How to Make Your Shoes Sticky for Basketball

Last updated on January 8th, 2022

Basketball is an enjoyable sport, but it’s even more fun when you have shoes that stick to the floor. This article will show you how to make your shoes sticky for basketball. So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, read on for all the information you need to have the best game possible!

There’s a reason why basketball players always have sticky shoes – it gives them an edge on the court. If you want to make those tough shots and keep your footing, then you need to make your shoes sticky too. Here’s how to do it.

How to Make Your Shoes Sticky for Basketball

A Step by Step Guide on How to Make Your Shoes Sticky for Basketball

Step 1: Keep Shoe Soles Clean

To get the most mileage from your newly made basketball shoes, you must leave them to dry completely after each game before bringing them back into circulation. If dirt is still stuck on your soles, the adhesion won’t be adequate during your next game.

To get the best adhesion between your rubber shoe soles and floor, you must keep them clean. Dirt and dust tend to get in the cracks of the soles and lower the ability of their rubber to grip effectively. Use a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe off any dirt or debris from your shoes before attempting to make them sticky.

Step 2: Mop the Court Regularly

The last thing you want to do is make your basketball shoes sticky only to find that they lose their tackiness because the floor became too slippery. To avoid this, you need to have a relatively clean surface to stick your soles. When the floor gets dirty, mop it instead of improving its stickiness with any chemical or cleaning agent. You don’t want to risk making the court even more slippery.

Step 3: Remove Laces if Needed

Part of creating a good mixture between your soles and the floor is getting rid of any debris that might get in the way. Rubber laces are one such thing, as they can flake or peel off over time. If you have rubber laces on your shoes, cut them out with a pair of scissors to improve your shoe’s grip on the court.

Remove Shoe Laces

Step 4: Mix Shoe Soles With Adhesive

Head to an art store and purchase some adhesive meant specifically for rubber-based surfaces. You must use this kind of glue because others, including superglues, will damage the top-most layer of your shoe soles. The only downside here is that you should use a paintbrush to apply it, but this shouldn’t be anything new if you’re used to painting.

Step 5: Apply Glue and Wait for It Dry

Once you’ve applied your glue generously onto your shoe soles, place them face down on a flat surface or hang them from a hook until they dry. How long this takes depends on how thick the adhesive layer is, so pay attention to its drying time before going out to play some ball. This is a crucial step in how to make your shoes sticky for basketball.

Step 6: Check Grip

Now that your shoes are dry, you can lace them back up and play ball! You should notice the difference right away with how much grip you have on the court. The downside is that there’s no natural way to keep this traction level constant; it’ll wear down after a few games, so you’ll have to reapply adhesive every so often.

If the glue doesn’t hold over time, try using rubber cement next time instead, which offers stronger adhesion than other glues. Remember not to use too strong of an adhesive as some are not meant for shoe soles. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from it if it’s intended for fabric or paper surfaces.

Step 7: Get a Slipp-nott Traction Mat

If you want to make your shoes sticky more often than not, consider investing in a slip-nott traction mat. It’s the same stuff professional basketball players use to ensure they’re always sticking like glue on the court. This ensures that you can keep your traction level up even if you don’t clean off your soles beforehand or find that the floor is too dirty for normal adhesion.

Step 8: Clean Off Shoes Before Each Game

While using a slip-nott traction mat will make your shoes stickier, the carpets themselves need to be regularly cleaned off as well. When grit and dust build up on these mats, they can be less effective at creating adhesion between soles and court floors. For best results, use a vacuum cleaner’s soft brush attachment to clean off any dirt from the mat’s surface before each game.

Clean Off Shoes

If you do this often enough, you won’t have to worry about reapplying adhesive or carrying around a roll of weed whacker line. These steps will help in how to make your shoes sticky for basketball.

Tips and Warnings


  • You can also purchase inexpensive vinyl flooring tiles or “sticky” rubber mats at your local hardware store. Cut the tiles into 1-inch squares, place them inside your shoes and replace them as needed. This will work for dress shoes, too!
  • If you want to go low-tech, you can also try covering the bottom of your shoes with duct tape.
  • The better your technique, the longer the adhesive will last. How long it lasts depends mostly on how well you tape your ankles and how often you lick them!
  • For maximum effectiveness, wear ankle braces so that the fabric covers both feet. Wearing ankle braces is especially important if you have an injury or weakness in one foot.


  • Do not use the same adhesive tape on both feet to avoid creating a severe imbalance in your body.
  • If you have diabetes, poor circulation, or another medical condition that may be aggravated by taping your foot, consult with your primary care physician before trying these tips.
  • Remember to remove the tape before going to bed.
  • How long your adhesive lasts depends on several factors, such as how often you play basketball and how well you tape your ankles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Type of Shoe to Wear When Playing Basketball and why?

In basketball, it is believed that superstars such as Michael Jordan and Lebron James have elevated their games by simply wearing a particular type of shoe. It is said that these players will play in a pair of shoes until there is nothing left but the sole. The older these superstar players get, the more people want to be like them and play at their level.

Best Shoe for Playing Basketball

To get the shoes that these basketball superstars used to play in, people have been going out and purchasing a specific type of shoe. This type of shoe is known as the Nike Air Jordans. However, other brands such as Under Armour and Adidas also make a Crazylight Boost 2016, which John Wall has worn, and Demar DeRozan during their games this year.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Sticky Shoes for Basketball?

If you want to play basketball, you need equipment to support this activity. One essential piece of equipment you need is shoes specifically designed for this game because regular shoes won’t do. In addition, basketball shoes should be well-padded because they will keep your feet safe from all the damage that can come about by playing this game.

Finally, it would help if you also had these particular shoes to have soles that are unbelievably sticky so you can run and jump with ease during the game without tripping or sliding around on the hardwood floor when trying to make a shot or take a defensive stance in time with your opponent when attacking their basket.

If you wonder how to make your shoes sticky for basketball, the answer is pretty simple. First of all, take good care of your shoes by constantly wiping them clean after use. Second, it would help if you bought a lightweight shoe with moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet dry during play. Furthermore, go with a very thin yet cushioned insole for maximum comfort and support when running around the court.

How Do I Protect My Basketball Shoes?

When playing basketball, protect your shoes. How you play the game depends on what type of shoe you have and how you take care of it. Basketball players should always wear a clean pair of sneakers because the cleaner they are, the easier they will be to move in. You can also apply rubber guard spray to your new or used basketball shoes to make them more durable.

Protect My Basketball Shoes

For those that already have a favorite shoe for basketball but want to make them stickier, apply a patch of old socks with superglue onto the bottom of the shoe soles and let it dry overnight before taking on this popular sport.


I hope you have learned how to make your shoes sticky for basketball. If you are looking for an easy way to improve your basketball game, all it takes is a little bit of shoe polish. Then, give your shoes the needed grip by applying some clear coat around the rubber soles and on top of any high friction areas where your feet meet with the ground during play.

Not only will this make playing more enjoyable, but it should also help prevent wear-and-tear that can happen from dribbling or sliding up against hard surfaces like concrete courts.

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