How to Become a Shoe Maker

Last updated on June 16th, 2021

Becoming a shoemaker is not so difficult as it does not require any degrees. However, it would be best if you had a passion for doing anything in your life. If it is a shoemaker, then you are in the right place to know how to become a shoemaker.

How to Become a Shoe Maker

Types of a Shoemaker:

Well, there are two types of making shoes. One is who repairs or makes new shoes by own hand, and another one is who creatively designs shoes with the help of software. We will discuss both of them. We will also discuss the skill that you need to attain to become a shoemaker.


  • As you are new, so for your best help, we recommend looking for some schools or colleges that will provide you the courses in fashion design. The school will help you to learn about the basic concepts of craftmanship or cobbling.
  • In the school, they will provide practical knowledge such as creating new designs, repairing mending shoes. This valuable knowledge will help you in your future works.
  • Finding a mentor is always a better option for any work. They will guide you in the right direction according to your area and marketplace through their previous knowledge. So, if you find someone as a mentor, listen to his advice and try to follow.

Skills Required:

  • If you repair or make shoes by your hand, you will find many situations where you need to adjust some small parts that look like eyelets. It requires your patience and hardworking to attain that skill. You should also require a decent amount of skills that are needed to operate equipment.
  • For working long hours, you need both mental and physical strength and stamina.
  • For designing the shoes, you need to be creative as nowadays creativity is key to success. The more creative you are, the more you will step up to become a shoemaker than others.
Check the Shoe
  • Now, you have a question that how to be creative? Well, its answer is simple but to do is hard. You should study design books and try to make your mind full of designs. For becoming creative on shoes, you have to go beyond shoes and check the masterworks of some top brands like Adidas, Nike, and so on.
  • Sometimes try to examine your old torn shoes. How the brands made them, how was the color combination, the places that the brand stitched them, where the strength of the boots can balance the pressure, etc. This study will help you in your shoe management.
  • As we said earlier, a mentor is always a reasonable opinion. With his help, you can learn about some popular software used in designs like Adobe illustrator.
  • You will also need good business skills to meet up with the marketplace. The skill will help you to make the right decisions on the competitive market price of your shoes.
  • Try to make a good shoe designer portfolio for getting noticed of your hard workings. As the world is now online based.

So, with the creative skills filled your mind by studying various design books and hardworking, we think helped you on how to become a shoemaker.

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