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How to Wash Bobs Shoes


How to Wash Bobs Shoes

Bobs shoes are a company that makes handcrafted, eco-friendly footwear. They have been making shoes for over 50 years, and their mission is to provide the best quality products in the industry. Bobs Shoes has a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes available to meet all needs.  All the materials come from sustainable sources such as organic cotton and hemp-based textiles, which grow without chemicals or pesticides. Today I a going to discuss an easy technique on how to wash Bobs shoes. So let us get started.

Benefits of Wearing Bobs Shoes

  • Bobs shoes are durable and will last long
  • Bobs Shoes are smart in design
  • The appearance of bob’s shoes is beautiful
  • Bob’s shoe soles have good adhesion; that is why they can be used on surfaces without hesitation. If not, they are slippery when walking on the wet floor with their bare feet or when using flip-flops/ open footwear on a beachfront with the sand water combination.
    Hence, you may use them at the workplace as well as at home to prevent slipping accidents, especially for senior citizens who cannot run fast or lift heavy objects anymore, especially in kitchen countertops or bathroom floors wet areas where there is a risk of drowning if falls into the tub or toilet bowl while standing (unable to stand up or balance if falls while standing), and their walking is restricted as well.
  • Bob’s Shoes are eligible for discounts even when bought in a large amount
  • They have a comfortable footbed with good arch support (you may need to wear a fresh pair of socks every time you use them )
  • Bobs shoes can be worn without socks since the footbed has an anti-bacterial property that protects your feet from sweat smell, bad odor, smelly perspiration, and bacteria because they made an airtight barrier between the shoe/rubber sole material and your toenails, keeping it healthy, clean and dry all the time regardless of how long-wearing them (open footwear not included). Hence, there will never be smelly feet, itchy toes, foot odor or athlete’s foot caused by bacteria and fungus, etc.

Process of Washing Bobs Shoes

  • Remove Laces, Bobs shoes will need to soak for 24+ hours, so remove the laces before soaking and set them aside for later use.
Remove The Laces

Fill a bucket with water and dump in your presoak product (I like ‘ShoeKleen’ by Nikwax). Soak shoes in the mixture overnight or at least 6-8hrs, then wipe off excess cleaning product from soles of shoes where applicable. Let this sit for several hours before washing machine use on the remaining steps.

Startup washing machine, add detergent and turn on warm/cold with the highest water temp possible without damaging anything else in the wash cycle(e.g.-you’ll ruin soft fabrics, etc.) Next, add shoes and let them sit for about 20minutes to allow the washing machine’s agitation to start cleaning.

Use the agitation cycle or manual high spin cycle to get extra dirt off of shoe soles after a few minutes into the wash cycle. There will be residue left on shoes from presoak product(Nikwax) that needs to be cleaned off afterward with steps 4-6.

Stop the wash cycle from moving forward or draining after it’s finished spinning/agitating and separate each shoe using your hands into small groups based off color coded laces, then put it in a colored box(example: reds inbox A, etc.) inside the washer before proceeding further with step 6 below. This separation by color will help with the drying process considerably.

Place shoes in the washing machine, add a second box of laundry detergent(that contains softener), and put on cold/warm wash, highest temp again without damaging anything else inside your washer. We want to soften the leather, remove extra residue from the presoak product(Nikwax) and start cleaning the actual shoe color off as well.

Let this cycle continue for about 30 minutes before stopping it and separating each colored group into individual boxes based on their laces this time around before step 7 below. Stacking them too close together will result in color bleeding from one shoe onto another, so keep them separated if possible by separate boxes or separate sides of the washing machine shelf they happened to be on.

Place The Shoe In Washing machine

Remove shoes from the washer and place them in a clean spot to dry before day 2 of your cleaning process(step 8). Repeat for remaining shoe boxes/groups as well, once all colored groups have been removed from the first washing machine cycle. Speed drying may be achieved by simply placing shoes onto the air-dry rack, where applicable(e.g.-boots, most sneakers) unless specified otherwise in subsequent steps below.

For the Pure White Shoe:  (read this through carefully before starting this step) Start up your second washing machine load after shoes have dried completely inside your home for 24+hrs or so, and start it off using the cold water setting with minimal detergent amount initially. 

You’ll need to be able to repeat this washing cycle at least one time before your shoes are approaching a pure white color, so have more detergent on hand if you happen to be using the same brand that was included in the original box set of detergents/softeners with your shoes.

Types of Bobs Shoes

A Boot; (Usually With Laces):

These are the best types of shoes for Bobs wear. They are usually leather and always have laces. You should never buy slip-on or Velcro boots because these shoes do not work well for washing because they do not stay together very well when taking them off and putting them back on again.

A Loafer (Flat Bottomed Shoes):

These are also good shoes for bobs. They usually do not come with laces but don’t worry. They are easy to wash.

Cowboy Boots:

These are much the same as a loafer in that they do not come with laces and can be washed. They have pointed toes at the end and usually have little rosettes around them. I would advise against washing these because of their price; with this article, you will learn how to clean them without destroying them in water or rash cream.

Tennis Shoes:

These shoes are not good for bobs to wear and suggest that you don’t even try to put them on your feet. If you choose to buy tennis shoes, I would only recommend you buy one pair so when it comes time to clean it, there will be no extra cleaning required (i.e., you wash one pair, have to clean the other two to continue with this article).

Gym Shoes:

Gym Shoe

These are not good for bobs wear and should never be worn with them. They can be washed, but when it comes time to dry, they tend to smell bad and degrade quickly from being exposed to heat. This will cause your shoes to fall apart very fast, and you will need a whole new set of shoes before you know it.


These could probably be considered as “Bobs,” but really, they shouldn’t count towards Bobs wear because we all know that these were made for the hands, not feet or legs. Gloves are kind of similar to loafer socks in that they do not come with laces. They are easy to wash and clean.

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Which Detergent is Better for Washing Bobs Shoes?

Generally, the brand of detergent you use does not make a difference in your clothes. However, when washing shoes and other leather goods, this may not be true. Certain detergents can cause softeners or harmful chemicals to get leached into the material of your shoes. Detergents with perfumes also tend to leave a mark on the leather that is hard to get out after it has dried for a while.

If you want to wash your Bobs shoes without having any problems at all, make sure that you use distilled water and an alcohol-based shoe cleaner first before using any other soap or detergent. Of course, it goes without saying that leather conditioners should never be used as well.

Of course, when it comes to the actual soap or detergent you use for washing bobs shoes, there are many options available to you. It is best if you stick with water-based cleaning products made specifically for the care and maintenance of leather goods like your favorite pair of shoes. If you want to take extra precautions, check out a product called Neutral Shoe Cleaner.

It is non-toxic and biodegradable, so there is no need to worry about any damage being done while it does its job. Stains on your shoes can be difficult to remove sometimes, but they will not be a problem at all with this cleaner!

Can Bobs Shoes be Hand Washed?

Bobs shoes can be hand-washed, but you should be very careful not to get the leather part of the shoe wet. Water will ruin the materials that make up your shoes, so it is strongly advised not to place them in water when washing by hand.

Bobs recommend that you regularly treat your soles with a leather lotion or protector such as Mink Oil® Paste, so the leather upper does not crack under extreme weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bobs Shoes Go in the Washer?

No, Bob’s Shoes cannot go in the washer. If you have shoes that are made of fabric and not leather, they can be washed on a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent, but you should not use bleach or any harsh chemicals as they will damage the fabric.

Can You Put Shoes Through the Washing Machine?

No. If you put your shoes through the washing machine, they will come out damaged and deformed. There are some ways to clean your shoes if they get dirty, but putting them in the washing machine is not one of them.

Can I Dry My Shoes With a Hair Dryer?

Yes, you can dry your shoes with a hairdryer. It is not recommended to use a hairdryer to dry your shoes because the heat from the hairdryer may cause them to warp or shrink in size.

It is also not recommended that you use a hairdryer on suede, as this will cause the leather to lose its elasticity and become stiff and crack easily.

Are Bobs Memory Foam Slippers Washable?

Bob’s Memory Foam Slippers are washable, which means that they can be machine washed. Bob’s Memory Foam Slippers can be cleaned by using a mild detergent and water, but the best way to clean them is by hand with a damp cloth.

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It is important to wash Bobs shoes. This will help him stay healthy and feel fresh all day long. It also helps keep his feet warm in the winter so he can be more comfortable! Thank you, and have a good day!