How Does a Walking Boot to Help a Stress Fracture

For Stress fracture you need to know how does a walking boot to help a stress fracture. Stress fracture is a bone fracture triggered by fatigue and repeated stress over time. It doesn’t occur suddenly. It rather occurs because of the accumulation of repetitive stress over a period of time. This kind of repetitive stress involves running, jumping and long walk for daily basis. When this occurs slim line of crack appears on metatarsal and other bones of the foot. Sometimes regular exercise specially running and weight lifting might cause fracture. Doctor often suggests a walking boot to help a stress fracture.

Treatment of this generally involves complete rest, using leg brace and walking boots. Most people would want to use walking boot to help a stress fracture. As it offers the patient to walk while recovering his feet. As walking boot provide support to the fractured area so that it can heal .It also prevent extra pressure being applied on the injured area. It immobilizes the wounded part so that it heals quickly. It also offers some pliability in using, as they are easy to wear and easy to remove at the same time. Thus it makes taking bath, going to wash room easy for the patient .Also it is easy to feet on can change its position according to his desire.

How Does a Walking Boot to Help a Stress Fracture

Walking shoe or boot is a kind of controlled ankle motion boot AKA CAM boot. It generally consists of some hook, strap across the foot including ankle and two or more plastic frame .It also contains some padding inside it to support the foot. There are generally two kind of walking boot to help a stress fracture. One is general walking boot and other is pneumatic walking boot. Although pneumatic walking boot provide better support and comfort to the affected area, it is pretty expensive.

Walking shoe or boot is highly effective for the fractured foot .They offer specific advantage for specific injury.

Pain in Ball of Foot

Ball of foot situated at the lower part near the front side of foot. Repetitive and excessive motion in a daily basis causes injury. Walking boot contains rockers on the foot bed which provide support to the ball of foot .It protect that part from stress and pain .Thus it helps recovering foot by relieving pressure. The padding on the both sides of the foot also helps recovering wounded part.

Meta Tarsal Pain

Bones that are situated behind the phalanges is called Meta tarsal. This bones are quite prone to injury specially fracture. After fracture any kind of movement is harmful for the bone. So it has to remain stationary to heal otherwise situation may get worse. Pneumatic walking boots are more preferable for this situation .In this situation one should wear tall boots as muscle tissue with the meta tarsal links to the feet .so to keep meta tarsal still those tissue also have to be immobilized .

Broken Foot

You need more than walking boots for this situation. But first of all one needs to visit a doctor and get a proper guidelines for healing. Generally in this situation walking boot is part of the treatment. By rendering the broken bone motionless it contributes to the healing process.

Stress on Toe

Walking boot reduces the stress on the toe which is pretty relaxing .If that toe is fractured then nothing can be more soothing than this walking boots. It serves the purpose of immobilizing and removing of stress. How long one has to keep the boots depends on the severity of fracture. The walking boot provides support and keeps the toe in their original place. It limits the movement of the toe so that they remain stress less .But it should be used simultaneously with the regular checkup of your doctor.

Twisted Ankle

Ankle tissues connect the leg to feet .sometimes as a result of unusual motion or movement the tendon tissue got severed. Walking boots are common remedy of this issue .Most of the doctor suggest walking boot .As to heal the tissues, they have to remain motionless as. It helps in their healing process. Movement of the ankle have to minimum for the sake of healing.

Sesamoid Bone Fractures

Sesamoid bone is a small independent bone or bone nodule near toe. Sometimes fracture occurs on those bones. It might be for sudden stress or it could be chronic which means it was there from a long time ago. For both of these case walking boot will provide grate support to the injured area. In case of chronic fracture it may be difficult to heal but walking boot will reduce the pain while wearing it. Finally it is highly recommended that you do not start using walking boot to help a stress fracture without consulting with a podiatry.


With all its benefits one should not start using these without the consent of the doctor. So before starting using walking boot one should find a good podiatrist and only start using one if he suggest so.

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Author: Sazzad Anik

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