How to Clean Cow Boy Boots

History of cow boy shoe goes back to 1870 Coffeyville, Kansas, when color of leathers were normally black and included low hill. So you should know how to clean cow boy boots.Throughout the history cow boy shoes were regarded as one of the most fashionable and widely used boot. It used to be the symbol of nobility and chivalry. Apart from this attributes they were also very much robust and dependable for heavy activity .Now days still these boots are popular among people around North America for their utility and style. People generally pays extra attention to clean cow boy boots.

Throughout Their tough hill and sole which provide heavy friction to the ground makes them number one choice of the worker in oil field and gas field .As those place tend to be oily and muddy which makes them slippery and sloppy . On the other hand they also provide fashion appeal for both man and woman.

How to Clean Cow Boy Boots

Like any other boots this boots also require routine maintenance. If one uses these boots occasionally it doesn’t require daily cleaning but for every day users it requires daily cleaning. There are many way of cleaning. Depending on the users intention it can be done with daily house hold item or one can look for different type of special cleaning liquid in shops or online markets.

House Hold Item for Boot Cleaning

Using cow boy boots for a daily basis will require daily maintenance. One can avoid the trouble of going to the shop or spending money to clear his boots by using some common house hold items.

Tooth Brush

Useless brash in the house can be used to remove the dust, debris, mud etc. It is a simple and cheap item which can save some extra expense and

Vinegar and Water

This method is preferable for boot made of leather. First take some water and pour it into a bottle or glass .Then add vinegar. Remember that Vinegar should be of equal amount. After that collect some piece of cloth and carefully sink the part of the cloths into the mixer of water and vinegar .Then start cleaning the show slowly and don’t forget to clean all the part of shoe except the lower level of sole. Some people also try soap as a cleanser .After the cleaning a white soft cloth should be used to wipe the shoe.

Baking Soda and Detergent

This can be used on the collar of the upper leather. The collar of the boot can be polluted by sweats which creates stains and smell. Baking soda and detergent has high emulsion power which dissolves the fat. Thus keeping your favorite cow boy boots spotless.

Olive Oil

“Olive oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also a very good moisturizer.” Dr. Goldenberg says. The olive oil has an excellent shining ability .More over it also cleans the boots. Put some oil on the boots then slowly rub them, until the oily surface of boot dries up. Thus you will get a proper shiny cowboy boots.

Water Proofing

If you intend to use your cow boy boots in daily basis and want to keep them in a new form you need to do more than just cleaning .To make sure that the new look of the boots remain water proofing is an excellent way to do that. You can do that with silicon polymer spray.

Saddle Soap

Saddle soap are a specialized soap for leather. It is mainly used to clean cow boy boots and shine leather .It useful for removing mud and dirt from the boots. Along with cleaning it also have conditioning ability .It contains softening ingredients like lanolin. Apply polishing before using it .After applying saddle soap rub the boots gently with soft cloth.

Using Eraser

This method is mainly applicable for suede boots. One can use specialized suede brush or a house hold eraser .It is effective for removing oily substances from boot. First rub gently on the boots. The intensity of the rubbing depends on the amount of dirt on the boots .But you should not rub vigorously because it might leave some permanent mark on the boots.

Clean Bath Towel

It might sounds too simple but sometimes simple is the proper way to go. But you have to first apply brush on the boots and remove dirt, grime and mud .Then try rubbing it over the boots but in a gentle manners.

Petroliam Jelly

Another simple daily house hold item .It will save you the money for shinning your favorite boots. It is an excellent substance for shinning your boots .All you have to do is to is to rub the boots with a slightly wet cloths then apply a thin layer of jelly on the surface of the boots .After that keep shinning it until you are fully satisfied .

Hair Conditioner

This one is really easy to get .Sometimes people get it for free. It has good moisturizing effect as it possess good amount of wax. So all you have to do is to stick it to a soft piece of cloth and then keep rubbing it gently. But you need to be careful while using it on suede boots.

Dish Soap

Another common house hold item which generally your mother uses. This method is more suitable for leather .All you have to do is to make mixer of soap and water. Then dip a soft clean cloth to clean the boots. That will do the work.

Grease and Talcum Powder

Collect some grease then apply it on the boots so that it forms a layer on the top of the boots. Then apply talcum powder on it .Leave your boots in that way approximately one hour .Then use a brush to remove them. That will remove almost all the oil stain from your boots.


They are really dependable for place like oil field, farm house and gas field. So I hope now know how to clean cow boy boots. The robust build and tough material of some of the boots make them first choice for this kind of heavy duty work. That’s why you have to know how to clean cow boy boots.

Author: Jennifer Brannet

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