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Are Fitflops Good for Flat Feet

Fitflops has become a widely used and well-known brand of sandal. It is an ideal brand of sandal for walking with relaxation. They provide adequate cushion and arch support to the feet. They are fairly popular as a healthy shoe. So you may ask are Fitflops good for flat feet? Well, some sandals of Fitflops are considered to be helpful for people with flat feet. Sandals from Fitflops generally have an excellent supporting sole and comfortable footbed. These aspects of the sandal are suitable for flat feet as flat feet require more arch support and good cushioning under the feet. Fitflops provide that extra reinforcement to the flat feet to bear the weight of the body properly.

Are Fitflops Good for Flat Feet

Are Fitflops Good for Flat Feet

They apply a bunch of cutting edge technology to increase the performance of their shoe. Some people claim that these sandals make your body work while walking. Some individuals who do walking as an exercise can try these. The heel and sole of these sandals are perfectly constructed to contain the foot properly. Many folks prefer them for their immense comfort. Thus all these attributes surely make these sandals pretty good footwear for flat feet. For older people and people with pain in feet and knee should consult with a doctor before using.

Arch Supports

These sandals from Fitflops offer a considerable amount of arch support. For flat foot, extra pressure is exerted to the arch. In the case of people with flat feet, their foot doesn’t have any arch or curvature in their feet. So instead of having a curvy foot, you get a flat foot. Flat feet remains totally or almost horizontal to the ground. The arch shape helps the foot to spread the weight of the body evenly across the foot. 

arch supports for flat feet

Lack of arch will disturb that process. Lack of curvature in your feet makes the arch of your feet vulnerable to the reactive force from walking. As from birth, the area of the arch is not capable of absorbing high pressure. So with flat feet, extra pressure is applied to them. Thus it causes pain in the arc. So you need a sandal with good arch support to get rid of the pain.

If your arch is on a very slim and soft sandal, it will put too much pressure on the arch. Fitflops sandal has a thick and cosy sole. It effortlessly absorbs the shock exerted from walking. Thus it reduces stress on the arch. Individuals with flat feel get a considerable amount of comfort in his feet due to these aspects of the Fitflops. There are many sandal and shoe to choose from Fitflops. Many people had a positive review on Lush Luxe leather Metallic and SuperSkate Uberknit. You can try them or other models according to your requirement. It will not completely cure you. Instead, it will assist you with the healing process.

Heel Support

The heel is the main bone which bears the weight of the foot mostly. With flat feet, it becomes hard for the heel to bear the weight and balance your body at the same time. Most of the flat feet have a tendency of losing balance. To solve the problem, the heel needs to be raised a little bit. It will balance the weight and also provide good knee support. Fitflops provide heel support with a moderate height. Extra cushioning in the heel area render comfort to the heel. Thus it distributes the weight evenly and helps to balance the body.

Flat Feet with Heel Support

Iqushion Ergonomic Flip-Flop is quite useful for heel support. This Fitflops sandal provides both arch and heel support. They are also quite comfy. All these, allow an individual with flat feet to walk without worry of heel pain and stumbling over.


Although sandals are pretty comfortable and flexible. It is hard to find a sandal or flip flops, which is beneficial for the flat feet. Fitflops is one of the very few brands which produce quality full, relaxing and effective shoes for flat feet.

Sandals from Fitflops generally provide lace on the upper side of the sandal. Because of using laces, the breeze will flow smoothly throughout the feet. Thus it will give the users a sense of tranquillity. In addition to that, it also assists the user to balance his body during walking.

Good fitting

finding a well fitting shoe for flat feet

People with flat feet often get into trouble of finding a well fitting shoe for flat feet. Shoes that are suitable for flat feet should provide an adequate amount of tolerance. Some sandals upper part are made in such a way that user can easily fit his feet according to his convenience. Among many sandals that are good for flat feet, Fitflops F-Pop Skate is both flexible and appropriate for flat feet. They are also easy going and lightweight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should People With Flat Feet Wear Flip-flops?

Flip-flops are a type of footwear that is meant to be worn by people with flat feet. This is because they provide the wearer with some cushioning, protection from harmful bacteria, and support their arch and ankle.

However, wearing flip-flops can cause foot problems like bunions and calluses in people who have high arches or very high insteps. For these individuals, it may be better to wear sandals or other types of shoes that have more arch support than flip-flops do.

Are Fitflops Good for Arch Support?

Fitflops are shoes that provide comfort and arch support. They have a thick, cushioned sole which is the most important feature for those who have flat feet or need to relieve pressure on their joints and tendons.

The main reason why people love Fitflops is that they’re very lightweight, easy to clean, and comfortable.

What Shoes Do Podiatrists Recommend for Flat Feet?

The best shoes for flat feet are the ones that have high arch support. They also need to be closed-toe and lace-up, not slip-on or pull-on styles. The heel height should be around 3 inches, and the width of the shoe should be no more than 1 inch at its widest point.

For an overall healthy foot exam, it is recommended that you see your podiatrist in person. If you cannot make it to their office, call them before your appointment to give you some recommendations on what type of shoes would work best for your specific condition.

Do Flat Feet Need Arch Support?

Flat feet are caused by the bones of the foot becoming flattened and may be accompanied by overpronation or supination. This condition can lead to pain, heel spurs, arthritis, bunions, hammertoes, and difficulty with walking and running.

It is recommended that you get an evaluation from your doctor before purchasing arch supports for flat feet because there are no studies on whether they work in treating this condition.

What Problems Can Flat Feet Cause?

Flat feet can cause many problems in the body. These include:

  • Wearing away of the plantar fascia and arch, which can lead to plantar fasciitis
  • Plantar fasciitis is a chronic inflammation of the tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes.


Among many types of sandal that Fitflops makes, there are quite a few sandals which are suitable for the flat feet. But you are the one who has to decide which sandal to buy because every person has different types of foot shape and size. So choose carefully. Always consult with your doctor before purchasing any sandals for flat feet.

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