber soles and cushioning padding, it doesn't matter what type of surface you're on! They're ergonomically designed to help everyone out there keep up that flyer speed.

When that perfect gig rolls around, you can't risk going with anything less than the Adidas Performance Women's Triple Cheer Shoe! These shoes feature a shaft that measures 6-12 inches from the arch and a platform of 0-3 inches. Get pumped for your big moment in these sleek style pumps with boot opening of 0-3 inch width, perfect for flyers just like you!

Made to withstand all types of tumbling with a sandwich mesh upper for maximum breathability and synthetic overlays for support and stability, these are the shoe that every undiscovered star needs. This shoe has a super-low profile platform and low shaft that retains enough strength to support the most high-flying stunts.

ADIPRENE+ cushioning in the forefoot absorbs shock and maintains efficiency while mesh lining ensures breathability for maximum comfort even during tough workouts. These Adidas shoes designed specifically for female athletes! So when it comes time to execute a fancy footwork maneuver or show off an extended leg, keep your next touchdown in perspective with these Triple Cheer Shoes from Adidas Performance.


  • The shoes are lightweight
  • They have a low profile platform
  • 100% synthetic strap-style upper provides a snug fit
  • Offer support to the ankle, arch, and heel
  • Comes with ADIPRENE+ technology for shock absorption
  • Sandwich mesh upper provides maximum breathability


  • Sole might feel heavy


Rebel Athletic Ruthless Cheer Shoe

Product Feature

Rebel is a brand that knows what it takes to push you past your limits, and their athletic Ruthless Cheer Shoes are designed with sleek style for all-star athletes. The innovative weight distribution of the shoe at a novel is designed to provide maximum support while still giving you comfort on those high-impact moves.

With this product’s advanced technology, flawless design, and updated features like higher compression in the heel area, these have no trouble taking on even your toughest routines. This stunner of a shoe also protects your ankles and brings the house down on those landings.

Inspired by those fierce on the flyers squad, it has everything you need to feel unstoppable at your next competition. Made from imported materials and featuring an innovative weight-distribution technology for featherlight feel, this is a product built to last the long haul.

The Rebel Athletic Ruthless Cheer Shoe combines a stylish design with all-day comfort thanks to its Flex Tunnel technology which gives you increased flexibility while maintaining support through even the toughest of routines. This sporty, lightweight shoe will provide you with the mobility and strength to hit the floor more aggressively!

In spite of their deceiving appearance, these shoes are imbued with superior comfort features like Rear Heel Finger Notch and Patented Finger Grooves to provide outstanding stunt grip. This durable one-piece synthetic upper makes it easy to put them on and take them off quickly.


  • Superior grip
  • Lightweight
  • Features innovative weight-distribution technology
  • Durable synthetic upper
  • Superior comfort
  • Flex Tunnel technology provides increased flexibility and support


  • Color options are limited


Smapavic Women White Cheerleading Dance Shoes

Product Feature

With Smapavic Women White Cheerleading Dance Shoes your body will be glad you switched to rubber soles, spin pads, and reverse construction for increased durability. Not only are these shoes stunningly beautiful and lightweight but they also have a variety of features that make it difficult to find an outfit more intimidating than your routine!

With enhanced durability, breathable design, and rubber sole, these shoes can handle anything. They also have a spin pad for easy turning that will make practicing that much more fun!

The first thing you'll be amazed by is the innovative design of the shoe's rubber sole. It conforms to your foot with every step, creating a secure feeling while tumbling.

Smapavic Women White Cheerleading Dance Shoes are fashion sneakers that offer responsive cushioning for customized shock absorption. You can wear these shoes while cheering or dance, and you'll be able to do all your cardio without a problem.

They are super lightweight so you can dance high-wire without fatigue, and they fit like a dream because their breathable design doesn't pinch your toes or cramp your feet.


  • Innovative sole design
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Adjustable for a perfect fit
  • Easier turning and enhanced durability
  • Strong grip on the heel


  • Not accurate sizing


Chasse Flip IV Cheerleading Shoes

Product Feature

The Chassé-Flip-IV Performance Cheerleading Shoe is the perfect pair of shoes for those who want to take their routine to the next level with added performance features. With reinforced straps that keep your feet secure and a sandwich platform, this shoe will make you feel like they are facilitating an adrenaline rush from one cheer.

These shoes are light as feathers and 100% synthetic means less weight on your feet so you can jump higher waves than before! The flexible sole also ensures that these shoes stay comfortable during all types of routines. No need to worry about slipping in these dance shoes, because the grippy rubber outsole has got you covered.

The Chasse Flip's ultra-lightweight design, fluid flexibility, and supportive high top give you everything your little feet need for the best performance. These shoes are perfect for cheering in since they are engineered with nylon mesh so air can flow through your feet.

These Cheerleading Shoes are low profile to make sure they don't feel bulky and have color card side inserts for your outfit. The lightweight (only 7.4 ounces) design is perfect for flyers so that your feet never touch the ground when doing stunts!


  • The Chasse Flip is lightweight
  • These shoes are color-coded for your outfit
  • Rubber outsole ensures grip and traction
  • Low profile and lightweight
  • Provides fluid flexibility


  • Shoe size is comparatively small

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Cheer Shoes for Flyers


If you are a flyer, then your shoes will need to be flexible enough for when the stunt requires that kind of flexibility. However, if you're not as flexible and more on the tumbling side, buying stiffer materials can still be an option. On top of making sure they'll fit comfortably with this consideration in mind, you'll want to ensure they are flexible in the right areas.


All around shoes offer the most protection because of their high ankles, shin guards, and extra padding in the soles. Flyers will want to make sure their shoes offer enough protection for them while they are flying high


This is not an issue if you're looking at just a single pair of cheerleading shoes. However, if you plan on purchasing multiple pairs over time or if you happen to be a cheerleader that likes to switch up her style with different clothes, you'll want to make sure your shoes match


Shoes last anywhere from one season too many. Cheerleading is a high-impact sport, and as such, they will need more attention than casual running or basketball shoes would. You should plan on investing in a good pair of shoes that will last you many seasons.


 The price of the best cheerleading shoes varies greatly depending on the features offered. One thing to keep in mind is that most high-end pairs are not worth their steep price tags because they don't offer more protection than cheaper options, which can be found for less than $50


Cheerleading shoes are usually designed with extra support for the ankle and heel. Some models even have orthopedic inserts to help stabilize your foot while you're on high jumps, but these features can also be found in cheaper pairs (just not as frequently)


The comfort of cheerleader shoes varies from person to person, but most pairs offer adequate comfort while being worn. One thing to keep in mind is that most high-end pairs do not offer more comfort than cheaper options, which can be found for less than $50

Heel Height

Like any shoe, the heel height varies from 0.75 inches to a whopping three inches. Heel height is largely personal preference.


It's important to buy the right size when buying a cheerleading shoe. If you don't, they can be uncomfortable or even cause injury if your foot slides around inside of them. Some companies will offer half sizes for those with narrower feet.

Tongue Length

The tongue of a cheerleading shoe is usually shorter than those found on most running shoes

Top Material

Top material refers to the outside or upper area. It can be made from leather, cloth, suede, canvas and more. Synthetic leather is often found on the higher end shoes.

Midsole Material

The midsole can be made from plastic, rubber, EVA foam and more. It is important to find one that will provide you with a secure grip and keep your feet comfortable all day long.

Sole Type

Sole type refers to what part of the shoe bottom you will land on when you are in a tuck position.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Flyer in Cheer?

A flyer in cheer is a person who has the ability to fly in the air during routines, and they are typically one of five girls on each team.

Are Cheerleading Shoes Good For Running? 

Yes. Cheerleading shoes are specifically designed to provide stability and shock absorption when a flyer is doing various moves in the air. But, if you are running long distances, it is recommended to wear a more sturdy shoe.

Is There A Difference Between Cheerleading Shoes And Dance Sneakers? 

Yes. The main difference between the two shoe types is that dance sneakers have an arch in them and they're also made of a different material than cheer shoes.

How Often Should I Replace My Cheer Shoes? 

It is recommended that you replace your cheer shoes every six months to a year, depending on how often they are used. This will help them last longer and keep them in good condition.

Are Cheerleading Shoes Protected By A Patent? 

No. There are many different companies that produce both styles of shoes, so there's no need to patent one specific style.


Finally, we have reached the conclusion of our article. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did writing it for you!

Keep in mind that the best cheer shoes for flyers are those that offer shock absorption and stability. Although all these products come with a hefty price tag, in my opinion, they're worth every penny when considering comfort and safety.- In order to find your perfect shoe, try on at least three different pairs of shoes before making up your mind.

The Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer Shoe is one of the most popular choices among professional gymnasts because of its durability and versatility. For newbies who are just starting out, I would recommend either the Adidas Performance Women's Triple Cheer Shoe.

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