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How to Make Basketball Shoes Grippy

Basketball players are continuously moving, jumping and twisting while playing. They need a shoe that will maintain traction as they move to avoid slipping or skidding on the court surface. Basketball shoes should have rubber soles with smaller treads in order for them to grip tightly onto the flooring of a basketball court throughout an entire game without slippage. Synthetic materials typically work best because it aids in providing better flexibility along with increased durability as well. So you need to know how to make basketball shoes grippy.

How to Make Basketball Shoes Grippy

The benefits of wearing grippy shoes during play include: reduced risk of injury when sliding or falling; ability to stop quickly; improved performance due to greater stability – which leads to a higher probability of making shots from long distances, more rebounds, less turnovers, etc.; decreased hand injuries (fingers get jammed when gripping a slippery ball); and improved performance on the court.

Here is another reason why you need to know how to make basketball shoes grippy: it helps keep your feet from sliding up and down in the shoe, which can lead to blisters. If worn properly during play, grippy soles should not hinder movement or cause any discomfort with regards to foot pain; however, if they are tight-fitting – for example too small of size – there will be more friction while playing as well as an increased chance of skin irritation.

For optimum grip, try sticking with these general guidelines: use larger treads that cover less surface area.

9 Ways How to Make Basketball Shoes Grippy

Using Pliers

The first way to make your basketball shoes grippy is by using pliers. You can purchase these at any hardware store for $25-$35, or you could borrow them from a friend if they have some lying around their house. All you need to do is grab the steel ridges on either side of the rubber outsole and start pulling it away from one another until there is sufficient space for your fingers or a screwdriver head between them. Then twist two screws in place so that they are locking this distance apart. This should take about 30 seconds total time per shoe, but will work just as well as cutting off the toe end of each cleat with scissors!

Clean the Dirt on the Grip With a Brush

The next way to make your basketball shoes grippy is by brushing off the dirt and debris on the grip with a brush. This will help clean up any slivers of rubber or tiny pieces of rocks that may have been sticking out from between the cleats, which could alter their traction on-court. Take your brush and start scrubbing away at all areas of grip you can see—this should only take a few minutes per shoe! Cleaning this area will not affect how well they perform in terms of durability but it will definitely prevent them from slipping as much when dribbling against court surfaces such as wood floors or gymnasiums.

Grip Enhancer Tape

Alternatively, if you are looking for an even more secure grip, you can always use grip tape. Grip tapes are a thin strip of adhesive material that is coated with an abrasive substance to help provide the player with increased traction on-court. These strips will be applied directly onto your existing shoe grips and serve in place as a means for improving their grippiness—the more grit or “grip” it has, the better! You should apply these stripes perpendicularly across any areas where there may not already have been enough texture for your liking (such as at the front).

Fixing and Repairing the Sole

This is the most cost-effective way to really get a great grip on your shoes, and it can be done in any number of ways. The first option would be to use masking tape across both sides of the sole, which will provide more pressure against the court’s floor or surface and therefore create an even better grip with less slippage than you might have had before.

You could also apply adhesive sandpaper onto your soles that are worn down from excessive usage; this may not seem like much at first but after enough time has passed, it should make for a safer experience since there won’t be so many slippery areas left during playtime! You’ll just need to cut out some pieces of sandpaper into strips.

Use a Grip Gel for Your Shoe

If you don’t have any masking tape, sandpaper, or adhesive for your shoe soles then a Grip Gel is also an option. These are often found in sporting goods stores and can be picked up pretty cheaply; the gel will not only provide better traction but it’ll make your shoes last much longer too!

Adding Grips to Your Soles: Another great way that some people find they can improve their grip on their basketball shoes would be by adding grips onto the soles themselves. This might mean using tapes or stickers made specifically for this task at hand–whatever’s available should work just fine as long as it allows someone to get more of a grip than before.

Cutting Off the Toe

Another way to make your basketball shoe grippy is by cutting off the toe-end of each cleat using scissors. This will reduce how much rubber there is between your toes but will also give them more leverage over hardwood floors if you’re playing indoors without traction dots installed under the court surface like those at Staples Center in Los Angeles where Kobe Bryant plays his home games.

Keeping the Court Clean

One final thing to consider when it comes to the grip on your basketball shoes is keeping them clean. This might not be a top priority for everyone, but those who do choose to keep their court clean will find that they’ll have an easier time getting around without slipping or scuffing up the floors as much!

Replace Old Shoes which lost its Grip

If you find that your court-cleaning has not made up for the lack of grip on your basketball shoes, then it might be time to invest in some new ones. This will allow players to switch out their old pair and get a fresh start with something better suited for them!

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Finding Tips

The next step is just as important as all of this other information–make sure that you really understand what kind of grips are available at the store or online before placing an order. These types of items can range from tapes and stickers to more expensive options like special soles, so make sure there’s enough money left over after buying good footwear if one wants these extras!

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How to Clean Soles of Basket Ball shoes

Cleaning the soles of shoes can be a real hassle. If you’ve tried using water and soap, or just plain old rubbing alcohol (which cleans up blood stains so well!), then it’s time to try out some baking soda! All one needs is a small amount of this material, enough for an even layer on top of the shoe sole in question. After about 20 minutes, use a brush to scrub off any dirt that was loosened by this process–this will give your court traction back as good as new!

You’ll want to dry these soles after removing all excess moisture with paper towels before trying them out on the court again. It might also help if they are given another round of drying in front of a desk lamp, or in front of your oven with the heating unit turned on.

If all else fails and there’s no way to clean off that dirt or mud, then it might be time for some new shoes!

An incredible invention as old as any other is using shoe wax to make them grippy. This can help when you’ve worn down the sole too much from playing basketball. All one needs to do is spread this material around the bottom of their soles before placing thumbtacks onto said surface–the tackier these are placed (and they don’t need to go anywhere near close together), the better grip will be achieved by wearing these shoes again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Basketball Slippery?

Basketballs can be slippery because of sweat, dirt, or just the natural oils that are present on your hands. The best way to keep your basketball from being slippery is to wash it regularly and air dry. If you have a ball with logos or letters on it, you may want to clean those off first.

Why Do Basketball Players Rub the Bottom of Their Shoes?

Rubbing the bottom of your shoes helps improve traction and grip in basketball, as well as soccer. This allows players to get a better hold on the ball while dribbling or kicking it. You can also see some other examples like boxers, who use their gloves and socks to help them with traction during matches.

Is It Bad to Kick a Basketball?

No, it is not bad to kick a basketball. However, when you are playing a basketball game, and someone kicks the ball out of bounds, that person would be given a technical foul.

What Is a Heel Grip?

A heel grip is a small device that fits on the heel of your shoe and prevents you from slipping. There are many benefits of using a heel grip, such as:

  • It helps to reduce injuries, especially in wet conditions.
  • It can help prevent falls, leading to severe injuries.
  • It provides stability and reduces balance problems for people with Parkinson’s disease or arthritis.


So I think you have the answer to the question, how to make basketball shoes grippy? In short, it can be done with either a wet rag or shoe wax.What do you think about this issue? What’s your experience with making basketball shoes grippy? Leave us a comment below!

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