When to Replace Climbing Shoes?

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

When to replace climbing shoes? This question arises when People wear climbing shoe for climbing.  These shoes have some unique features. As they go through heavy pressure, often these shoes require repairing. Sometimes repairing isn’t enough.

As climbing involves crack climbing and boulder climbing, often the sole and rand of the shoe erode. People often try to resole them to elongate their lifespan. One day you will think that enough repairing has been done. So you decide that you want to replace your favorite climbing shoe.

when to replace climbing shoes

When to Replace Climbing Shoes?

As many people don’t want to replace them quickly, they try to keep them functional by repairing them. Because climbing is a hobby for people. So they don’t want to spend too much for these shoes. But they also want to keep them fit to do the climbing. As a result, they start to resole them when the sole is damaged.

But the continuous repairing won’t take your climbing shoe too far. Some people try to repair them when it is no longer an option. By doing so, you are taking a considerable risk. The unsafe climbing shoe will get you into serious trouble. It might injure your feet. So you have to understand when you need to replace your climbing shoe.

Condition of the Sole

Condition of the Sole

Most of the time, sole and rand need repair. During climbing, sole and rand face most stress. In the case of the sole, you can resole them to repair and make them look good. You can continue that for a while. But you need to make sure that your sole is providing you with enough grip. Lack of enough friction and adhesiveness will reduce the ability of the climbing shoes.

Thus, your climbing shoe will not come to any good. You might use them for regular walking. But climbing shoes or climbing boots are not suitable for walking. Because if it isn’t doing that there is no need to wear that shoe. As shoe with low grip is extremely dangerous for the safety of the users.

Rubber sole losses its friction when the edge of sole get round and slick. Your feet will sleep in crucial moments. Also, if you notice any crack or cut in your rubber sole, you can say goodbye to your climbing shoe.

Generally, the climbing shoe lasts for around two months. After that, many tries resoling. You should consider replacing your shoes after third or fourth resoling. Because by that time not only your sole, but also other parts of footwear will be damaged. Except for the sole other parts of the climbing are not easily repairable. Some parts are totally non-repairable.

Condition of the Rand

Shoes Rand

But in the case of rand, it is not that easy. When rand gets damaged, they might crack. A simple way to say that whenever your rand get severely damaged, you need to replace your shoe. Because rand is an integral part of the shoe. It is connected with the upper body and sole of the shoe.

So, when the rand gets heavy damage, it tough to repair. During repairing your rand, you can’t just fix the rand alone you also need to repair the sole with it. Because most of the time, damage in the rand are associated with the sole. Even if someone has been successful in doing that, your shoe will not retain its original state.

When the rand is totally or moderately damaged, you should be thinking of buying a new pair of climbing shoe. In other word, when your toes come out of your rand, you have to replace your shoes. Even you have been able to repair your shoe’s rand; you cannot continue after second repairing.


Usually, people require climbing shoe around 4 or 5 pair per year. So it means that you will need to replace them after two or three months. It is essential for you to know, when to replace your climbing shoe. As your physical safety and climbing performance depends on it. You can try resoling your shoe to use the climbing shoe for a while. But you shouldn’t keep using the same climbing shoe for a long time. When sole and ran will exhibit the above-mentioned defect, you should consider buying a new shoe.

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