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How to Spot Fake Rothys

It’s no secret that online shopping has taken over the world. From clothes to groceries, just about anything can be bought from the comfort of your home with a few clicks of a mouse. And while this is convenient for the consumer, it also leaves much room for scammers and counterfeiters to take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers.

How to Spot Fake Rothys

One brand that has, unfortunately, become a target for counterfeiters in recent years is Rothys shoes. So, how can you tell whether you’re buying a pair of real Rothys? How to spot fake rothys? Keep reading to find out!

How to Spot Fake Rothys: 10 Things to Look For

1. Check the Materials:

Rothys are made of a comfortable, lightweight material that is machine-washable. If the shoes you’re looking at claim to be made by Rothys but are made of a different material, they’re probably fake. If your shoes are made of a flimsy material that feels like it will fall apart after a few wears, they’re also likely fake. If your shoes feel made of cheap plastic, they’re also probably fake.

2. Check the Construction:

Rothys shoes are constructed with a comfortable, slip-on design. If the shoes you’re considering have laces, buckles, or other fasteners, they’re probably not authentic Rothys. Another way to tell if shoes are fake is by checking the construction. Rothys shoes are made with a seamless toe, so if the shoes you’re looking at have a seam running across the toe, they’re not real Rothys.

3. Inspect the Stitching:

One way to tell if Rothy’s shoe is fake is to look at the stitching. Rothys shoes are well-constructed and have high quality. Therefore, it is most likely fake if the stitching is not even or looks like a machine did it. Another way to tell if the shoes are fake is by looking at the insole. Real Rothy’s have a padded insole that is comfortable to walk on. The shoes are probably fake if the insole is thin and feels like cardboard.

Fake is to Look at the Stitching

4. Examine the Sole:

Rothys have a distinctively shaped sole meant to provide support and comfort. If the soles on the shoes you’re looking at are significantly different in shape or design, they may be fake. In addition, the soles of authentic Rothys will be made of a high-quality material that is meant to last. If the soles are made of cheap materials or look like they could easily fall apart, they’re probably not real.

5. Check the Sizing:

Rothys shoes are available in a limited range of sizes. If the shoes you’re looking at come in a size Rothys doesn’t offer, they may be fake. In addition, authentic Rothys shoes will have a size label on the inside of the shoe near the toe. If the shoes you’re considering don’t have this label, they may be counterfeit.

6. Inspect the Insole:

One way to tell if a pair of Rothys is fake is to look at the insole. Authentic Rothys shoes will have an insole made of foam and latex, with a fabric lining. If the insole is made of anything else, it’s likely a fake. If your insole looks suspicious, try to peel it back. If it’s glued down or otherwise difficult to remove, that’s another red flag.

7. Check the Heel Counter:

The heel counter is the plastic or metal piece at the back of the shoe that helps support the heel. On authentic Rothys shoes, the heel counter will be made of smooth, high-quality plastic. On fake Rothys shoes, the heel counter is often made of a cheaper, lower-quality plastic that feels flimsy or brittle. If your heel counter feels flimsy or brittle, your shoes are likely fake.

8. Check the Toe Box:

The toe box is the shoe part your toes go into. It’s important to ensure that this area is well-constructed and will not collapse after extended wear. To do this, look closely at the stitching around the toe box. If it looks loose or sloppy, the shoe is likely a fake.

Not Collapse After Extended Wear

Additionally, check to see if the material bunches up in any places. This is another sign of a poorly made shoe. Finally, make sure the toe box is symmetrical. If it’s not, it’s probably a fake.

9. Compare Prices:

If the price of the Rothys shoes you’re looking at seems too good to be true, it probably is. Authentic Rothys shoes are not cheap; if you find a pair sold for significantly less than the retail price, they’re likely fake.

In addition, be wary of sellers who claim to be selling Rothys shoes at a discount because they’re “overstocked” or “slightly damaged.” Of course, neither of these would be an issue for a legitimate company like Rothys.

10. Check the Return Policy:

If you’re buying Rothys shoes from an online seller, check the return policy before making your purchase. A 30-day return policy covers authentic Rothys shoes, so if a seller doesn’t offer returns or offers a very short return window, they’re probably not selling real Rothys. So make sure to double-check the return policy to be sure.

Some Additional Tips to Authenticate Rothys

  1. Check for a label inside the shoe that includes the size, style name, and serial number.
  2. Examine the style name and number on the bottom of the insole to be sure they match what is on the label inside the shoe.
  3. Be wary of any plastic smell coming from the shoes. Rothys are made of recycled plastic water bottles and should not have a chemical scent.
  4. Compare the width and shape of the toe box on the fake pair with a genuine pair. The authentic shoe will have a more defined shape and may be slightly narrower than the counterfeit.
  5. Inspect the heel counter and logo placement. On the back of the heel, there should be a small Rothys logo in the center, just above the counter.
  6. Compare the overall quality of construction between the two pairs. Fakes will often have rougher stitching, mismatched colors, and inferior materials.
  7. Check for any misspellings or incorrect grammar on the shoe’s label, hang tag, or box.
  8. Be cautious of unusually low prices. Rothys are a premium product and are not typically sold at deep discounts.

How Can You Tell if Rothys Sneakers Are Fake?

If you’re wondering whether your Rothys sneakers are fake, there are a few things you can look for to be sure. First, check the soles of the shoes. Fake Rothys often have mismatched colors or patterns on the soles, whereas genuine Rothys will have consistent branding and colors.

Second, look at the stitching; fake Rothys will often have poorly done or mismatched stitching, while genuine shoes will have even, consistent stitches. Finally, check the materials of the shoes; fake Rothys are often made with lower-quality materials that can look and feel cheap. If you’re unsure about a pair of Rothys, it’s always best to buy from a reputable source to be sure you’re getting the real thing.

How Can You Tell if Rothys Are Real?

When looking to purchase a pair of Rothys, it is important to be able to spot a fake. There are a few things you can look for that will help you determine if the Rothys you are considering are real or not. One way to tell if Rothys is fake is by the materials they are made from. Real Rothys are made from recycled plastic bottles, so if the pair you are looking at is made from anything else, they are likely fake.

Another way to tell if Rothys is real is by their construction. Fake Rothys will often have loose threads or poor stitching. Finally, genuine Rothys will always have the Rothys logo on the bottom of the soles, so if the pair you are looking at does not have this logo, they are probably fake.

If you keep these things in mind when shopping for Rothys, you should be able to avoid ending up with a fake pair.

Do Rothys Mold to Your Foot?

Rothy’s are made of recycled plastic bottles moldable to your foot. However, if you find a pair of Rothys that seem too tight or too loose, they may be fake. Also, if the fabric is bunching up or appears stretched out, those may be signs that the shoes are fake.

Finally, if the seams are not sewn evenly, or the stitching is coming undone, those may also be indicative of a fake pair of Rothys. If your shoes exhibit these qualities, we recommend returning them immediately.

Rothy's Are Made of Recycled Plastic

Final Words

While it may seem like a daunting task to spot fake Rothys at first, there are several key indicators that you can look for. By examining the shoes closely and paying attention to detail, you will be able to tell whether or not the Rothys you are looking at is real or fake.

With these tips in mind, go forth and shop confidently, knowing you can spot any fakes that come your way. We hope this guide on how to spot fake rothys has been helpful! By inspecting each of these areas closely, you can rest assured that you are getting a pair of genuine Rothy’s – and not some inferior knock-off.