Are Ryka Shoes Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

You might ask, are Ryka shoes good for plantar fasciitis? There are times that you would feel some pain in your arc of the foot probably after some increased exercise or running etc. When you go to your doctor, he would tell you that you are diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is an unfamiliar disease.

Plantar fasciitis means the occurrence of tears in the plantar fascia tissue situated under the foot stretching from the ankle to the toe. It generally happens due to the excessive or repetitive or both type of stress. Things that can cause this type of stress might be the regular heavy walking or running, heavy daily chores, obesity, weight lifting, sports involving a lot of running like football and basketball.

Are Ryka Shoes Good for Plantar Fasciitis

There are some excellent brands of shoes which are very helpful. Ryka, a brand that is specialized in helping people with plantar fasciitis. So you might ask are Ryka shoes good for plantar fasciitis.

Are Ryka shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

According to the researcher, women are more prone to this than man. It is a kind of sickness that takes time to heal. So most of the time, podiatry suggests using a shoe for plantar fasciitis, which possesses features that can help the healing process.

So now let’s focus on a famous shoe company called Ryka. Ryka is a shoe manufacturing company which makes shoe only for the women. Ryka designs footwear according to the unique foot shape and personal preference of women. The shoe from Ryka specialized in providing its user with comfortable and secure footbed, narrow heel, expansive forefoot, etc. As a renowned and vast company, it spends a considerable amount of resources and human resources to ensure cozy and secure footwear experience for women. The doctor also suggests Ryka shoe for plantar fasciitis and other foot related malady.

The cutting edge technology of Ryka offers excellent support to the injured feet by helping the healing process. It has some great features which provide easement and cushion to the affected area of the foot.

Features of Ryka shoes

The engineering of the footwear made by Ryka has several characteristics like Re-ZORB, Pivot point, Hydro sports, slip resists, memory foam, etc. These elements will help the sufferer to a great deal and also ease the pain of daily life.



Footbeds on Ryka shoe is easily removable and movable. Thus it helps to adjust it according to the preference of the users. Also, the footbeds provide excellent arch support, which is helpful for plantar fasciitis. The user can use her custom footbed according to her choice and preference. The footbed also provides cushioning to the feet.

The shape of the footbed

To provide arc support, Ryka shoes offers contoured footbed. The contoured footbed helps to distribute the weight equally. If the distribution of weight isn’t fair, then it might create extra pressure on the plantar fascia. Ryka uses RE-ZORB drop in technology to increase the support and ensure safety. They also use memory foam in the sock liner to provide more aid to the user’s feet.

Heel cup

Heel cup

The heel cup is the backward of the shoe which supports the heel. To reduce the stress on the plantar fascia, it provides padding. This padding involves EVA midsole, pivot point, and rubber outsole. They release the pressure on the heel and ensure a comfortable walking experience. It also improves walking traction.

Arc support

Arc support

The right shoe for plantar fasciitis has to have the ability to reduce pressure on the arch of the foot. There are various kinds of flip flops and shoes for arc support for both genders. and While walking this part of the foot gets maximum pressure. It is worse in the case of a flat foot. Ryka provides an anatomically shaped insole to give proper cushion to the arc.


Ryka shoe makes its product, which makes it easier for the users. Thus user can walk comfortably.

Shock absorption

A right shoe for plantar fasciitis should possess the shock absorbing quality. Ryka uses Re-ZORB lite pods to absorb the shock inflicted to the bottom of the feet. For plantar fasciitis, any kind of trauma on the arc and the heel of the foot is extremely dangerous. So a proper shock absorption elements are mandatory for any good shoe for plantar fasciitis. And Ryka ensures that this essential element is added to their product.


Outsole of the running shoe

Ryka shoe provides suitable, durable, and comfortable thick outsole. A good Outsole will give a good balance to the users. The soles of Ryka shoe is made of rubber. Which offers stability and good traction to the users. Thus providing an excellent and well-balancing walking experience. It also uses a multi pores drainage system to allow the water to escape the shoe which helps it to remain dry.

Good upper parts

Upper parts of a shoe for plantar fasciitis should allow enough air through the feet. So that it can prevent moistness. Ryka shoes upper part provides air in the inside and helps to keep out the moist.

So Ryka provides reliability, comfort, and safety, perfect for a woman with plantar fasciitis. Shoes from Ryka are also stylish in design. So any woman with plantar fasciitis should give Ryka shoe a chance.

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