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How to Dry the Leather Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are a symbol of tradition, fashion, and robust nature. Some people use them for their sturdy and durable quality. While others wear them for fashion appeal. Although cowboy boots are beautiful and stylish, there is nothing more irritating than a pair of wet cowboy boots. It is not only uncomfortable but also harmful to the foot. If you keep wearing wet boots for a long time, it can also cause harm to your feet. You need to know how to dry the leather cowboy boots daily.

You have to keep them dry to ensure their long life span. If you keep your boots wet for a long time, it will contaminate the leather. Then crack or other types of deformation might occur.

The wet boot may also contain mud. So while drying the boots one has to clean the mud off the boots. Combination of moisture and mud will soon damage the leather of the shoes. Whenever boots get wet, you have to start drying them. Drying the shoe is also needed for cleaning shoe. It is not recommended to dry the shoes without cleaning. So remember to dry your boot before cleaning.

How to Dry the Leather Cowboy Boots

How to dry the leather cowboy boots

There are some techniques which people are not recommended to try. Some people try to dry them by fire or other heat-related methods. But these methods are not suitable for the boots. They affect the leather in a bad way. Due to heat, the leather of your boots might get hard and then cracked, which might hurt your feet and damage the good looks of your boots. It can also damage the structure of boots such as melting the glue in the shoe. Generally, cowboy shows take time to dry, so you have to be patient for the boots to dry.

Before starting the drying process, you have to remove the debris or soil from the boot. Use a damp cloth to clean the surface of the leather boots. You have to rub it gently. Then use a brush or toothbrush to clean your shoe. Keep cleaning the shoe until you feel it has been cleaned enough. Then start the drying process.

Well Ventilated Room

You can easily dry your shoe by keeping them in a well-ventilated place. The room has to be well ventilated so that boots don’t remain moist. A good flow of air should be provided to remove the moisture. So that air can suck the moisture out of the leather of the boots. It will take a day to dry the leather cowboy boots.

Using papers

Papers are a good absorber of water, especially newspaper. Newspaper is both cheap and effecting. All you have to do is to crumple some newspaper and insert them into the boots. So that it can fill all the inner part of the boots. You can also cover the outside of the boots with paper. It will absorb the water and moisture out of the leather. Thus from both outside and inside the water will be sucked. If you are in a hurry, you try this method.


Dry Cowboy Boots in Sun

If you live in a sunny place and use cowboy boots, then you can use the natural heat of the sun to dry your shoe. In the rainy season, it might not be the best solution. All you have is to keep your cowboy boots in the sun. Take out the footbed and dry them with boots. If footbed stays inside the boots, it might hold some moist inside it. Time for drying the shoes depends upon the duration and intensity of the sun’s heat.

Using a table fan

Table fan can also use for this purpose. All you have to is to find some wire or rope. If you want to dry your boot overnight, this is an excellent way to do that. But clean the before drying otherwise they might create odour. In this method, dry the footbed separately too. But after drying the boots be sure to check that all the part of the shoe especially the inside is thoroughly dried.

Bath towel

Remove Dirt From Shoes

This is an effective way of drying the boots. First, find two dry towels, then insert one inside the boot and rap the other on around the boots. After the towel are properly soaked with the moisture from the shoes, take them out. Then use another pair of a towel to repeat the drying process.


Rice sucks water well. You have to pour some rice in a bucket which is taller than the boots. Then dip those boots into the rice. Keep them until they are dried up.

Above mentioned methods are a very effective way of drying cowboy boots. Always remember to check for moisture after the drying as it is harmful to the shoes. If you want a better and quick way, you can use a particular Boot dryer. They will quickly dry your shoe. Any of these mentioned methods will do the work. I hope that you have found your answer to the question of how to dry the leather cowboy boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Water Ruin Leather Cowboy Boots?

No, water will not ruin your leather cowboy boots. However, if you leave them in the rain for a long time or submerge them in water, they may begin to soften and eventually break down.

To preserve your leather cowboy boots from getting ruined by water:

  1. Never soak your boots in water.
  2. Use a waterproof spray on them before leaving them outside in the rain.

Can I Dry Leather Shoes in the Dryer?

No, you cannot dry leather shoes in the dryer. This is because the natural oils on your leather shoes will be lost when they are dried in a high heat environment like the dryer.

Should You Waterproof Cowboy Boots?

Some people are comfortable wearing cowboy boots without waterproofing them, while others need to waterproof their boots to wear them comfortably.

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