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Best Tennis Shoe for Supination - The Shoe Buddy

Best Tennis Shoe for Supination

Supination is a foot-related issue where your foot tends to slip outward instead of inward. So if you are a tennis player and you have supination, then you should look for the best tennis shoe for supination. This is a nasty condition which is quite troublesome for any person, let alone a tennis player. Generally, your feet will try to move inward where your outer edge of the feet will rise up and will help you to stable yourself. This kind of inward movement of the feet helps to keep you well balanced, especially in a place where it is tough to maintain the balance. The supination is the opposite of that, instead of helping you keep your balance, it makes you imbalanced. This kind of supination will make you unstable while you are walking, and often it will lead to you to lose balance and trip over.