How to Polish Cowboy Boots With Stitching

You always want to see your cowboy boots in a brand new condition after polishing them. Maybe not brand new but close to that. Most people often get disappointed when they find out that thin line of discolored or dirty stitching in their boots. Even after cleaning the shoe properly, they remain dirty. Some stitching will be discolored due to the polishing. Thus you have come here to know how to polish cowboy boots with stitching. They are like a small dark cloud in your cloudless sky. It is something so tiny but so irritating.

How to Polish Cowboy Boots With Stitching

Stitching in the other parts of the shoe doesn’t get much dirt on them. Stitching in your sole gets most dirt, as they are closer to the ground. Other stitching is colored to match the design of the boots. They don’t get that much dirt like the stitching in the sole. But they do get discolored over a period of time. So when they get discolored, they will diminish the looks of the boot. People find it extremely difficult to regain the color of the stitching. Although there is a solution, but you will need to spend a considerable amount of time. So you need adequate precision to regain the color of your stitch.

To clean and restore the stitching of your cowboy boots. You need two items for your stitching.

  • Bleach pen
  • Wax pencil

Bleach Pen

This method is highly recommended for stitching that are white. You can find bleach pen in your market, or you can look online for it. From the name you can understand that it contains bleaching powder. But the remarkable feature of this pen is that it has a very narrow nozzle in one ends and a brush on the other end. You can use it for different kind of household chores apart from boot cleaning. But for stitching, we will only use the thin nozzle end of this pen.

This narrow nozzle helps the bleach to reach the thin and congested place where the conventional cleaning products cannot reach. They are quite effective for the stitching of your sole. The stitching line of your sole is hard to reach. After cleaning and polishing your shoe, you would still see the dirty stitch line in your shoe.

So you can use the nozzle to reach that thin gap and apply bleach on them. You won’t need to use water with the bleach as bleach pen has the mixer of bleaching powder and water. Make sure you pour bleach on every part of the stitching. You should use more bleach on the joint of the stitching as they contain more dirt. After applying them rinse the area where you used the bleach pen. This should help you clean the dirt of the stitching in your boot.

Whether your stitching is white or other colors, you can use them to remove the dirt from the thread. For colored stitching, you can apply that, but you need to do some extra work for them.

Wax Pencil

This method is for colored stitching. You can use them if the stitching on your boot gets colored by the polishing materials. You can also use them for discolored stitching to regain their natural color. You need a wax pencil to get read of this problem.

Wax pencil can be found in the nearby market. They are widely used for drawing. You might have seen some kids with these pencils. Many children use them for drawing. So you might already have one in your home. They are cheap and available. They come in a lot of colors. You can choose any of them according to the color of your thread.

You should use them after polishing. If you use them before polishing, the color will diminish. After you have polished the shoe, use a wax pencil to color them. During polishing, stitching gets the similar color of leather by the polishing components.

So you can color the line of stitching with one or a few strokes. But careful of not putting any mark on the leather. For delicate and complex stitching, you should take your time and color the stitch. You can divide the stitching line into several areas. Then rub the thread of those small areas over and over again until you are satisfied. Don’t use too much because it might look weird on your boot. You should pay close attention to the line of stitching. Otherwise, it will go horribly wrong. Be sure to mark each area of thread. You have to be precise to regain the complete look of your boot.

After finishing the marking. Don’t rub anything on them instantly. Also, make sure that they are away from any kind of liquid because any type of rubbing or spilled liquid will spread their color throughout the leather.


This two method should be enough. For white stitching, you only need method one. But you can use a wax pencil if you want. For colored stitching first, apply bleach pen then after polishing apply wax pencil.

Author: Jennifer Brannet

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