How to Walk Without Creasing Shoes

Many people have trouble walking in your shoes because they always seem to get creased. This can be very frustrating, and it’s challenging to find a pair of shoes that don’t wrinkle. In this article, we’ll provide some tips on how to walk without creasing shoes. We’ll also give you some advice on how to stretch out your shoes, so they don’t become as wrinkled. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to wear your favorite pair of shoes without any annoyances!

Creasing shoes tends to happen because the backs of your shoes are wobbly, uneven, or loose. This is usually caused by the shoes wearing out. Shoes tend to get creased in the back when they’re flexible, and your foot hits the inside walls of the shoe when you walk. If the front of your boots is stiff, it can cause trouble for people with wide feet or swollen ankles because it makes it difficult for them to point their toes outward.

How to Walk Without Creasing Shoes

A Step by Step Guide on How to Walk Without Creasing Shoes

Step 1: Pick the Right Shoe Size for You

Before you begin to Walk Without Creasing Shoes, make sure that you have chosen a shoe size suitable for your foot. The length of your foot can be measured using a ruler or a measuring tape and then comparing it with the respective sizes in the shoe section. For Walking Without Creasing Shoes, remember that you must choose a shoe size smaller than your usual one since this will help prevent creases from forming on the arches of your feet.

Step 2: Use Shoehorn

Now that you have chosen the correct shoe size for your foot use a ShoeHorn when putting it on. A Shoehorn can help prevent creases from forming under your arches by placing it in the back of your shoe while simultaneously pushing down with both hands. You can also choose shoes with laces or buckles instead of slip-on if you want to ensure that no creases form around your toes.

Step 3: Use Shoe Padding

If you want to make sure no creases form around your arch when Walking Without Creasing Shoes, you can use shoe pads. Shoe pads are often used by people who go to nightclubs since they prevent their shoes from getting scratched or damaged. You can also use thick insoles if you wish to ensure that your feet do not get tired after an extended period of using them. 

Use Shoe Padding

Step 4: Wear Socks

Now that you have your shoe on and used a Shoehorn or thick insoles, it is time to put on a pair of socks. Make sure that the socks are relatively thin so as not to interfere with your shoes. Some people often wear black socks with holes in them, but those should only be worn for a casual walk around the mall or park since they do not provide enough protection from the elements outside.

Step 5: Spa Your Shoe

When you are about to take your shoes off after a long day of wearing them, make sure to use a Shoe Spa. Rub the tips of your shoe with the sponge provided and leave it on for several minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. Doing this will help prevent creases from forming under the arches of your feet by softening the leather or rubber used in making your shoes. You can also use a pencil eraser if you do not have access to these sponges at home.

Step 6: Iron It Out

In some cases, creases on the arches of your feet can be caused by sitting for an extended period without stretching or taking breaks. If this happens to you, make sure that you take off your shoes and use an Iron to iron out the creases created by folding your feet upwards. This will cause the leather or rubber used in making your shoes to reshape themselves back into their original position and prevent creases from forming in the future.

Step 7: Shoe Tree

Last but not least, make sure to use a Shoe Tree. A Shoe Tree is usually made of compressed wood, and it can be used in place of your shoe when you go inside so that it will maintain its shape and absorb moisture from your feet at the same time. Using a Shoe Tree will also help ensure that creases do not form on your arches while walking Without Creasing Shoes. These steps will help in how to walk without creasing shoes.

Use Shoe Tree

Tips and Warnings


  • Wear shoes that you know fit your feet. If the shoes do not work well, you might end up with a blister or, even worse – blisters and black toenails!
  • Avoid wearing your new shoes out when they are uncomfortable. Instead, break in your new pair of shoes gradually (e.g., wear them for short periods and gradually increase the time spent wearing them over a few days). If you feel like they may be too tight across any area of your foot or if they pinch anywhere, then it is likely that this shoe does not fit properly and should not be worn until it is broken in properly.
  • To further prevent blisters when breaking in new shoes, try lubricating the back inside seam of your shoes by rubbing some petroleum jelly on the back seam or try using a product such as the Moleskin Blister Pads by Dr. Scholl’s before wearing your shoes to prevent blisters from developing between your toes or on the back of your heels.
  • When you first start breaking in new shoes, choose a time and place where you will not be walking for very long and wear them only during those specific occasions. You may also want to avoid stepping on concrete or other abrasive surfaces until you have broken in your shoes because these surfaces can wear down the backs and soles of your boots faster than other surfaces, resulting in less shoe life and more money. Out of your wallet!


  • Do not attempt to break in new shoes overnight. This can cause damage to your feet and lead to an increased chance of developing blisters, pinched skin, or the accumulation of dirt under your toenails (which can become infected).
  • If you encounter pain after breaking in new shoes, take them off immediately! It is far better for your feet to endure some short-term pain than for you to end up with long-term foot problems.
  • Some experts believe that it may be easier for men than women to walk without creasing their dress shoes because they are less likely to be wearing ill-fit high heels!
Walk Without Creasing


So, if you want to walk without creasing your shoes and still look good doing it, these tips will help in how to walk without creasing shoes. By following the steps we’ve outlined in this article, you should be able to take a long walk with confidence, knowing that whatever might happen on your way there is not going to ruin or even change how great your new shoes look!

And for those of us who are bad at remembering such things-keep, our top five shoe walking hacks are handy, so they’re always close by. We hope this helps everyone out there looking for an easy solution to the ever-present problem of having their high heels ruined when taking walks outside. Now have some fun!

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