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How to Break in Cowboy Boots?

You’ve bought your first pair of cowboy boots, but they’re so stiff and uncomfortable it’s hard to walk in them. So you have the question in mind, “how to break in cowboy boots?

You keep trying different ways to break them in you wear them a few hours every day, rub some mink oil on the leather, and even try wearing them with thick socks – but nothing seems to work. Don’t worry! All you need is time. Follow our methods:

how to break in cowboy boots

Here are 9 Actionable Methods on How to Break in Cowboy Boots

Go For a Walk Wearing Your boot to Break In It

As much as you walk with your boot, It is going to be more comfortable sooner. So it is the best idea to go for a walk with your boots to break it in.The process of breaking in begins the second you put them on, so take care when putting your foot down that you do not jam your toes. You want to be sure they are nice and loose without too much room at all as this will make them more comfortable than if they were tight-fitting.

You can walk inside the house or outside. The more you wear them, they will become more comfortable and that is what you want as it means your boots

Moving The Boot in a Different Direction to Break

Another interesting thing you can do, while sitting in your office or any place wearing the shoe is moving your shoes in a different direction upper or lower. It will help you to break in the boot more quickly and it will become comfortable sooner. Working the leather as much as possible is the key to breaking in your cowboy boots.

Use Boot Stretcher or Shaper

Using a boot Stretcher can help you break in your cowboy boots. If you are not able to wear them for long, then using a boot stretcher will be a great idea. You can use it and see the difference by yourself with this technique as well.Once the leather is working appropriately, they should stretch out on their own over time – no need for any fancy tricks. Follow the guideline if necessary:

1. Stretch the boot by placing a towel or foam between your feet and the boot

2. Place a shoe stretcher in front of you on the floor, then put one foot on it while standing up

3. Put both feet inside the stretcher and stand up to stretch out your boots calf

4. Repeat with other foot until the desired fit is achieved

5. Make sure that there are no gaps around your heel when you’re wearing them

A boot shaper is a tool that is used to take up the slack and shape a boot. It works by inserting it into one of the boots, then turning it in order to tighten its laces. There are many different boot shapers out there, and they can be made of different types of materials. Allowing a person to shape their boots in the way that they would like them is one advantage that these tools provide.

A disadvantage might be that it doesn’t always work on all styles of footwear; some people have trouble using this technique with cowboy or engineer-style shoes. When purchasing a boot shaper/ Stretcher there are several things to consider: What type of material will best suit your needs? One popular option is neoprene because it’s very flexible – for those who need more support, you should go with something stiffer such as plastic (but take note that plastic may not conform well).I am adding 3 boots shapers to help you to find the best one. You can take a look at the below list:

Men Practical Portable Plastic Shoe Tree Adjustable Shoe Stretcher/Boot Holder Shaper:

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Moneysworth & Best Men’s Shoe Shaper Trees – Translucent

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Moneysworth & Best Men’s Shoe Shapers are a stylish, practical way to keep your shoes looking their best. Made of durable hard plastic for support and easy cleaning, this shoe shaper will help you maintain the perfect shape no matter where you find yourself in the world!Available in a range of colors to suit your ensemble every day. Whether traveling or just taking care of your household footwear, this is an essential product for any man with high standards for style and quality.

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Whitmor Boot Shapers is a lightweight, space-saving boot stand that extends the life of your boots by preserving their shape. It holds your boots upright and keeps them in good shape, reducing cracking and sagging.It reduces creases caused by slouching. Boot shapers are spring-loaded for quick insertion and removal. They allow air circulation and prolong the life of the boots; works great on men’s and women’s boots.”

Using a Hair Dryer to Break in Your Cowboy Boot

A hairdryer can be used to soften the leather and make it easier to break in.

1. Put your boots on and pull them up to the top of your calf

2. Set the hairdryer to low heat and high speed

3. Turn off the hairdryer, place it inside the boot, put a foot in the boot with the other hand holding the hairdryer

4. Start turning the hairdryer on and off while pulling down on the boot shaft with your hands (keep doing this for about 5 minutes)

5. Repeat steps 3-4 until you have done it 10 times total

6. Let boots air out for at least 24 hours before wearing again

Use Mink Oil or Wax Polish to Moisturize and Condition

Mink oil is a highly effective product for breaking in new leather shoes. It can soften and moisturize the shoe, while also releasing oils that break down old waxes clogging up the material.

This leaves your boots feeling supple and soft to touch. Mink Oil or Wax Polish: A different way of breaking in cowboy boots is by applying mink oil or wax polish to them before wearing them out on an adventure. This will help provide some extra protection from water and dirt as you wear your boots around town!The key thing with this method however is not using too much mink oil at any one time so it doesn’t saturate the boot (which may result in leaking).

How to Use Mink Oil and Wax Polish to Break in Your Cowboy Boots

When I bought my first set of cowboy boots, the leather was stiff and unyielding. The salesman at the boot store told me to use a leather conditioner to break them in.I rubbed it on both sides of each leg with my hands before putting them back on. It softened up the thick, hard leather that had been so difficult for me to walk around in earlier that day.Conditioners have an oil base that disperses into microscopic pores inside your footwear’s material and provides lubrication against abrasion or moisture buildup from prolonged contact between skin particles and boots’ surface layers (just like talc). They work by filling these tiny irregularities in order to give you more flexibility while wearing.

How to Use Leather Conditioner to Break in Your Cowboy Boots:

1. Clean your boots with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris

2. Apply leather conditioner to the boot, paying special attention to the seams and stitching

3. Rub the conditioner into the boot until it is fully absorbed by the leather

4. Use a soft brush to scrub in circular motions over all areas of the boot that has been conditioned.

5. Allow your boots time to dry before wearing them for long periods of time

By Steaming Inside Your Leather Shoes by a Steamer

These are the steps on how to break in cowboy boots. Now you won’t have any more problems when your feet start hurting while wearing them. Use these tips and make a list of what needs fixing after breaking in your new pair of boots for at least two weeks before going back into the store.

When you get that next pair, make sure they’re broken in beforehand; or else this will be an endless cycle! If not anything, I hope some helpful advice from my experience has been offered here today! Thank you so much for reading this article all the way through and good luck with breaking those shoes in right!! 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Normal for Cowboy Boots to Hurt at First?

It is normal for cowboy boots to hurt at first. However, you can use different types of insoles to ease the pain and make it more comfortable.

You can also break in your boots gradually by wearing them for short periods before wearing them all day long. This will help prevent blisters and reduce the risk of aching feet.

Does Breaking in Boots Hurt?

Breaking in boots is a very painful process. It would be best if you always started with your toes and gradually worked your way up to the top of the boot. It is also important to remember that when you are breaking in new boots leaving them at room temperature for about 24 hours before wearing them for the first time.