Can Training Shoes Be Used for Walking

Shoes are important for your feet. As they provide with proper arch, leg and toe support in our every step. They also protect us from various leg issues. To perform your daily activities properly these are must for our leg. The design of a shoe differs, when people have different foot structure and needs. This is why you have to choose the appropriate shoe to boost up your everyday work.

Can Training Shoes Be Used for Walking

Can training shoes be used for walking? Well, it is a great question. You must remember that to get a great workout you need great shoes. By reading this article you will find a clear concept about what specification makes it different?

Difference Between Walking and Running Shoes:

Walking Shoes

Walking is a great exercise as it can be performed in everywhere without any equipment. When you walk you will impact the ground with 1.5 times than your body weight. Your feet distribute the body weight with your steps. For this reason, the design of a walking shoe is different. A walking shoe provide you with better arch and heel support. The cushioning of the shoe can make you feel more comfortable while walking. Walking shoes are light in weight. It will give you the right amount of support with more flexibility. The breathable feature of walking shoe will allow to walk for a long time.

Training Shoes

Training shoes are made to support you with bunch of activities. When you are trainee you may perform many workouts like, running, weight lifting, jumping and all other stuffs that you perform in a gym. These are versatile shoe specially designed to support you with all kind of workout. A pair of training shoe provide proper heel and toe support to the athlete. It is made in such a way, an athlete will not slip while running or changing direction quickly.

As it is an all in all shoe, the weight of a training shoe is more than a walking shoe. The cushioning system of training shoes allow much comfort to the athlete. You won’t need an extra walking feature in them as they can perform much more.

Can Training Shoes Be Used for Walking?

Firstly, let’s discuss some differences between walking and training shoes:

  • Walking shoes are made for walking purpose only. But training shoes are made for multi-purpose. You can walk with your walking shoes but you won’t be able to perform all your heavy workout with that.
  • Training shoes are more durable than a walking shoe. For all that heavy workouts durability is a must.
  • The heal area of a walking shoe comes with a cushioning system. But training shoes has an extra cushioning system in it.
  • Soles of training shoes are designed in such a way that it can absorb much shocks from every impacts. The soles of a walking shoe don’t have that much shock absorbing ability. That’s why training shoe soles are thicker than a walking shoe.
  • As a training shoe is designed for performing all types of workout, they may not give you the flexible feel. In this case a walking shoes are more flexible. Because while walking, you will prefer shoes that are more flexible. That’s why walking sneakers are more flexible than training shoes.
  • Walking shoes are made with an arch support feature. When you are walking you will feel much pressure in the arch. While training shoes provides better ankle support. For all those heavy work out including quick movements, you will need adequate ankle support. Otherwise you will cause injuries to your feet.

Hope, the differences are much clear to you now. Walking sneakers are the stylist shoe with a lightweight and flexible feature but they can’t perform heavy workout. Again, training shoes are inappropriate for walking as they are heavier and can’t give you the right amount of support. Walking with a training shoe can’t give you the flexible feel. So, make a right choice of an appropriate shoe that can fulfill your requirements.

Importance of Choosing the Appropriate Shoe

Choosing the right shoe is an important factor. An incorrect shoe can cause you serious injuries in the long run. You already familiar to the fact that different types of shoes are made for different purpose. They are also designed in different way to full fill your requirements. Walking shoes are designed to provide you with arch support, while training shoes provide you with better ankle support. If you choose the wrong shoe it will be the root cause of your back pain, knee pain and many other injuries. It can also cause dislocation of knees, ankle break, and sprains.

Some Benefits of Wearing Appropriate Shoes

The benefits of wearing appropriate shoe can enhance your daily performance. With the proper support that is needed for your feet, your performance will be much better. It also protects your feet from being damaged and various leg issues. So, make an exact choice by considering these facts to make you much comfortable and give you much flexibility.


To support your feet with and protect them shoes are must. They ensure us with adequate supports that is needed for our feet. The designs of shoe are made to give your feet flexibility and make you more comfortable. The proper cushioning and padding system shoes makes it more comfortable to complete your tasks properly. But the purpose of the shoe makes them different and individual from one another. So, make a correct choice that suits your feet. Can training shoes be used for walking? Hope the above discussion have given you a clear concept. Which will be much helpful for you for making a correct choice.

Author: Jennifer Brannet

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