Best Shoes for Sumo Deadlift

Last updated on February 6th, 2022

The deadlift is one of the best exercises you can do because it targets your entire body. It’s also a very old exercise that was popularized by early weightlifters who would use heavy sandbags for this lift. However, with today’s standard gym equipment, there are some considerations to take into account when selecting the best shoes for sumo deadlifts. 

The more grip you have on the floor and in your shoe, the better off you’ll be when doing these lifts. For those looking to increase their power output or reduce injury risk and to find out which shoes are best for sumo deadlifts, read these full blog posts!

Best Shoes for Sumo Deadlift

Top 7 Best Shoes for Sumo Deadlift Reviews

NameSabo Deadlift ShoesSabo Deadlift PROSabo GoodLiftASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoadidas Men’s HVC Wrestling ShoeConverse Unisex-Adult Chuck Taylor All Star 2018 Seasonal High Top SneakerReebok Men’s Crossfit Lite TR Training Shoe
ImageSabo Deadlift ShoesSabo Deadlift PROSabo GoodLift (44 RUS / 11-11.5 US)ASICS Men's Matflex 5-Madidas Men's HVC Wrestling ShoeConverse Clothing & Apparel Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High Top SneakerReebok Men's RCF Lite TR Training Shoe
Material Typefabric and synthetic leather100% Leather100% Textile and SyntheticCanvas100% Textile
Solehigh density materialLeather soleRubber soleRubber soleRubber soleRubber sole
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Sabo Deadlift Shoes

With Sabo Deadlift Shoes you’ll be able to keep up with even those pesky Sumos in the weight room. This clean pair of kicks was designed for mastering through powerlifting moves on either side of the fence, ideal for squats and deadlifts alike (or alternating between them!). The shoes themselves are made with supple synthetic leather for a more comfortable grip on heavy lifts and bottom-of-the-barrel padding. A new anatomical last was also created especially for this killing move, leaving nothing but gains behind!

The ultra-thin outsoles are perfect for traction on any type of surface (like a slippery gym floor) or in case things get messy with that 2,000 lb. barbell. And they’re so thin, and it won’t make your feet sore afterward! Plus, they have plenty of other features like anatomical lasts designed exclusively for deadlifting – non-marking outsoles that leave floors cleaner than before and special treads for better grip across long lines at meet time.

Sabo Deadlift Shoes are designed with a new last for the sport of deadlifting. Their soles are ultra-thin, perfect for sumo workouts. Sabo’s light and flexible shoes ensure you can move through your set in a fluid motion without fear of hurting your feet or crushing them under too much weight. The two lateral straps can be adjusted, allowing it to perfectly fit your foot and heel while also offering a precise location of tightness. Don’t just sit at your desk all daydreaming about what could have been getting out on those mats in these shoes!

The Sabo Deadlift Shoes are made with even more features than you already love! With a high-cut upper, these shoes have an outsole that doesn’t allow your foot to slide around and fall off the shoe like slippers. In addition, the side support on these shoes is optimal for Sumo Deadlifts. Sabo Deadlift shoes are perfect for athletes looking to get stronger without sacrificing their range of motion. With their supportive, high-cut upper and outsole designed specifically for weightlifting movements, it is no wonder why this shoe has become so popular with powerlifters! 


  • Flexible and breathable
  • Ideal for both squatting and deadlifting
  • Anatomical lasts designed exclusively for deadlifting
  • Features High cut upper materials 
  • Made with supple synthetic leather for a more comfortable grip


  • Not perfect for wide feet

Sabo Deadlift PRO

The SABO Deadlift PRO is designed for sumo deadlifts and has a 1 mm heel drop. It also has an anatomic shape the provides an easy on/off slip-on fit that securely envelopes your foot, even if you wear them barefoot or with socks. Its anatomical shape, heel height, and design make it perfect for your Sumo Deadlift needs! It complements any style of fitness routine with its sleek design. These shoes are perfect for heavy lifters who don’t sacrifice the correct form or power while executing these demanding lifts.

This shoe is a Pro power shoe for the deadlift. It’s equipped with innovative design and construction to help you reach your personal goal of 400 pounds on the platform. Features include Sabo Track technology, which allows for variable pronation, providing targeted support where it needs to be most effective. The tongue hugs your heel giving snug fit and stability when needed – perfect for sumo-style lifters. Unlike traditional footwear, the Sabo skis outwards when pressure is applied and helps hold your foot in place for better stability and better drive with your heels.

This Sabo Deadlift PRO makes perfect deadlifts by providing a stable, non-compressible platform in the widest position possible. So let’s screw up your normal poundings and switch it out for some damaging deadlifts instead! This shoe rocks an innovative design with a super-thin, durable, but very comfortable outsole. Take advantage of the barefoot feel at just 5mm thick without sacrificing stability or durability. Be prepared to witness sales of deadlifless deadlifts because when you fill people’s shoes with quality equipment, they’re going to see a complete giants change in their ability!

The Sabo Deadlift PRO is the ultimate tool in weightlifting, designed to help you conquer your goals. With a high back and toe side of the shoe for stability and traction, practicing Sumo deadlifts on this platform helps you stay rooted into position when getting ready to pick up heavy. The sumoSabo Deadlift Pro allows you to become one with the ground as though it’s another part of your body. It has superior Sumo pulling performance because of its spherical heel zone that helps distribute weight evenly across several feet surface area.


  • Lightweight 
  • Provides stability
  • Excellent traction
  • Superior Sumo pulling performance 
  • Non-compressible. wider bottom provides extra support


  • Not a perfect fit

Sabo GoodLift

The Sabo Goodlift is the only pair of shoes you’ll need to prepare for your Sumo Deadlifts. Fit with both leather soles and 100% leather construction, and this shoe is durable enough to last through grueling workout sessions. Whether you’re into Sumo Deadlifts or conventional belt width stances, these are designed to make you feel as if you can’t be topped! Made from the most durable piece of animal skin, leather. These boots are made for high-intensity workouts with their snug knit ankle and heel to avoid slippage while you’re lifting heavyweights in the gym.

Sabo GoodLift creates better contact with the floor than any other lifting shoe. With minimal thickness (5 mm) and is designed to support your foot under heavy loads. The pattern on the bottom sole is designed for maximum grip against the floor, perfect for Sumo Deadlift! The new non-marking outsole can protect floors from grease, paint, wax, or chemical spills. 5mm thickness reduces the weight of the athlete from the top of the shoe by 10%. Flexible construction improves mobility in the upper extremities.

Slip into these and be glad to lift again, knowing there’s no chance of dropping or scratching up anything while wearing them. The Sabo is the ultimate shoe for weightlifters who are looking for stability and performance. The ground-gripping but pliable sole design makes it perfect to safely snatch those heavyweights in style. With a 30 mm wide lateral strap, you’ll never have a bad day with this shoe again, and we all know that accidents happen. Made for Sumo Deadlift enthusiasts who want grip power!

Designed for the big boys in a Sumo-style training session, this Sabo GoodLift has all the stability you need to stand your ground on that elevated platform. The Sabo GoodLift maximizes stability for a great lift. The leather upper construction makes this heel durably strong and long-lasting, so you can wear it in comfort no matter how many times you break that PR. In addition, the natural leather upper provides durability to withstand 10 plate Sumo Deadlift workouts on cement or terra cotta floors, and extra-wide Velcro straps increase comfort for those same rough sessions.


  • Leather upper for durability 
  • 30 mm wide strap ensures a perfect fit.
  • Extra-wide Velcro straps increase comfort
  • Flexible construction improves mobility 
  • Minimal thickness (5 mm) and designed to support under heavy loads.


  • Not mentioned

ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe

The Matflex 5 is 100% textile and synthetic for easy maintainability on any surface indoors or outdoors, while its rubber sole lets you easily respond at high speed when necessary. Additionally, this wrestling shoe for men will provide the feedback needed during hard sessions matched up with a trainer who teaches agility, so you can work towards improved flexibility and coordination in these muscles that are responsible for throwing opponents over your hip.

The ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe comes with a Lace Garage technology that keeps your laces from getting caught on the mat and a Full-Length Gum Rubber Outsole to keep you grounded when performing Sumo Deadlifts. If you find yourself in a tough situation, these wrestling shoes are perfect for turning it around! The Step Your Game Up Men’s ASICS Matflex 5 Wrestling shoes with Lace Garage technology and Gum Rubber Outsole have what you need to dominate the mat in style. Let your opponent feel the ground shake under their feet before it does under yours.

This Shoe was designed to meet the demanding needs of competitors. This shoe is ready for any surface with its excellent traction and stability with a high-quality, full-length gum rubber outsole. Don’t worry about comfort either, backed by the trademarked Air scoop tech, which enhances breathability, and this durable wrestling shoe has all you need for lifelong performance. Whether you’re training or competing in Sumo Deadlift, this is one investment that never disappoints.

These sumo-inspired shoes provide excellent comfort and support that won’t break the bank. Ideal for athletes that need dynamic stability, lateral support, shock resistance, reduced pronation, and enhanced flexibility (particularly in the arch). Monochrome design stylishly guides your eye up to meet sleek lines. Innovative high-density cushioning protects feet from the impact of repetitive activities while maintaining a low profile. This will help promote better balance while enduring rigorous workouts, which means fewer injuries and more of your time spent focusing on what matters most. It’s also made for maximum traction with excellent grip, so you can move around without worry.


  • High-density cushioning provides maximum impact protection 
  • Full-Length Gum Rubber Outsole 
  • Lateral support provides dynamic stability for high-speed drills. 
  • Rubber sole reduces slip and increases traction
  • Neoprene sock liner provides a compression fit to enhance arch support. 


  • Not accurate sizing

Adidas Men’s Hvc Wrestling Shoe

The Rubber Sole design provides traction and grip, so even if you have tough movements on the court or mat, you’re sure to land all of your moves – undefeated! The Sumo Deadlift is an exercise where competitors launch themselves off of the ground in attempts to throw each other onto their backs; with these in your possession, your game will be unstoppable!

The design of the shoe is made to enhance your grip and maneuverability. The lower sole provides optimum traction from tactical moves on the mat or one-of-a-kind moments in bed with your partner. The new Adidas shoes will make you feel motivated to hit the iron at every opportunity thanks to its classic wrestling shoe styling and sport-specific features like a reinforced rubber outsole that will more than likely steal your heart.

With their external heel compression, these shoes will grip to give you greater speed and mobility. You’ll be able to dominate without worry with these armor body construction, giving you unparalleled protection against hard knocks and sparring. These shoes are even designed keeping in mind those of us who can lift a lot of weight. Their ultra-strong sole was developed for maximum stability as well as accurate jumping performance when executing Sumo Deadlifts (or any similar lift).

There’s the only room in your gear locker for the best of the best, so it was with great anticipation when you heard that those bulky old shoes were replaced by the sleek-looking Hvc Wrestling Shoe. Combined with top-of-the-line Adidas UltraBoost foam, this shoe is durable and provides firm arch support. A patented outsole feature brings grip to a sliding surface while not allowing debris to build upon the rubberized forefoot flex grooves, so all you need to worry about is dominating both in and out of bounds!


  • External heel compression
  • Armor body construction
  • UltraBoost foam
  • The lower sole provides optimum traction 
  • Durable rubberized forefoot flex grooves 


  • Not perfect size

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Sneaker Navy

The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi Top Sneaker Navy brand is embroidered on the tongue of each shoe along with the patented star-centered ankle patch so you can show off their iconic design right as soon as you walk out of the store. They also pack in some useful features like rubber outsoles designed to grip any surface from pitted gym floors to gloss carpeting and elastic bands at the back for an easy on/easy off fit that’s perfect whether you’re in or out of workouts all day long.

These sneakers are the best for punching it out with your partner. This canvas and rubber shoe will help you to step up your game without weighing you down. Slip into these Chuck Taylors for a little added toughness and tonal voice in your training. With these Converse, you’ll never be bored wearing the same old shoes every day. These Chuck Taylors are stylish, comfy, and perfect for some Sumo Deadlifting.

This sneaker is the perfect addition to your shoe obsession. Fit for withstanding gruelling orthopedic activities, this shoe will keep you leaping over hurdles all day long. Throw in a killer fit and the timeless Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi Top Sneaker Navy, and you’ll be racing through any obstacle that comes your way. There are few things as simple and chic as a sleek all-black sneaker. Pair your new kicks with any outfit for the perfect balance of modern and classic style. These Converse Chuck Taylors provide lightweight performance, so you can take on any day with ease.

These sneakers have double stitching accents and feature the Converse branding badge so you can show them off to everyone! These shoes are perfect for Sumo Deadlift because their soles are cushioned and designed with shock absorption in mind. With these shoes, your feet will feel like they’re on Cloud Nine when you lift the heavyweight! These shoes come with a plaid pattern, leather or PU for velcro closures, and Converse’s signature logo. Durable canvas uppers will last you a while, and reasonable price makes these the perfect pair of shoes for any fitness enthusiast to have next in their shoe closet.


  • Fit for withstanding and gruelling orthopedic activities
  • Rubber outsoles designed to grip any surface 
  • Cushioned and designed with shock absorption in mind
  • Comes with double stitching accents
  • Features Full canvas upper


  • Not comfortable enough

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Lite TR Training Shoe

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Lite TR Training Shoe, perfect for Sumo Deadlift. 100% synthetic sole and rubber heel inserts provide excellent support and cushioning to make your workout more enjoyable. With the Reebok Men’s Crossfit Lite TR Training Shoe, you’ll see muscles and produce weight with ease thanks to a low-cut design that helps your feet form a natural arch, so no more collapsing arches. Made from synthetic materials for a lightweight feel, these shoes are perfect for Sumo Deadlift!

This shoe features rubber soles to ensure better traction as you perform all sorts of exercises like Sumo Deadlifts while also being made out of 100% Synthetic material for an unmatched lightweight feel. These high tops have all the features you need to power through your most intense workouts. We’re talking about a padded tongue and collar for comfort while you wear it and lace-up vamp for centralized support.

This shoe also has 4-star treads, so you always have a grip on those slippery surfaces without weighing down your feet when it’s time to take off some of that weight between sets. Plus, these Reebok Men’s Crossfit Lite TR Training Shoes are perfect for Sumo Deadlift, so there’ll be no excuse not to give this new move a try in the gym! The high-top upper and supportive lacing keep you on your toes during Sumo Deadlift or Olympic Freestyle Weightlifting – when every ounce is crucial.

This Training Shoe is the perfect balance of support and sensitivity. That means your toes will be cushioned, but you’ll still know whether or not you just got that pull-up wrong. This lite training shoe is a must-have for any fitness athlete. This light-weight yet heavy-duty shoe provides just the right amount of grip to perform your workout routine with ease and comfort. It provides you with all the traction control you need to dominate and victory in the Sumo Deadlift Strikeout. No shoe can stand up to it. 


  • Low Cut Design
  • Rubber heel insert provide excellent support
  • Synthetic material provides a lightweight feel
  • Padded tongue and collar for comfort
  • Lace-up vamp helps to centralize support


  • Not durable enough

What is Sumo Deadlift?

Sumo Deadlift is a form of weightlifting for the sport of powerlifting. When you do Sumo Deadlift, your legs are spread out wider than usual. It requires more energy to perform this lift because the knees are shot out at an angle that has to be held in position while carrying heavyweights (i.e., sumo stance).

What Is the Difference Between a Romanian Deadlift and Sumo Deadlift?

Romanian Deadlift is a form of weightlifting for the sport of powerlifting. When you do Romanian Deadlift, your legs are spread out wider than usual but not as wide as in Sumo Stance. While doing Romanian Deadlift, there is no need to hold the torso still and upright as with Sumo Deadlift. Instead, Romanian Deadlift requires you to lean the torso forward at a slight angle. This makes Romanian Deadlift easier for people who would prefer a less strenuous workout than Sumo Deadlift.

How are Best Shoes for Sumo Deadlift Different from Conventional Deadlifts?

When you wear competition shoes, the sole is flat, and the distance between the heel and the inside of your foot is bigger. Having these features allows a sumo dead lifter to do different movements like squatting in an ideal manner. Unlike conventional shoes, the soles of competition shoes are made from firm materials to offer stability and balance.

competition shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Sumo Deadlift Barefoot?

No, you cannot get sumo deadlift barefoot. A sumo deadlift is a type of deadlift in which the barbell is positioned on the ground at about hip height with the feet wide apart and straight ahead. The lifter then bends down to grasp the bar with both hands and pulls it up to their hips before standing back up again.

Are Flat Shoes Good for Deadlifting?

Flat shoes are good for deadlifting because they allow you to use your entire foot and ankle to pull from the floor. But if you want a wider base of support, then lifting in heels is more suitable.

Is It Ok to Sumo Deadlift?

It is good to mix up your workouts and try different exercises. Sumo deadlifts are an excellent way to do this because they work out the entire body.

Deadlifting helps strengthen the muscles in your lower back, hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, shoulders, and traps. This exercise also works on your grip strength which can help prevent injuries such as torn ligaments or tendonitis.

Are Deadlift Shoes Worth It?

Deadlift shoes are a new type of shoe that is designed specifically for deadlifting. The purpose of these shoes is to help protect the knees and ankles during a deadlift by providing an extra layer of protection.

It is important to note that not all deadlifts will need these shoes, but if you are someone who does a lot of deadlifts, they may be worth the investment.

There are many benefits to wearing Deadlift Shoes, such as:

  • They help prevent injuries in the knee and ankle area, which can happen due to pressure from when your foot lands on the ground during a lift.
  • They provide extra support and cushioning, reducing any pain or discomfort in those areas.
  • The sole provides better traction on floors, making lifting easier and more comfortable.


If you want the best shoes for sumo deadlift , then the Sabo GoodLift is our top pick. The design of this shoe ensures your foot and ankle stay in alignment with the rest of your body while lifting heavy weights. This prevents injury from occurring during exercises such as squats or deadlifts by supporting proper form even when weightlifting shoes are not required for safety reasons.

We’ve also put together this list of our top picks to help you find the best shoe for your needs. Take a look at these options before hitting up Amazon or another retailer because we have done all the research so that you don’t have to! If none of these selections sound good enough, let us know what type of shoe is needed and we will do some more digging on your behalf. Our team has tried out many different types of shoes over time in order to give you honest feedback about each one. Happy lifting!

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