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10 Best Wide Running Shoes with Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel

The need for comfortable shoes continues to increase among people with wide feet and as a result, we are constantly looking for the best shoes that help you to achieve the very best of your day to day goals while still enjoying maximum comfort.

A good number of popular shoes are not comfortable for people with wide feet and that is why it is important that you shop carefully to find the best wide toe box shoes that will suit you.

This review guide details 10 best men’s wide toe box running shoes that will assist you in your purchase. You will find in here exceptional shoes that will not cause any blister or pain for your feet. Let’s get on with it.

Importance of Shoes with Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel

Cramped toes are some of the most difficult things to deal with especially during running exercise. It is important that if you naturally have wide feet, you must go for shoes that suit your feet size and have a lot of room for your toes while providing support and appropriate heel size.

Here is the importance of wide toe box shoes and why you should go for them.

Maximum Comfort: Wide toe boxes in running shoes are great for providing comfort during workouts or running activities.

Best Performance: They are essential to helping individuals perform at their very best without any feeling of discomfort anywhere around the toes. You will be able to give maximum output during your training and workouts.

Prevention of Feet Problems: Shoes with wide toe boxes also helps to prevent feet problems including bunions and even help to provide ease with other problems such as arthritis and plantar fasciitis.

What Shoes Have the Widest Toe Box?

Essentially, shoes that have the widest toe boxes are those which are specially constructed to fit such feet descriptions.

Many shoe factories make such shoes that are great for large feet and will keep you from dreading wearing your shoes. Asics, Adidas, Brooks and New Balance are brands that make such excellent products.

Key Features for Best Wide Running Shoes with Wide Toe Boxes

The best wide running shoes with wide toe boxes have key features including:

1. Wide Toe Box: Of course, a wide toe box in wide running shoes is important. The toe box should allow the feet to move without restrictions.

2. Breathability: The best wide running shoes are breathable and permit free air circulation in the shoes. They do not leave toes feeling hot and cooked up.

3. Great Arch Support: The arch support provided by a pair of shoes is crucial for running shoes as that helps to improve the stability and comfort of the wearer.

4. Extra Great Cushioning: Great cushioning is also essential for these shoes. They come with an extra depth toe-box that makes your feet feel literarily at home.

5. Availability of Large Shoe Sizes: Wide running shoes are made with consideration for people with wide feet so they are usually available in different large sizes.

6. Durability: Running shoes are being used for vigorous exercises and so must be durable and made of superior materials.

7. Removable Insoles: The best shoes in this category have removable insoles so that you can put in your own customized insoles if you want.

List of 10 Best Wide Shoes with Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel Review

According to our guide, we have listed 10 best wide toe box running shoes for men & women with their pros and cons. Before listing these shoes, we have also remembered those features that we have mentioned above. So, choose one of the best shoes with an extra-depth toe box. Trust us, these shoes are not only comfortable but also good for your feet.

1. Inov-8 Men’s Multipurpose Lightweight Trail Running Shoes

These multipurpose shoes are great for your wide feet and toe box and will help provide you enough room to wriggle your toes and let your feet breathe.

They come with flexible and breathable upper and will not make your feet feel heavy during your workout and running.

Their great lug depth help to provide extra comfort and they come with an external heel cage to enhance stability during movement.

Excellent shock absorption capacity and welded toe bumper help to protect your toes against sudden hits.

They are also unique for their STICKY GRIP rubber gum that helps to ensure excellent traction. Their POWERFLOW midsole is also great at providing comfort for your feet.

  • They come with a welded toe bumper that helps protect your toes.
  • Some sizes come pricey.

Durability: Highly durable shoes especially because of their fabric mesh and an upper area designed with superior materials that will make them last a very long time.

Fit As Expected: 63%

2. Altra Men’s Escalante 1.5 Road Running Shoe

The Altra Men’s Escalante running shoes help you run for a long time with maximum comfort and toe space. They are great for wide feet and come with a 6mm footbed insole that helps to fill up spaces in your heels.

The shoe has a foot shape toe box with a drop platform that is fully cushioned for support. The rubber sole provides a durable frame and the breathable upper helps to keep your feet aerated while you have your shoes on.

These shoes are also wonderful for cross-training and they come with their durable but also beautiful heel cups that confer extra class to the shoes.

These shoes will help your toes spread out and relax comfortably in your shoes. Their grid-like grooves also help your feet feel lighter.

  • They have removable insoles.
  • The shoes combine both high performance and comfort.
  • It comes in only two colors; black and white.

Durability: Their rubber soles and the durable platform on which they are constructed give them extra durability.

Fit As Expected: 82%

3. Inov-8 Men’s Barefoot Running Minimalist Cross Training Shoes

This other product from Inov-8 is a pair of running shoes that help to create lots of room for your wide toes. It is lightweight and allows for forefoot flexing.

The Adapter web cradle lacing of the shoes helps to keep your feet safely tucked into the shoes and there is extra provision for excellent grip by the shoe’s efficient outsole made with Inov-8’s patented sticky rubber material.

These shoes are highly durable and come in varying toe box fits that run from Grade 1 to Grade 5.

The Y-lock heel system of this shoe provides extra stability when performing tough lifting and exercises.

  • These shoes are highly durable and great for wide toes.
  • They may run small so go about half a size up.

Durability: The shoes’ Italian blown rubber toe bumper provides protection for the feet and extra durability.

Fit As Expected: 78%

4. Asics Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

These wide ASICS are great for running with their rubber soles and sturdy shoe build. They come with a removable sock liner that can be replaced with a medical orthotic.

The AHAR outsole of the shoes confers extra durability and these rugged shoes are able to perform excellently on rugged terrain.

The Rearfoot GEL cushioning serves as excellent shock absorbers to maintain foot stability and protection. The trail-specific outsole of the shoes also provides both uphill and downhill traction.

The shoes also work as supination shoes and are great for people with wide feet.

  • The shoes are not bulky.
  • Sizes may not fit so order half a size up or down.

Durability: The shoes are made with ASICS high abrasion rubber and AHAR outsole to improve durability.

Fit As Expected: 89%

5. Asics Men’s 33 FA Running Shoe

These are perfectly comfortable, 100% synthetic shoes that have airy upper mesh for breathability.

The deep flex grooves in the rubber soles of the shoes help provide stability and support for your feet when you are running. The shoes come with a color-pop outsole that improves the appearance of the shoes.

Irritation is removed by the useless upper construction and lightweight cushioning is put in place with anti-odor properties.

The sock liner is made with ComforDry technology that gives even better comfort to your feet.

  • Very comfortable for wide feet and good looking too.
  • May come a little pricey.

Durability: Efficient rubber sole keeps the shoe functioning very well for a long time.

Fit As Expected: 75%

6. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Running Shoe

These shoes are great for people with wide feet and they are made with textile and rubber.

They come with ultra heel construction for stability and support when standing or running. They are also great for high arches and come with ortholite sockliner fresh foam.

They have good lace management that makes them easy to put on and off and their large toe box provides plenty of cushions and cushy heel back.

  • These shoes are very easy and quick to break into.
  • The sides may come narrow but they work perfectly for wide toes.

Durability: They are durable due to their rubber sole and textile design.

Fit As Expected: 90%.

7. Fila Men’s Skele-Toes EZ Slide Drainage

This synthetic/textile made shoe is a unique type that allows water to drain through without damaging the shoes.

They give the perfect feeling of running without shoes when in actual sense you have a pair of highly durable and supportive shoes on.

These shoes give you a very wide toe room and strong bungee fastener along the top part of the shoe to assist in your running activities.

They are very easy to wear and are perfect for a day out at the beach as well as your workouts.

You will never have to worry about water spoiling your shoes because these ones have drain holes at the toes and fit wide feet well. In case you’re thinking about what to wear for a beach casual outing, these shoes are just the perfect choice.

  • They are not damaged by water.
  • The feel of shoeless running may not be something you want.

Durability: The shoes are durable mostly due to their amazing design a d stretchable fabric and mesh alike.

Fit As Expected: 63%

8. Adidas Men’s Cosmic Running Shoe

These shoes are excellent options for enhancing both the maximum movement of your toes and your Achilles heel.

They come with a seamless mesh exterior that speaks perfection and their marble-like appearance is second to none in good taste.

The ortholite insole and cloud form midsole provide great cushioning and support and their fit counter molded heelwork perfectly to protect your feet.

  • They are highly reliable shoes.
  • They may also come pricey.

Durability: They have Adiwear sole that makes the shoes more durable.

Fit As Expected: 86%

9. Adidas Men’s Energy Cloud WTC Running Shoe

Enjoy the power and benefit are these Adidas shoes with the constant seamless mesh exterior and synthetic and textile upper.

The midfoot of these shoes has supportive cage wraps that help to give you stableness from a locked-down fit. Your feet will stay secure in the shoes.

The cloud form missile of the shoes gives great cushioning for your feet as well as in-step comfort.

They have breathable upper and the shoe liner is replaceable with orthotics.

  • The shoes provide a perfect feeling of stability while running.
  • It may come expensive.

Durability: Their outsoles are made with ADIWEAR for durability purposes.

Fit As Expected: 74%

10. Brook’s Men’s Running Shoes

These shoes come in extra wide sizes that can fit just about any and all kinds of wide feet.

The synthetic and mesh design helps your feet to breathe without giving you any form of discomfort whatsoever.

The shoes have BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning that help to give your feet a soft platform to avoid blisters and bunions for your feet.

These shoes support runners at arches and also at their knees, helping you run very fast without having your toes getting hurt.

  • These shoes are breathable and comfy.
  • Available for extra wide feet.
  • They have sizes that come pricey.
  • Only three colors are available for this shoe.

Durability: Excellent shoes made of superior materials and highly durable materials.

Fit As Expected: 83%

Signs that You Need a Wide Running Shoe with Wide Toe Box

If you are experiencing pain in your feet when you wear shoes, the problem is most likely not your feet but the shoes.

As a person with wide feet, whenever you wear shoes that are made of non-expandable materials and that have tight toe boxes, you will end up with blisters or may even be to grow bunions.

It is a sign that you need wide shoes when you find some of these things happening, especially when even after you have gotten your feet length the problem still persists. It is time to get yourself some super comfy shoes.

How will the Best Wide Running Shoes help me Deal with Bunions?

Bunions are more often than not, gotten by constantly forcing one’s toes into shoes that do not fit. While at other times it is hereditary and caused by overpronation, bunions are facilitated by wearing wrong shoes.

The best wide running shoes will help to create a lot of space for your toe, reducing the risk of your bunions getting worse.

If you are dealing with bunions, things will be easier on you when you find shoes that come in wide sizes and wide toe boxes.

Are Shoes for Wide Feet Different from those for Wide Toe Box?

There is more to it than meets the eye when it comes to buying shoes. While mostly, it’s all about the length of the feet, and people make their purchases once the shoe fits their length, there are many other things that ought to be considered to attain maximum comfort for shoes that we wear.

Apart from checking the length of the shoe, the size of the toe box should be considered, along with the arch support, breathability, roominess and cushioning. All of these will help to prevent feet problems that result from shoes.

Shoes for wide feet usually come with wide toe boxes. When you buy shoes that are appropriate for people with wide feet, your wide toes will also be catered for.

If however you only have toes which tend to be bigger than the rest of your feet, that us, you have wide toes and narrow heels, then you should instead go for shoes that specify wide toe box only, not wide feet.

Why Wide Feet Shoes are more expensive than Regular Ones?

In the past, it was difficult for people with wide feet to get shoes that fitted them. That’s mostly because the shoe industries preferred to make what they considered would sell faster after they looked at the business side of things.

These days, however, more companies are making shoes for wide feet and people that need wide toe boxes in their running shoes now have more varieties to choose from.

Perhaps it’s owing to the fact that wide shoe sizes are still a little hard to find, that’s why they are a little more expensive than the regular ones.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

There is absolutely no point in buying a pair of shoes that will hurt your feet by giving you blisters or cramps or slow down your performance.

Investing in great shoes is a wise thing to do, especially if you have special requirements such as wide toes, wide feet or both.

Any of the reviewed shoes up there will do really great to help make more room for your wide toes and wide feet. You can now enjoy your running without pain or discomfort.