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Walking around with a wet boot is the most uncomfortable thing that you would have experienced. When you are a worker and have to work all day wearing your boots for long hours. Then, it will be unpleasant for you to continue your work with a wet boot. A wet boot can be the root cause of blisters and sore feet. You can make your boots dry by using a dryer. So, it is essential for you to know how to dry boots in dryer.

How to Dry Boots in Dryer

None would want to wear a wet boot all day. Wet boots can affect your safety by increasing the growth of bacteria, which are the main cause of painful blisters and noticeable odor. It can hamper your overall work performance. That is why a dry boot is necessary for you because it can give the best output from you.

To dry a boot naturally, you need to keep it under the sun for more than 4 hours. But, the scene will not be the same if the time is evening when you have to join a morning shift. Don’t worry. You can solve your problem by following some quick methods that are given below. Before that, you need to continue reading.

Things You Need to Do Before Drying Your Boots

Drying Shoe

The leather texture can be found with a permanent blot if you try to dry your boots with mud or dirt on it. You need to make sure that your boots are properly clean before starting the drying process.

• Wash your shoes properly until the sludge or dirty materials are taken off. You can wash them with detergents, if necessary. After that, use a towel to dry them up.

• Take off the laces of your boots before starting the drying process.

• Remove the soles of your boots if possible. Dry it by keeping it outside of the boot.

Process of How to Dry Boots in Dryer:

Drying a boot in a dryer is the easiest way when you don’t have enough time and can’t wait for the sun to dry them up. The dryer blows a warm air which can make your boots dry within a short time. Place your shoes into the hose, plug the dryer into an electrical outlet. Then, set the temperature of your dryer as required. After sometimes you will find your shoe dry. You need to make sure that you always unplug the dryer after use.

By collecting the dirty water from the boots a dryer can helpful you to keep your floors clean. It also naturalizes unwanted odors and bacteria from your boots. A dryer is also beneficial in stretching the life of your boots. That’s why purchasing a dryer will be the most effective way of drying your boots overnight. Your shoes will be ready to go every day when you are using a dryer.

There are also some handy tricks for drying your boots in a short time:

Using Newspaper

Using a newspaper for drying your boots is a handy way. It is also an effective way to dry your boots without causing any damage to them during the drying process. You just need to find a newspaper, tear a page from it. Then squeeze it until it turns into the form of a ball. The balls of papers will absorb extra moisture of your wet boots. After sometimes replace the balls with the new one.

Using Rice

Rice is good to absorb wetness. It is another handy trick to use rice for making your boots dry overnight. Put your wet boots into a bucket of rice which can hold your boots. Cover it up and keep it for a while. Rice will absorb the water from your shoe, and you will find the boots are ready to use for your next shift.

Using a Fan

You can use your fan to dry your boots when you want them to be dried up before your work starts. Find a steady fan and hang your boots with it. Don’t use the laces to hang them up. You can use a wire or an “S” shaped hook for that. Turn the fan on, and let the process continue. Thus, you will find a dry boot in the morning.

Using a Towel

Remove Dirt From Shoes

Towels are good because it can suck the wetness out of your boots. After removing the laces, grab one corner of the towel and insert it into the shoe until the entire sole is occupied. Then, wrap your entire boot with the rest of the towel. Repeat the process after soaking it properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Tumble Dry Boots?

Yes, you can tumble dry boots. However, it is important to ensure that the boots are completely dry before tumbling them.

To ensure that your boots are completely dry, allow them to air-dry for at least 24 hours. If they’re not completely dry, lay them out on a towel and let them rest for about an hour.

What Happens if You Dry Shoes in the Dryer?

The dryer will cause the shoes to become brittle and crack in most cases. This is because drying removes natural oils from leather, leaving it without its protective coating.

Can I Put Wet Shoes in the Dryer?

If you are wondering whether you can put wet shoes in the dryer, then it is a yes. You should is not put your wet shoes in the dryer because there is a risk of shrinking them. If your wet shoes get heated up, they may shrink and become hard to wear again.

However, if you don’t mind wearing new ones every day or want to save money on laundry, it is safe to use the dryer with your wet shoes inside.

Why Are People Microwaving Their Shoes?

It is not clear why people are microwaving their shoes. However, some possible reasons include:

  1. Microwaves can kill bacteria and other microbes that cause odor in shoes.
  2. It makes the shoe more pliable, so it can be molded to a person’s foot shape better than it would if the shoe was just cold and wet.
  3. A microwave heats a shoe quicker than putting it in a dryer on high heat for 30 minutes because of its efficiency at heating liquids faster than solids, which also helps make the shoe moldable for easier shaping.


To avoid damage, drying in a slow process is the best method. Because direct heat can harm your boots much. You will find the above tips much helpful when you need your shoes to be dried overnight. So, try to follow these cheap, reliable, and simple steps for drying your boots without causing them any harm.

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