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How to Stop Foot Pain From Standing All Day

Your foot does a lot of important works every day. From walking, standing, to running, you are literally putting a lot of pressure on your feet. Have you ever thought of that? But due to this endless hour of work, we return home with a soothe sore or tired feet at home. This is now a common issue, and many people are a victim to the foot pain due to standing all day long. Well, what’s the remedy and how to stop foot pain from all-day standing?

How to Stop Foot Pain From Standing All Day

Actually, there are lots of ways to prevent foot pains. But as always, you have to select the best and the harmless one. You can also try some medicines, but honestly, they will cause a side-effect. That’s why using medicines is not recommended by the experts. Don’t worry; there are some home remedies, and we are here to provide you with those. So, instead of shooting arrows in the dark, you can concentrate on our six methods that may help you to get relief from your sore feet. Let’s dive in!

How to Stop Foot Pain From Standing All Day?

If you feel sore feet or pain that happened because you were standing all day long, then these six remedies will be way more helpful to give you instant relief. In fact, trying more than one of these steps may help you to ease your pain faster than ever. So, let’s have a look at them!

1. Start by Drawing a Foot Bath

Foot Bath

A warm foot bath can alleviate your foot pain within the blink of your eyes. So, you should start with that first. For boosting the effectiveness, you can add some Epsom salts with the footbath. It will target your muscles and reduce the swellings from your feet too. If you want, you can try some other products too. Baking soda will be a perfect item for this purpose. But the problem is, baking soda is prone to trigger different skin-related issues like soreness in your feet.In order to get the best result, it is always better to use one cup of Epsom salt in one tub of warm water. Once you prepare the mixture, soak your feet into it. After twenty minutes, you will start to feel better.

2. Stretches

Some stretching exercises work like sorcerers during this time. So, you can also try those out. You have to first target the painful areas, like your toes, your heel, etc. And then engage yourself in several stretches. First, start with the infected areas and then slowly move to the entire foot. This type of exercises will not only prevent the cramping of your feet but also promote flexibility to the fullest:Make sure to repeat the exercises ten times at least. First of all, give your toe some flexibility, then point them and keep them curl for a couple of seconds.Warm your feet by extending your legs or sitting down. Move your toes and then point them towards your body and away from it. Next, target your ankles and move them into both counterclockwise and clockwise; just make sure to do this in a circle.Continue this process by stretching your feet in such a way that it shifts your weight from the heel areas to your toes. Take turns by lifting your feet’ front and back slightly above the ground. Make sure to do this entirely while you are standing.

3. Practice Some Strengthening Exercises

If you can keep your feet flexible and strong, you can say goodbye to all types of pains and irritations. It is the key to avoiding all foot pains. For this, walking will be the best exercise to keep your feet strong and healthy all the time. A limber and healthy foot is all you can get if you walk regularly. You can use a pedometer to make sure that you are reaching your daily walking goals. By when you will complete your daily reaching goals, you will feel more active with strong and healthy feet.In this case, you can also rely on the resistant exercises. Those exercises are also a good one to strengthen your feet and prevent soreness from your feet. For this, you can use some additional weights or resistant bands to ensure proper strength to your feet. You can even use your own bodyweight for this type of training, and that’s a plus for this training.Below we have listed some strengthening exercises that can make your feet feel better:

  • Picking up marbles with toes
  • Achilles stretches with the support of the wall.
  • Sit on your couch and stretch. At the same time, pull a towel from the floor towards you with your feet.
  • Attach a resistant band with your foot and your furniture’s leg. And then start pulling your leg against it. Start pulling your foot through the band so that the top of your foot gets cradled under your toes. Then hold your foot in a specific position while pulling your foot toward you. Repeat this process so that you can feel continuous stretches on your heel.

4. A Foot Message

Foot Massage

Messaging your feet will be the ideal way to remove the soreness from your feet. Simply sit down in your comfortable chair and start rubbing the knead bottoms of your feet. After that, bend your toes and give them a gentle massage with your hand. In this case, a lotion, oil will give you the ease to message the foot. They can be used for lubricating your skin and while you are giving your preferred message on your skin.If you want, you can also use some helpful tools to message in an enhanced way. You can buy a foot roller, which may help you to massage your foot with every roll.

5. Start Using Arch Supports

Arch support

If your job requires you to stand all day long, you need to find something for additional supports. Arch support will be ideal for this. These useful items are designed to keep your feet stable no matters if you are walking or standing. It will eliminate all your pains, especially the rear foot pain. That’s not all! It can also improve the overall foot functioning so that further foot issues can stay away from your feet. The best thing is, you can easily get one of the best arch support from your nearest shops, or you can buy them online. They are not a rare piece.

6. Change Your Shoes

Your shoes can be the main culprit that is working behind your foot pain. So, you can change your old shoes and try something new. In this case, wearing an old, snug, or inappropriate shoe can be the reason for your foot pain.So, make sure to purchase appropriate, well-fitting shoes. It will be better if you look for arch support at the same time. Shoes that come with arch support can give your feet a new life. You should also buy a shoe that can incorporate with all your activities. Whether you are exercising or working in your office, your shoe should always provide you with the maximum amount of comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do My Heels Hurt After Standing All Day?

After standing all day, you may feel soreness in your feet or legs. This can be due to poor circulation and lack of oxygen getting to the tissues. It is not unusual for those who stand all day long to experience tingling sensations in their toes and soles as well as pain.

The good news is that you can do some simple things at home before going back to work the next day.

Can Standing for Long Periods Cause Foot Pain?

It is a common misconception that standing for long periods can cause foot pain. In fact, the opposite is true. When you stand for extended periods, your body sends more blood to your feet which causes them to swell and become sore from the increased pressure. Therefore it is important to take regular breaks when standing in order to prevent foot pain.

Is Standing for 8 Hours Bad?

Standing for 8 hours is not bad, but it can be bad for your health if you are doing it too often.

When standing for a long time, the muscles of your legs, feet, and hips will start to ache. This happens because your blood vessels that supply blood to these muscles are squeezed together by the pressure of standing, and they will become inflamed.

Do Compression Socks Help With Foot Pain?

Compression socks can help with foot pain, but they are not the only thing that will help. Other factors such as how you stand and walk also play a role in how your feet feel.

The compression socks help to support the arch of your foot and provide added cushioning, reducing pressure on the ball of your foot which is often where people experience problems.


Hopefully, these six-home therapies will reduce your foot pain. We can guarantee if you follow all of them, you will get quick relief and prevent all future foot pains. So, if your friend asks how to stop foot pain from standing all day, help them with the above-mentioned remedies.

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