How to Wash Nfinity Evolution Cheer Shoes

Last updated on February 6th, 2022

It’s no secret that the Nfinity Evolution cheer shoes are popular among cheerleaders. But what many people don’t know is how to wash these shoes properly. Today, we will teach you how to wash nfinity evolution cheer shoes. So let’s get started!

Nfinity shoes are the latest and greatest in cheerleading shoes. They are made with the newest technologies and materials to ensure that you have the best performance possible. But, like any other type of shoe, they need to be washed occasionally. So here is a guide on how to properly clean your Nfinity Evolution Shoes.

How to Wash Nfinity Evolution Cheer Shoes

Things You’ll Need

  • Nfinity Evolution Cheer Shoes
  • Spin Brush
  • Water (warm)
  • Bleach Alternative (recommended)
  • Oxy Clean alternative (recommended)

A Detailed Guide on How to Wash Nfinity Evolution Cheer Shoes

Step 1: Determine How Dirty Your Cheer Shoes Are

How dirty your cheer shoes affect how we will go about washing them. If the dirt is still fresh and light, you can use a wet cloth and rub it across the surface of the shoe. If the dirt is deeper and more heavy/thick, use a slightly smaller brush with stiff bristles to thoroughly remove any debris stuck in crevices. How dirty your shoes are will also determine the best solution to use when washing.

Step 2: Use Water and a Little Bit of Soap

If the dirt on your cheer shoes is relatively light, this method will be perfectly appropriate. First, fill up a bucket or bowl with warm water (not too hot, or you can damage the shoe). Next, add in some detergent/soapy water (a bit more if your shoes are filthy). Next, dip in your brush and scrub away at stains (be gentle), using the bristles to get into crevices.

Then take out your spin brush and spin any remaining water off thoroughly before leaving it outside or propped up somewhere else to dry. You can also use this method to freshen up your cheer shoes if they are not that dirty.

If the dirt on your shoe is heavy and thick, you may want to consider using a bleach alternative. If your shoes are made out of some leather or fabric, it’s best to use some bleach alternative to keep them from getting damaged. Fill up the bucket/bowl with hot water and add in a bit of detergent/soapy water.

Using Bleach

Dip in your brush and scrub away at stains before spinning the rest off thoroughly using a spin brush. How long you let the shoes soak depends on how much cleaner you need them, so feel free to leave them in the solution for as long as you like. this is a vital step in how to wash nfinity evolution cheer shoes.

If you need a deeper clean, or if your shoes are made of some leather/fabric, and you want to ensure they’re 100% free from any dirt, this is your best solution. Fill up the bucket/bowl with hot water and add in a bit of detergent/soapy water.

Dip in your brush and scrub away at stains before spinning the rest off thoroughly using a spin brush. How long you let the shoes soak depends on how much cleaner you need them, so feel free to leave them in the solution for as long as you like.

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Step 5: Let Shoes Air Dry

After you’ve completed one of the steps above, let your cheer shoes air dry outside or propped up against a wall/window with good airflow. How long you leave them out depends on how humid it is and how fast they will naturally dry, so keep an eye on them to ensure that they do not become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold growth.

Cheer Shoes Air Dry

How long it takes your shoe to dry out completely will depend on their material. Leather and fabric can usually be dried within a few hours, while some rubber-soled shoes may take considerably longer.

Step 6: Clean Out Your Brush

To make sure that your brush stays fresh and clean, use hot water (and soap if needed) to wash off any debris left after you have finished washing your cheer shoes. How thoroughly you clean your brush depends on how dirty it has become, so stay mindful.

Avoid submerging your spin brush in water since this can cause damage to the bristles and subsequently prevent them from spinning correctly when used. Let dry before using again.

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Step 7: Store Shoes in a Shoe Bag When Not Wearing Them

Leaving our cheer shoes out or next to other clothes can make them susceptible to stains, dirt, dust, mold growth, etc. Put them away in their designated shoe bags when they are not worn to avoid these issues altogether. How often you wash your shoes also depends on how much you wear them, so keep in mind their upkeep if needed more than once a week.

How frequently you clean them also depends on the number of stains and how dirty they get, so this will vary from person to person. These steps will help in how to wash nfinity evolution cheer shoes.

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Additional Tips and Warnings

  • If you are not sure if your shoes will fit into the washing machine, try doing a trial run first. Fill up the washer with water and place it in the shoes, similar to how they would be when worn. Then wash them as usual. This is a great way to check for any damage that may have been missed at first glance.
  • Avoid using bleach or fabric softener during washing, as they can cause damage or discoloration to the material of the shoe. Instead, using Shout, which advertises removing stains, will help give a better cleaning process without causing damage to your cheer shoes.
  • Letting your cheer shoes air dry is best for avoiding possible shrinkage, wrinkles, and cracking due to too much heat exposure.
  • Do not iron shoes. Shoe irons are typically made for leather products and can cause damage to your cheer shoes. Ironing will also make the material shiny, which is not a very attractive look for cheerleading equipment.
  • Avoid placing shoes in direct sunlight when drying them after washing, as this may discolor or fade the color of the shoe.
  • If you suspect that your shoes may have a loose drawstring, place the entire shoe inside a pillowcase before putting them in the washing machine. This will help secure any loose ends and prevent them from catching on to other items.
  • To avoid shape or size damage, keep one shoe each of a pair in its original box as storage after laundering. This will help the shoes retain their original shape and size.

Can You Put Cheer Shoes in the Washer??

Cheerleading shoes can be washed in the washing machine with a load of dark, washable clothing. How you wash cheer shoes depends on whether or not they are leather or mesh; if your shoes are mesh, you should hand-wash them. To protect the colors of your cheer shoes when washing them by machine, always place them in either water only (no detergent) or cold water. Also, make sure to remove any shoe inserts before washing your cheerleading kicks.

Wash by Washing Machine

If you have leather cheer shoes, don’t put them in the washer because it’s too harsh for the material and may cause discoloration and damage to the surface of your sneakers. How you wash leather cheer shoes depends on how dirty they are: for light cleaning, wipe the surface of the shoes with a damp cloth and let them air dry; for more intense cleaning, use a mild soap and cold water to clean your shoes and then let them air dry.

Make sure to read shoe washing labels before washing your cheerleading footwear. For example, if you have some Adidas shoes, make sure to remove inserts from those or put those in mesh bags – the webbing will catch on other fabrics and cause damage. Of course, it’s best to take care of dirt as soon as possible, but if that isn’t possible, it is best not to allow the dirt to bake into the fibers of the shoe.

What Makes Perfect Cheer Shoes for Bases?

Your cheer shoes should always be made of a sturdy material that will last. Cheerleading involves jumping and other moves where shoes may get scuffed or stained, so you need to make sure your cheer shoes can hold up without affecting your performance. Other than these criteria, the style of the shoe is entirely up to you! No matter what color or design you choose, it should make you feel comfortable and confident when performing.

Types of Materials for Cheer Shoes: Synthetic Nfinity Evolution Ponte Knit: The newest addition to the Nfinity line is the Ponte knit shoe which provides durability while giving a lightweight fit and feel. If Ponte sounds familiar, it’s because this fabric is well-known for its use in high-end retail clothing lines.

Its durability comes from the tight weave of the material, which reduces stretching, making a sturdier shoe that will stand up to the demands of cheerleading practice or performance.


Follow the article on how to wash nfinity evolution cheer shoes. If you’re looking for a way to protect your investment in cheer shoes, follow these simple steps. Then, when it comes time for cleaning your new Nfinity Evolution Cheer Shoes, there are two options available to you; machine wash or hand-wash them. Both methods will work well and produce the same results, but some people prefer one based on their personal preference for cleanliness.

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