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Whenever there is an occasion where you have to wear some fancy shoes, you know your feet are going to suffer for a while. Many of us will go through the tremendous tiresome work of wearing uncomfortable shoes to get the day done. And after that, we are always left with some sore feet and keep thinking about what’s good for sore feet.

Not only uncomfortable footwear, but there are also many reasons why we could have sore feet from time to time. This could be due to some longtime problems we have, or some immediate action of our body could cause the pain. Due to abnormal foot anatomy, overworking, pregnancy, and obesity are some of the reasons people get sore feet.

What's Good for Sore Feet

The feet are one of the most worked parts of our body. Our feet go through all the tiresome work of carrying the whole weight of the body as long as we are standing and walking. That is why we should be taking extra care of them, especially when they are sore, and know what’s good for sore feet to treat them right. Let’s take a good look at what we could do to solve the problem.

What’s Good for Sore Feet: Some Remedies

1. Foot Bath

Foot Bath

After overworking your feet with uncomfortable stylish footwear, the whole day, your feet deserve some pampering session. Nothing will help your sore feet better than giving them some warmth when they are swelling and sore. What’s good for sore feet is basically giving them a warm foot bath with a mixture of remedies that will help to heal the feet. The best ingredient you can use in warm water is some Epsom salt. They are known to help with sore muscles and reduce swelling within a short amount of time. Be careful of using other ingredients such as lemon or baking soda, as they could cause some skin problems as well.

2. Get a Foot Massage

Foot Massage

Another great way you can reduce the soreness from your feet is by getting a foot massage. The best thing is that you can do it by yourself. All you have to do is to sit in a comfortable place where you can reach your feet. You need to massage your feet according to how you like it and where you need to massage properly. You can use lotion or oil (hot oil if you feel like) to get the massage done correctly. The products will help you to glide the fingers properly.

3. Using Ice on Feet

Another thing that could help you with your sore feet is ice. Yes, both warm and cold remedies can reduce the soreness of your feet. Ice is known to reduce any inflammation that could be the cause of soreness. To apply the ice, you can put some ice cubes on a plastic bag and roll them around your feet. You need to ice your feet for about five to fifteen minutes to get the ice to work on the soreness of your feet. You can take some break in-between so that the cold will not freeze your feet.

4. Strengthening Exercise

If you want to avoid foot pain in the future, nothing will be better than getting them ready to take all the work you are going to get them through. To prepare them, you could do some exercise to get them more robust. When you are doing foot exercise, it will also motivate you to do more exercise that could benefit your health. Some exercises that you can do to strengthen your feet are toe exercises such as picking marbles with toes, writing numbers on the sand, etc., stretch Achilles, pulling towels or rope from feet towards the body, etc.

5. Stretching

If you do not want to do exercise, you can try stretching to help your feet from getting sore. You can repeat some of the stretchings that we are going to mention and help yourself whenever you have sore feet. The first stretch you can do is with your toes. All you have to do is flex, point, and curl them for some time. You can sit down and extend your legs and try to move your feet and toes as much as you can to stretch them. You can stretch them by shifting weight from one foot to another.

6. Pain Reliever

Pain Reliever for foot pain

If you are too troubled with sore feet, but you need to work immediately, you can always take some pain reliever to solve your problem. There is some good medication available that can help with instant pain and inflammation. Although it is better to consult a doctor, you can also take them without consulting as well. Some of the medicine that you can use for sore feet are anti-inflammation, naproxen sodium, ibuprofen, etc. You can get them from any pharmacy around your home to take care of the pain of sore feet.

7. Applying for Pain Medicine

If you do not like taking medicine, then you can use some cream-like products to help you with sore feet. There are many products that are considered to be medicine available. You can get any sore reliever or pain reliever cream and massage them on your feet to get the soreness out. You can also use menthol, turpentine, eucalyptus plant to treat your sore feet from getting on your way or hamper your days.

8. Using Arch Support

If you are already suffering from feet pain due to soreness, you can get yourself some arch support to go through the days. Sometimes, after you have sore feet from wearing shoes or other reasons, you may have to get back to your work the next day. But with sore feet, things can get messy. That is when you need arch support or also known as orthotics. They will give your feet enough support to work properly throughout the day and eliminate a lot of pain for you to go through. You can find some in the store to purchase, or you can even ask your doctor to custom made some for you.

9. Night Splint

Night Splint

After you already have sore feet, you may still feel discomfort while laying down and sleeping. When you are sleeping, your feet move a lot, and they could be pointed upward, which is going to cause more stress to the feet. That is why you need to take care of them as well. You can wear a night splint to get the worry out of your head and give your feet a good rest when sleeping. The night splint will help you lock your feet in one comfortable position throughout the night, so you will not have to worry about them at all.

10. Switch Your Shoes

Not all the times your feet will get sore for overworking or due to some other health issues. Your feet can get sore from wearing bad shoes, even for few minutes. That is why you need to inspect the shoes you are wearing properly. If you notice that the shoes are somehow making your feet sore from walking and standing on them even for a minimal time, you need to change immediately. If you do not want to change the shoes entirely, you can use some insoles to get your feet some comfort while wearing them.


That was all for what’s good for sore feet. Getting sore feet is normal, but tolerating them should not be. Once you know how to help your feet get out of the soreness, you will find your life easier. We can only hope our suggestion helps you out.

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