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How to Spot Fake Zara Shoes


These days, it is almost impossible for the buyer to spot a fake pair of Zara shoes. With so many retailers selling inferior fakes as originals, it is hard not to get fooled once in a while. Fake Zara shoes are nothing but a complete waste of money and time because these pairs won’t last long. Sooner or later, you will end up spending more money than you would on an original pair that lasts for years.

How to Spot Fake Zara Shoes

How to Spot Fake Zara Shoes?

These are some tips for spotting fake Zara shoes and avoiding being duped into buying replicas:

To start with, look at the soles. The soles should have a thick rubber sole instead of a thin plastic. This is clearly visible when compared side by side with original ones; the soles of the fake ones look very thin.

Closer inspection of the shoe will show that one of the eyelets is missing from the front side, and this is what makes it apparent that you are looking at a replica! Another giveaway sign for Zara shoes is that the iconic gold label used on all authentic pairs is missing. In its place, there might be a silver label that is not original at all.

If buying online, before making payment, make sure to inspect every aspect of these Zara Shoes thoroughly. Always remember to check out the returns policy so you can return them if they prove to be disappointing after receiving them. To avoid disappointment, do not go by size but rather try out an original pair in person and then decide about sizing.

Also, do not fall for the “Buy 2 pairs pay the same price” scam, as this is one of the most common scams used by sellers to pass off replica shoes as originals. This is especially easy if you buy from smaller online retailers that do not have a physical shop.

Always ensure that real Zara Shoes come with packaging. Counterfeiters are known to miss out on small things like boxes or bags. Real Zara shoes may not have any box, label, or bag, but they should be able to present you with some form of proof of their authenticity. For example, you can contact customer service and request pictures before making your purchase.

Look at the logo on every pair and compare it with an original pair. They should match exactly in size, color, and placement. These days, they are even going so far as to put labels on the boxes, bags, and shoes, but you should always verify authenticity before making any purchase.

Is There a Fake Zara Website?

The fake Zara website is not real, and you will find that it’s a scam. Therefore, we highly recommend that the readers be vigilant before making any purchases on any site that claims to sell Zara shoes or other products.

The genuine sells high-end clothing at their stores and online, but if we look closely, it’s obvious that they use some cheap material, which makes them questionable for high-end clothing stores. The counterfeiters also have been selling some fake stuff through online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon Marketplace etc.

How Do You Know if a Brand Is Original?

  • Check the prices – If it’s too cheap, it’s usually not authentic, so beware! It’s a huge red flag because there is no way we’re talking about real leather shoes for just $40-60 on sale! The same goes for scarves and dresses. You often find those types of products among fake goods; they’re made in China, India, or Vietnam then shipped over to your doorstep.
If It's Too Cheap, It's
 Usually Not Authentic
  • Read the reviews – This has helped me out several times before, especially when shopping online. If people are saying that they like it and stating a few imperfections, then that’s probably the real deal.
  • Ask around – Not only is this person or company not affiliated with Zara, then who knows if the shoes you’re buying are, in fact, authentic? For example, would you really want to spend $260 on a pair of pumps and have your credit card information stolen? That could be dangerous for identity thieves!
  • Look at the quality – I couldn’t stress this enough; these knock-offs look good on screen, but they feel cheap and plastic in reality. They might resemble your favorite style, but if it doesn’t feel right, don’t buy it, no matter what!
Be Careful When Using  Credit Card

What to Do if I Have Bought a Fake Zara Shoe?

As with any fake goods, there is always the possibility that you got ripped off—legitimately. That means it is possible that you have paid for an authentic pair of Zara shoes but received a counterfeit one in their place. If so, then you stand the chance of not only getting your money back (and possibly compensation) but also help enforce anti-counterfeiting laws and regulations. Unfortunately, though, while such arguments can persuade many who buy fake goods, they often aren’t enough to convince them to go through the trouble of contacting law enforcement and filing a claim against someone who sold them what they thought was hot merchandise at face value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Zara Shoes Have Leather?

Yes, Zara shoes have leather. The company has been using it for a long time and is proud of its products. Zara shoes are made from 100% Italian leather, which means that the product is made in Italy and then imported to the US.

What Size Is 41 in Zara Shoes?

Zara shoes come in a variety of sizes, ranging from a size 8 to size 41. To determine your size, measure your foot length and width with a tape measure. For example, if your foot length is 7 inches and your width is 4 inches, then you would be a size 8.

Is the Zara Model Sustainable?

The Zara model is sustainable because they produce high-quality clothes at a low cost and are able to provide them to customers on time.

Zara provides their customers with the best quality, affordable and timely clothing. The company also makes sure that it has an ethical approach towards the production of its products which is why it does not test on animals, uses recycled materials, and provides fair wages for its employees.

Zara’s business model is proven to be successful, and thus the company will continue to grow in the future without compromising on customer satisfaction or ethics.


It’s not always easy to find the perfect pair of shoes. You want something that looks nice feels good, and is affordable. So if you’re looking for a shoe store with an amazing selection – all at prices that won’t break your budget – then Zara should be your first stop. And they offer free shipping and returns on everything from their newest arrivals to last season’s inventory so customers can shop worry-free.

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