Best Shoes for Tendonitis in the Ankle

Tendonitis in the Ankle can be a very painful and limiting condition. There are many shoes that claim to help with tendonitis, but not all of them will actually do what they say. In this guide, we will discuss how to find and choose the best shoes for tendonitis in the Ankle so you can alleviate your pain!

Best Shoes for Tendonitis in the Ankle

What Is Ankle Tendonitis?

If you are experiencing pain or inflammation in your Ankle, it is likely that you have tendonitis. Tendonitis is a common condition and can be caused by repetitive stress on the same area of ligament tissue such as from running or jumping. It can also happen when working out at the gym for long periods of time without taking an adequate break to stretch your muscles before starting another set.

Besides this,if you play sports constantly with frequent stop-and-go movements like soccer or basketball player's experience, then it's possible to get occasional bouts of tendinitis over time.

NameMaterial TypeSole
Brooks Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoe
Synthetic-and-meshRubber sole
ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes
Synthetic-and-meshRubber sole
MBT Women's Colorado X Rocker Bottom Walking Shoe with Arch Support
Synthetic-and-meshsynthetic sole
New Balance Men's 928 V3 Lace-up Walking Shoe
100% LeatherRubber sole
Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief, Orthopedic Sneakers
100% LeatherRubber sole

Top 5 Best Shoes for Tendonitis in the Ankle Reviews


Brooks Men's Ghost 12 Running Shoe

Product Feature

Brooks Men's Ghost 12 has been running the marathon of shoes. When one shoe gets to work, another one's getting a much-needed break.

The sleek design and cushioning in this model are patented innovations you might find on any given employee's desk at headquarters for your delight! Comfortably cushioned with Dynamic DuoMax Cushioning™️, these goods will make your feet feel as light as air whether you're pounding the pavement or propping up sore calves.

Unleash high-energy cushioning for elite speeds with the Ghost 12! With its ultra-cushiony, full-length BioMoGo DNA midsole and energized crash pad that lets you adapt to everything on your feet.

Feel every rock, stick and gentle pebble beneath your feet as you explore while running with the Brooks Men's Ghost 12 Running Shoe.

The Segmented Crash Pad works to absorb the impact of every step for a smooth transition heel-to-toe. It all starts in our midsole that is engineered for extra cushioning and rebound in key areas - like at your arch or on top of your foot - so there are no surprises coming up from below when it counts.


  • Very Well Cushioned
  • Specialized construction for the specific needs of runners in different stages of foot development
  • The BioMoGo DNA midsole seamlessly adapts your feet
  • Newly engineered Crash Pad provides greater protection and smoother transitions heel-to-toe
  • Cushioned tongue provides added comfort


  • Price in comparison to other brands is higher than some.
  • Runners with a wide foot may not be comfortable as the width of the shoe could cause discomfort around the toes.


ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 7 Trail Running Shoes

Product Feature

Find comfort and agility in the ASICS Women's GEL-Venture 7 Trail Running Shoes. Made for power, stability, and cushioning in high and low-impact activities, these shoes have a midsole that provides excellent responsiveness for enhanced control on rugged terrain.
Give your toes ample room to play with our wide toe box so you can strike out confidently through rock gardens or allow long strides as you cruise down trails. Take hold of handrails with confidence knowing our grip traction on steep slopes prevents slipping or sliding even when wet!

With GEL technology in the rearfoot area and an Ortholite sock liner to keep your feet comfortable from start to finish, these shoes are made just for you!
Each run more comfortable than the last, thanks to these sturdy kicks with phenomenal features like a Lace Pocket that provides versatility with easy access for stowing spares on longer outings or a Protective Toe Cap that adds stitch pattern reinforcement at wear points.

There's no path too difficult, rocky, or ravine-filled for these shoes to handle. With a secure fit and step-in construction, as well as precise guidance through the foot strike phase of your stride thanks to the high stack-height midsole with Greater Propulsion Plate Technology (GPT), you'll charge up steep ascents and tackle rugged slopes without even breaking a sweat.


  • Lightweight, supportive fit
  • Asymmetric lacing system for a secure and comfortable feel
  • Protective toe cap to prevent wear-and-tear during more intense activities
  • perfect for high volume users
  • GPT provides a smooth, stable stride
  • High stack-height midsole for maximum stability


  • Not Sufficient Arch Support


MBT Women's Colorado X Rocker Bottom Walking Shoe

Product Feature

Explore your own Colorado with one of the best shoes MBT Women's Colorado X Rocker Bottom Walking Shoe has to offer. With a synthetic leather upper and mesh footbed, this walking shoe is designed to be breathable and comfortable.

With an outsole made for high abrasion rubber, it's tough enough to stand up in any environment, whether you're a Ranger or just exploring the stunning views. The level 2 rocker provides ample cushioning and muscle activation for all-day wear so that wherever you wander off too, your feet will be there by your side.

The curved sole mirrors the natural movement of your foot while ensuring stability for your feet; giving you a gentle roll that promotes increased natural cushioning. This unique MBT shoe was created with a PivotAxis at its midfoot - providing optimal support as you walk forward or propel yourself down the rocky path ahead.

MBT Colorado Walking Shoes are designed for the ultimate in everyday comfort and support. This walking shoe provides an even, natural heel-toe action that goes beyond what traditional soles offer. Choose from a variety of brilliant colorways to suit your personal style!

The stability of the MBT shoe is identical to any high-quality walking shoe and only gives you a roll from heel to toe when you stride, so go ahead and run or walk with confidence! The tri-density midsole features extensive cushioning that will allow for a better ride than those found on other traditional shoes.


  • MBT provides a natural stride that promotes balance
  • They have an adjustable strap for the perfect fit
  • MBTs are available in different colors to suit your personal style!
  • MBTs are perfect for relieving and preventing foot, back, knee or other muscle pain
  • The stability of the MBT shoe is identical to any high-quality walking shoe
  • Tri density midsole features extensive cushioning, providing a better ride than other traditional shoes.



New Balance Men's 928 V3 Lace-up Walking Shoe

Product Feature

The New Balance Men's 928 V3 Lace-up Walking Shoe is a simple yet effective shoe. Leather uppers are durable and add to its overall appeal. Detachable footbeds will allow your feet to breathe all day long, warding off a potential odor when you wear these shoes while working up a sweat on those hot summer days! Rubber soles provide grip on any surface and are always comfortable.

From the moment you put them on, the New Balance 928 V3 loafers can't put a foot wrong. These lace-up walking shoes are perfect for long days on your feet and every type of surface.

They boast an ABZORB midsole that absorbs impact through a combination of innovative cushioning and compression resistance to keep you comfortable even during those marathon shifts at work, or after hours taking care of kids. Clean lines with soft suede lining will make these everyday stunners effortlessly become your go-to shoe whether dressing up or wearing down.

The ROLLBAR stability post system helps control rear-foot movement for enhanced support all day long, while the Walking Strike Path guides your foot through every step you take.

The NDurance rubber outsole technology provides excellent durability in high-wear areas to help get more out of the shoes by being able to withstand any amount of wear that you're throwing at them - another thing about these shoes is that they stay looking brand new forever.

They also have a lace-up closing with an exposed shock-absorbing EVA midsole which helps give more cushioning support while keeping a lightweight feel.


  • They've got a lace-up style.
  • Durable leather upper
  • The ROLLBAR stability post system helps control rear-foot movement for enhanced support all day long.
  • NDurance rubber outsole technology provides excellent durability.
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole for excellent cushioning support


  • Not Enough motion control Support


Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief, Orthopedic Sneakers

Product Feature

Orthofeet Proven Heel and Foot Pain Relief Sneakers are guaranteed to provide the best comfort. Orthofeets have anatomic arch support, a veterinarian-approved sole that relieves heel and feet pain, and a super comfortable leather designed for orthotics.  

The lightweight soles are ERGONOMICALLY designed, doubling the premium cushioning in areas where you need it most! It also has additional softness so that when on your knees, your joints will give out with ease and lower back discomfort!

When it comes to running, walking or standing for long periods of time, orthopedic footwear has proven to help support your feet while reducing strain on the joints. Orthofeet Proven is a new and improved "insole" technology with comfortable, stylish shoes that are guaranteed to provide you comfort in every step!

This shoe is perfect for people with diabetes, arthritis, or neuropathy; these soft uppers that hug your entire foot - even the contours of your toes- provide superior comfort without sacrificing style.

These orthopedic shoes are uniquely designed and manufactured specifically to alleviate pressure points on the heels and sides of your feet, so they'll also work in women's diabetic shoes as well as ladies' walking shoes when their arches have been weakened by osteoarthritis.


  • Provides orthopedic arch support
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable, stylish shoes
  • Soft uppers that hug your entire foot
  • The insoles are guaranteed to provide comfort


Ankle Pain and Ankle Tendonitis Facts

Ankle tendonitis is a repetitive strain injury from overuse or improper use of the Ankle. The inflammation can cause pain, swelling and stiffness in the muscles surrounding the heel cord, known as peroneal tendons.

This condition often develops gradually over time due to repeated stress on one joint or muscle group (usually by too much walking) but may also be caused by sudden trauma such as an awkward landing after jumping off a curb or twisting your foot during other physical activity that puts pressure in unusual ways on this particular area.

Associated Symptoms and Signs of Ankle Tendonitis

The most common symptom of Peroneal Tendonitis is pain at the outside part of your heel bone near where it meets with your lower leg bones(also called tibias). It's usually worse at the end of a long day when your foot may be swollen and stiff. You may also have foot problems. 

Tendonitis symptoms usually get worse even when people rest their feet. The most common symptom of Achilles Tendonitis is pain in the back part of your lower leg. It may also have foot problems.

  • You might feel a sharp, stabbing sensation or mild ache just below your heel bone on the back part of your heels when you stand up from sitting down for too long and then take one step forward.
  • Your Ankle may be swollen and tender to touch even though there's no redness or heat around it that indicates an infection (called cellulitis).
  • You may feel a tingling sensation in your toes when you stand on them for too long, or an ache and numbness up the back of your leg from the heel to just below your knee.
  • You might have to hold on to the back of a chair or another person's hand when you walk up and downstairs because your foot is unstable.
  • The pain may ease off for some time before coming back again. It can also be intermittent, with periods of being symptom-free followed by sudden flare-ups that last a few hours or days at most.

Treatments and Prevention

The first step in treating your Peroneal Tendonitis is to get rid of the pain by removing or changing anything that could be causing it-such as a shoe with improper design, an old injury not treated properly, infection, etc. If the tendon tears(ruptures), you'll need surgery and physical therapy for rehabilitation afterward.

The best way to prevent ankle tendonitis from developing into a chronic condition is strengthening exercises for those muscles around the heel bone area along with stretches if needed.

The best shoes for tendonitis in the Ankle is a supportive shoe that combines cushioning, stability, good arch support, and proper fit. There are many shoes on the market to choose from so it's important to find something that will help reduce pain when wearing them.

In addition, try not to walk too much or do any high-impact activities (such as running) while you have this condition because they can make your symptoms worse.

The following tips may also provide relief for some of those who suffer from chronic Achilles tendonitis -

  • wear flat sneakers
  • don't cross your legs excessively
  • Don't put too much stress on the inner part of your Ankle
  • avoid turning around without first lifting up your foot
  • wear supportive shoes and avoid high-heeled shoes

In order to cure Achilles Tendonitis, your foot must be rested as much as possible by elevating it above heart level with some ice put around it at least three times per day. The best footwear should also have decent arch support that helps cushion against impact during walking. Walking is important but make sure not to overdo it when you start exercising again because this could actually worsen the pain.

Types of Foot and Ankle Tendonitis

There are Several Types of Tendonitis.

Tendonitis in the Ankle is a common type that starts at the attachment site for the calf muscle on your heel bone (calcaneal tendon) and spreads to involve other parts in this area, like the Achilles tendon or anything else attached there.

Tendonitis of the other foot and Ankle is tendonitis that starts in another part of your foot or sometimes somewhere else but affects the ligaments, tendons, or joint capsule.
It can be caused by overuse from sports, especially if you have high arches or flat feet; it could also happen as a result of an injury or inflammatory disease such as gout.

Features to Have When Buying Best Shoes for Tendonitis in the Ankle


A shoe that is breathable will ensure your feet are fresh and healthy. With an open mesh material, the shoes can breathe which helps with perspiration and also avoid any unpleasant odor.


Due to the discomfort you will be experiencing with your tendonitis in your Ankle, it is best to find a shoe that helps provide comfort. A lightweight shoe can help soothe and relieve pressure on joints such as ankles or back of the knee, which are usually inflamed when having this condition.

Good Cushioning

A comfortable shoe is the most important thing for people with tendonitis in their Ankle. Good cushioning inside of a comfortable shoe can help provide support and relief to your foot.

Non-Skid Rubber Sole

For safety reasons, it's ideal to find a nonskid rubber sole that has good traction on any surface, whether on wet or dry conditions so you will not have an accident while walking outside.

Low Arch Support

 A low arch may be a perfect fit if you have tendonitis on your foot's little toe or pinky toe area because it will allow you to walk more naturally.

Heel Support

Heels provide support as well as cushioning for our feet while they work out their muscles moving up and down from heel to toe during walking. To find out what kind of heel would best suit our needs, we need to know.

Durable Material

Tendonitis causes inflammation which leads to pain. It can also lead to more chronic problems if left untreated, such as arthritis due to wearing out shoes too quickly. A durable material that will last long without breaking down ensures comfort and protection from these serious health risks associated with this condition. 

Fit for your feet

A good shoe must always feel comfortable on all parts. The heel needs to fit snugly while providing enough room at the toe end as well. By buying a pair with these features, we are assured comfort no matter how much we walk with tendonitis in the Ankle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wear for Ankle Tendonitis?

You should wear shoes that are comfortable and have a good grip. Avoid wearing heels or sandals as these may cause pain to the tendon.

Athletic socks can also help relieve the swelling and support the ankle while playing sports or exercising. It is best to rest your ankle to reduce any further damage from the condition.

Can You Wear Shoes for Tendonitis in The Ankle?

Tendonitis is a painful condition that occurs when the tendon, which connects muscle to bone, becomes inflamed.

A tendon is a band of tissue that attaches muscles to bones and helps them contract. Tendonitis can occur in any tendon, but it most commonly affects the tendons of the ankle and wrist. It usually develops gradually over time as inflammation sets in due to repeated strain or damage from activities such as running, jumping, tennis, golfing, or basketball.

There are many ways you can treat this condition:
1) Rest - You should try to avoid activity that causes pain until your symptoms subside.
2) Ice Packs - Apply ice packs for 20 minutes every hour during activity or after resting at home for 10-20 minutes each day to help reduce swelling and relieve pain caused by inflammation.
3) Antibiotics - Some antibiotics may be prescribed by your doctor if other treatments fail; however, these medications are not typically recommended for people with mild cases of tendinitis unless they have an infection present within their body as well.

Are Tendonitis Ankle Shoes Worth It?

Ankle shoes are considered the best way to alleviate pain and swelling caused by tendonitis. It also helps with other foot ailments like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, neuromas, and metatarsalgia.

Tendonitis ankle shoes offer support and cushioning, making them the perfect fit for your feet while being treated for tendonitis or other foot conditions.


Tendonitis in the Ankle is a common condition that can be caused by overuse, injury or repetitive motion. When it comes to choosing the best shoes for tendonitis in the Ankle, make sure they are lightweight with an open heel-toe design and good quality materials. After all of this, you just need to choose what size shoe fits well!

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