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Top 10 Best Rocker Bottom Shoes of 2021 that are Worth Your Money

Rocker bottom shoes are unlike any other shoes; the soles are way bigger and the heels are rounded. But why these special properties? Turns out that people with conditions such as plantar fasciitis and arthritis need rocker bottoms to help them with the pain and provide them with the needed comfort.

Because of this, we decided to review the best rocker bottom shoes out there, and after hours and hours of research, we finally have the list. These shoes are worth your money and if you need rocker bottom shoes for arthritis or rocker bottom shoes for plantar fasciitis, we’ve got you covered.

What is a Rocker Bottom Sole?

They are thicker than the average outsole that is specially made for people who suffer from foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, etc. These soles generally have rounder heels and enlarged toe areas, and the main material is generally high abrasion, slip-resistant rubber.

Important Features of the Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

Before getting yourself a rocker bottom shoe, we recommend that you consider the following most important features to help you whilst shopping for your shoes.

1) The Biomechanics of the Rocker Bottom: Rocker bottoms come in different types, and as such, it is crucial to be in the know as regards to the biomechanics of the rocker bottom you want to pick before you invest your money in it. This is to ensure that whatever your choice of rocker bottom shoe is, it would actually help in reducing the pain you feel and put you on the path to healing.

2) Stability: Rocker bottoms aim to help you with your stability as they compensate for whatever weakened tendons or muscles you have. As a result, these shoes must be able to provide great stability.

For rocker bottoms, as with all other shoes, their stability is based upon how good their soles are. All three parts of a rocker bottom’s sole contribution to the stability the shoe offers, and so, you must keep your focus on shoes that have about 35mm in the soles, running from the front to the back of the sole.

Also, the shape of the rocker bottom’s sole is also crucial as it helps in the stability and in the prevention of any unnecessary toe movements.

3) The Material used to make the Outsole: Rocker bottom shoes are supposed to be able to ensure a very good level of traction, and because of this, the common material used for the soles is rubber, usually reinforced and abrasion-resistant to ward off wear and tear due to usage. The outsole should also be slip-resistant.

4) The Material used to make the Midsole: The midsole of rocker bottom shoes is another area that needs to be thoroughly checked before you purchase the shoe. The midsole should be heavily layered as it is an area that sees serious amounts of pressure during the walking gait of the wearers.

The general materials of choice when it comes to the making of the midsoles of rocker bottom shoes are either polyurethane or EVA.

5) Comfort: This is really important when trying to choose a rocker bottom shoe to purchase, as the entire aim of getting these special shoes is to help alleviate the pain of arthritis, plantar fasciitis, etc. Ensure that the shoe has a highly cushioned insole that would help with impact control and shock absorption.

6) Breathability: Your rocker bottom shoes of choice should be made with breathable materials such as mesh, canvas, etc, so your feet won’t be wet and irritable, but cool and comfortable.

7) Closures: Properly designed rocker bottom shoes have closures that make it easy to fit on your feet. The general material of choice for the closures is Velcro.

List of Top 10 Best Rocker Bottom Shoes of 2020

This carefully curated list includes shoes from several brands, including sketchers rocker bottom shoes, and new balance rocker bottom shoes.

1) Hoka One One Bondi 6

The Bondi 6 is a highly cushioned shoe with an EVA midsole that is very thick, which makes it excel at being resistant to wear and pressure from compression during walking or running.

The shoe is a serving of comfort technology, with the special heel bevel, the Ortholite sock liner that molds to your skin like a glove, excellent shock absorption, and the Hoka One One Comfort Frame that aids support and gives great stability.

The frame of the shoe is made with 3D printing technology and the Meta-Rocker technology of the shoe ensures that your ride in the shoe would be an even, steady one, distance notwithstanding.


  • The shoe is made from breathable materials.
  • The 3D printed supportive frame makes the shoes very light.


Fit as expected: 86%

Durability: The shoe’s reinforced rubber sole ensures that it is a long-lasting shoe.

2) Sketchers Shape Up 2.0 XT

The shoe has a full-length memory foam insole that is very shock absorbent, and the arch support is quite excellent. The shoe also has double velcro straps for a precise fit and ease of use, as the straps have adjustable hooks and loop closures that allow for fitting adjustments.

These shoes are specially made for people with diabetes, arthritis or plantar fasciitis, so they have extra stability and they also help in propelling the feet in the natural gait as much as possible.

The shoe also has a contoured heel stabilizer.


  • The shoe is slip-resistant.
  • The breathability of the shoe is further enhanced by an air cooling system.


  • The shoe has sizing problems.

Fit as expected: 82%

Durability: The shoe is very durable as it has an outsole that is made from high traction nitrile rubber.

3) Hoka One One Arahi 2

This shoe has a rubber sole that is reinforced to help with stability. The heel part of the shoe contains reflective materials that make ensure that even in low light conditions, the shoes and its wearer would be visible.

The shoe’s upper has a great overlay that ensures that the breathability of the shoe is top-notch. The shoe also has the Hoka One One Meta-Rocker that helps instability and this makes for a smooth run/jog/walk in the shoes.

The shoe’s midsole is made with EVA J-Frame which ensures great support whilst being lightweight.


  • The shoe has exceptional arch support.
  • The shoe has great impact control that is a result of the shoe being a package of stability in great cushioning.


  • The shoe is not very great for overpronators.

Fit as expected: 86%

Durability: The shoe’s rubber sole provides good traction and stands up to wear and tear admirably.

4) New Balance 928V3

Said by some to be the ideal rocker bottom shoe because of its Rollbar technology that works well for people with flat feet, the New Balance 928V3 is a shoe that caters to the needs of people with feet conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, whilst also looking as stylish as can be, with the shoe available in a couple of color designs to choose from.

The aforementioned Rollbar technology aids with stability and helps to reduce the impact of walking/running/jogging on your joints.


  • The shoe provides great cushioning with its dynamic and well-cushioned polyurethane footbed.
  • The shoe is very stylish, complete with breathable leather uppers.


  • The tongue of the shoe may be short.

Fit as expected: 84%

Durability: The Rollbar technology that helps with stability also helps to keep this shoe durable.

5) Exersteps Whirlwind Sneakers

As far as this rocker bottom is concerned, the popularity of its makers, or more accurately, the lack of popularity of the makers shouldn’t distract from the fact that the shoe is absolutely wonderful.

The shoe comes with high-quality leather uppers that are breathable.

The shoe has a curved outsole that exercises the muscles in your feet whilst eliminating the chances of injury, pain or discomfort.

The midsole of the shoe is also removable and is really lightweight. The special thing about it though is the fact that the width of the midsole seems to be just perfect; cushions impact blows whilst supplying great comfort to the wearer during the natural gait motion.


  • The shoe has non-marking outsoles that help with traction.
  • The removable insole adds to the versatility of the shoe.


  • Not an ideal shoe for jogging.

Fit as expected: 81%

Durability: The shoe’s upper is made with high-quality leather and is very durable.

6) Drew Shoe Men’s Force

This shoe is made completely with leather materials, with the exception of its sole which is made with synthetic rubber.

Two insoles in the shoe mean added depth for the wearers, and they are coated completely with antimicrobial protection, ensuring that you are protected from fungal infections. The shoe helps with bunions, flat feet, ball of foot pain, etc.

The shank of the shoe’s rocker bottom is wide and this helps to give more stability whilst walking, and with the built-in cushion lads too, this shoe is a marvel of stability.


  • The shoe provides great comfort across the board
  • The shoe is generally a comfortable fit with sizes that are easy to find.


  • The shoe doesn’t really have good traction.
  • The shoe requires a few days for you to break it in.

Fit as expected: 82%

Durability: The shoe’s durability can be improved.

7) Sketchers Metabolize

The shoe was made specifically for people who exercise regularly and are always having ankle sprains and some feet discomfort. The shoe’s design and frame ensure that the feet have all the support it needs when you’re walking or running.

The shoe has a kinetic wedge midsole that is made with soft foam and has an exceptional level of shock absorption, such that pressure on your feet and heels are taken away to a very large extent so that you can walk without pain.

The level of padding and reinforcement that has gone into the outsole of this shoe ensures that you won’t have any issues with your feet falling flat on the ground when you’re walking

The lace-up design of the shoe is very convenient and it ensures a snug fit, time, and time again.


  • The shoe’s collar is well padded, adding to the comfort it provides.
  • The rubber outsole of the shoe is very sturdy and resistant to wear and tear.


  • The shoe is not very lightweight.
  • The shoe is not being manufactured anymore.

Fit as expected: 87%

Durability: The rubber outsole of the shoe is really tough and helps the durability of the shoe as a whole.

8) MBT Sport 3 Rocker Bottom Shoes

This shoe is made with leather and nylon materials and has a non-marking rubber sole.

The upper is a mixture of synthetic leather and mesh, constructed with 3D printing which enhances its breathability, ensures its lightweight whilst also being strong.

The shoe’s midsole is specially made to cushion impacts and absorb the shock of orthotics to help keep your feet in comfort.


  • The insole of the shoe is removable, allowing for the usage of custom orthotics.


  • The shoe is not slip-resistant
  • The tongue of the shoe may be short at times

Fit as expected: 76%

Durability: The rubber outsole and the lightweight 3D printed frame of the shoe ensure that the shoe is durable.

9) Gravity Defyer G-Defy

This shoe is made from fabric and synthetic materials. The construction of the shoe gives it an interior part that is seamless and welcoming to people with irritated feet.

The shoe’s VersoShock Technology helps in absorbing shock whilst in motion and converting it to positive energy by virtue of the special spring system.

The shoe’s insoles are very good at cushioning the feet, and they are removable to help accommodate custom orthotics. The shoe’s toe box is also extra roomy.


  • The shoe has a specialized front rocker system to help relieve plantar fasciitis.
  • The shoe’s construction is such that it is friendly to people with sensitive feet.


  • The laces are flat and cumbersome to manage
  • The shoe may need a period of breaking in.

Fit as expected: 75%

Durability: The shoe is quite durable because of the shoe’s VersoShock technology.

10) Sketchers Hartan Steel Toe Slip On

These shoes are made from leather materials and are imported into the USA. The shoes have a relaxed fit, making it an invaluable work shoe.

The rubber soles of the shoes are lugged and the heel measures about 2.20 inches. The toe box is made with steel, a great idea for a work shoe, especially for people whose work involves carrying heavy objects.

The Sketchers specialized memory foam helps with shock absorption and keeps your feet in a good level of comfort. The rubbers soles of the shoes are resistant to oils and also protect the wearers against electrical hazards.


  • The shoes have a steel toe box that gives added protection against workplace mishaps.


  • The stitching of the shoes can be improved upon.

Fit as expected: 73%

Durability: The shoe has fairly good durability, as it has a steel toe box and high abrasion outsole.

How Do Rocker Bottom Shoes Work?

They generally aid people who have decreased mobility and work in place of their muscles and tendons.

With their peculiar design, they create instability when standing, and through the instability created based on the design of the rocker, they serve in different capacities as mechanical remedies, helping with the inhibition of painful motion in the joints, ensuring there is no needless and painful compensation for immobile joints, amongst other functions.

Are these Shoes Good for Working All Day?

In a nutshell, yes. This is because rocker bottom shoes are generally durable shoes with a focus on your comfort and stability, and with that in mind, you can keep them on all day, and because most of these shoes are slip-resistant, the surface will not be a deterrent to them.

How Do Rocker Bottom Shoes Work

Can I Wear these Shoes if I Don’t Have Issues with My Feet?

We do not advise that you do this. Rocker bottom shoes are condition-specific shoes, that is, they are shoes that are designed to fit into the gap created by a need for shoes that can provide stability and extra comfort to people with feet pain or diabetes.

If you don’t suffer from any of the above-mentioned conditions, then you’d be better served wearing normal athletic shoes that would help maintain your pain-free feet.

Wearing rocker bottom shoes without reason may actually cause more harm than the good you envisaged, as it can weaken muscles and tendons, cause you serious pain, and then cause you to become dependent on wearing rocker bottom shoes, a scenario which can be ultimately avoided.

Must I buy rocker bottom shoes? Can’t I just wear regular athletic shoes?

If you suffer from arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and other feet pain, then getting rocker bottom shoes is advisable if you want comfort whilst walking. True, regular athletic shoes are getting increasingly comfortable and helpful in the fight against feet pain.

But if you want something better when it comes to how stabilized your shoe’s midfoot is, and then you definitely need a rocker bottom shoe.  Unlike regular athletic shoes that have regular midsoles,  the midsoles of rocker bottom shoes are very well designed to cope with whatever issues your feet may be giving you.

Ideally, the scenario above works on the advice of your podiatrist, and this is not just to be on the safe side, but because experts have advised that the prescription to wear these shoes should be based on the peculiarities of each case.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

The popularity of rocker bottom shoes is increasing, and for good reason. If you have any issue with your walking gait, rocker bottom shoes are your best bet, and with our detailed guide on the best ones you can get, all you have to do is make a decision of which to pick.