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Last updated on December 20th, 2021

Carolina Boots are known for their quality, craftsmanship and durability. When I first saw the Carolina 309 boots at a trade show last year, I was impressed by the design and features. In this Carolina 309 boot review, we’ll take a look at some of the key features that make it such an excellent choice for work or outdoor use.

Carolina 309 Boot ReviewAmber Gold Pitstop Leather Upper: 

Carolina 309 SARGE LO

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The upper of the Carolina boots are made from Amber Gold Pitstop leather. This style of leather provides a very durable and flexible option that stands up well to water, salt, oil, and other chemicals found on construction sites or in industrial work environments.

In addition, it has excellent abrasion resistance for those working with heavy machinery at times. The softness also presents some benefits since this type of leather will form to your feet more quickly than others and offer improved comfort alongside durability.

Carolina 309 Boot Review

DRi-LEX Lining: 

The Carolina Boots have a DRi-LEX ® lining which is an abrasion and water-resistant polyurethane liner. This serves to offer another level of protection against the elements, as well as provide some insulation when working in cold climates or conditions such as high altitudes.

It also provides excellent resistance from chemicals that can often be found on construction sites or other work environments where these boots are worn regularly.


The Carolina 309 SARGE LO Boots are also equipped with Poron®️ Performance Cushioning Insoles, which provide a comfortable and supportive ride.

This insole is made from polymer foam that absorbs the energy impact of every step as you walk, run or move quickly, dispersing it away from your foot for excellent comfort.

It’s designed to be very lightweight, too so there’s less pressure on the sole area of your feet over time- reducing fatigue while enhancing performance overall. The boots will feel great out of the box but they’ll likely get even comfier after just a few weeks’ worths of wear (results may vary).


Carolina boots also come with a Dual-density Polyurethane Outsol, which is designed to mold and conform to the shape of your feet. With this type of construction, you will always be able to stay comfortable while wearing Carolina’s 309 work boots because they are designed specifically for your foot!


Steel Shank:

Carolina’s 309 boots also come with a steel shank which will help to protect you against heavy impacts. The steel is joined into the sole and provides stability for your feet over uneven surfaces while still remaining flexible enough to give you comfort throughout your day.

Welt Construction:

The Carolina Sarge LO boots also come with a welt construction which will help to protect the stitching from wear. This is important because your safety depends on these stitches, so it’s always best to err on the safe side and make sure that they’re well-protected in case of an impact or blow.


The Carolina 309 boots are a regular width boot, which is D in American sizing. The weight of each pair of the Carolina 309’s is about four and a half pounds

Waterproof Construction:

As someone who spends most days on her feet or walking around outside, I can attest that the last thing you want to worry about at work is wet socks because your shoes leaked all over them! That won’t be an issue with these leather Carolina boots with their waterproof construction–you’ll never have to take off your shoes just so they dry out again when it starts raining unexpectedly.

Technology Used:

Removable AG7 Polyurethane Footbed Technology:

The Carolina 309 Boots are also equipped with AG ™ that is designed to reduce foot fatigue by absorbing shock and stress from the ground.

This removable, replaceable polyurethane footbed has excellent water resistance and durability so it may be worn as a sole in wet conditions without compromising its integrity or comfort level.

It’s even made for long periods of standing on hard surfaces such as concrete floors thanks to its anti-fatigue technology which creates an additional cushioning effect at your feet while still maintaining flexibility for any kind of activity. The boots will feel great out of the box but they’ll likely get even more comfortable after just a few weeks’ worths of wear (results may vary).

Electrical Hazard Rated 18000 volts Technology: 

The Carolina 309 boots are constructed with the most advanced electrical hazard-rated material on the market. The polyurethane used in this footwear is capable of insulating against electrical shocks up to 18000 volts!

If you’ll be working near high voltage lines, or if you’re a professional electrician yourself, then these safety boots might just be your best option for work-related foot protection.

What Makes Carolina 309 One Of The Best Choices:


There’s not much about these Carolina boots that will impress anyone when it comes to aesthetics – but they don’t have to. These are functional and comfortable shoes first and foremost; there’s no need for them to do anything more than their job at being practical footwear items.


Safety is of the utmost concern for many people when it comes to their shoes. Ensuring that these are going to be safe and sturdy enough not only while you’re walking but also in case anything happens like being thrown up against a wall or having something fall on your feet, Carolina 309 Boot Review has got you covered with its lace-up design and 18000-volt system.


The durability of this shoe is one thing that can’t be argued about – they’ll last through any amount of wear and tear you put them through because they’ve been made out of leather. The steel shank will keep your ankles supported no matter what kind of terrain type (weather) that you find yourself in!


  • 18000-volt system.
  • Lace-up design for easy on and off.
  • Steel shank provides support to ankles no matter what surface you’re walking on.
  • They’ll last through any amount of wear and tear.
  • Comfortable fit for almost anyone.
  • They look good on men and women.
  • Leather is a very durable material, so you know that these will last a while.
  • Built inside zipping for ease of use.


  • It is a little pricey.


Carolina is a great company that makes high-quality boots. This Carolina 309 Sarge Lo is not only durable but also comfortable!

This tradition lives on today at Carolina Boots Inc., where they still provide quality footwear to meet the needs of everyone from ranchers and outdoor enthusiasts to law enforcement officers across North America! We hope you enjoyed this detailed Carolina 309 Boot Review; we’ve found them very helpful during our research.

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