Can You Wash Shoes With Tide Pods

You probably have a few pairs of shoes that could use good washing if you’re like me. But what about those times when you don’t have time to go to the laundromat! Tide Pods to the rescue! That’s right – you can wash your shoes in the washing machine using Tide Pods.

Just place them in the washer with some hot water and detergent, let them soak for a while, and then run the cycle. Your shoes will come out looking as good as new! This article will discuss in detail can you wash shoes with tide pods.

Can You Wash Shoes With Tide Pods

What Are Tide Pods and Why Are They Good for Your Laundry?

Tide Pods are pre-portioned packets that contain liquid or powder laundry detergent. They’re meant to simplify the process of doing laundry and reduce the risk of overuse. In addition, the “packet control” feature is very beneficial for those with children, as pods can’t be opened like a standard bottle of Tide would.

Tide Pods can be used in HE and standard washing machines without any issues. However, make sure you only use one pod per wash – using more than one pod will not improve your clothes. Also, it’s important to note that these are high-efficiency washers, so you might want to check with your machine’s manufacturer if you have an older one.

We do not recommend you use Tide pods to wash shoes or any other laundry items, for that matter. It would help if you only were using one pod per wash load, and while this will work on most clothing, it’s not recommended for shoes because they’re usually made from more delicate material.

If you insist on washing your shoes with Tide pods, make sure you don’t overload your washer. If there are excess suds when the cycle is done running, then chances are things will not end well. Plus, so many people have had their washers damaged by too much soap!

A Step by Step Guide on Can You Wash Shoes With Tide Pods

Here is how to wash shoes with tide pods:

Step 1: Prepare Your Shoes

First, prepare your shoes for washing by removing the shoelaces and loosening all dirt in the shoes using a brush. Be sure to remove any dirt stuck inside the shoe during use.

Prepare Shoes for Washing

Step 2: Add Water

Pour lukewarm water into a bucket or sink large enough to fit your shoes. Fill it with enough water that your entire shoe will be submerged. You may have to change out the water if it becomes too dark. The addition of warm water compared with cold is preferred because it may prevent shrinking in certain materials when washed.

Step 3: Pour One Pod Into Bucket/Sink

Follow the dosage instructions on Tide Pods packaging when deciding how many pods you should to your bucket/sink. Do not overpour or underpour. You should only use one pod for one wash.

Step 4: Swirl Around Your Shoes

Take your shoe and turn it clockwise to ensure water gets into all crevices of the shoes. Then, continue turning the boots until they are well-soaked with lukewarm water that has come into contact with Tide Pods. Remember, you should only put in one pod per bucket/sink, so caution when swirling your shoes around to prevent pods from touching each other inside the bucket/sink.

Swirl Around Your Shoes

Step 5: Place Into Washing Machine

Place your soapy shoe into a washing machine and set the machine to its proper settings, depending on what type of fabric your shoe is made up of. Afterward, place the other shoe in the machine and allow both shoes to be washed together.

Step 6: Allow To Dry And Finish

Allow shoes to dry inside out for one day before finishing. Please do not attempt to use them while still wet because they will leave watermarks on floors or carpets that are hard to remove. After your shoes have had enough time to dry, you may flip them right-side out to wear them again.

Is It Safe to Use Tide Pods in the Washing Machine?

According to Tide, NO! It would help if you did not use the pods other than how they are intended, which is for washing laundry. They should not be used as anything else, such as putting them in or on your body (or face) or ingesting.

According to Tide, if they are used or eaten in any way, they will cause burns. The pods are highly concentrated detergent meant only for your clothes and contain caustic ingredients that can burn your eyes and skin. Unfortunately, many small children have mistaken them for candy due to their fruity appearance.

Even though it is not recommended, you should seek medical attention immediately if this happens – irrespective of whether you’ve ingested this product intentionally or accidentally.

Tide Pods in the Washing Machine


Tide Pods are a convenient laundry detergent that can be used to clean many items in your home, including shoes. While they may not be the best option for every type of shoe, they can be a great way to quickly and easily clean suede or other delicate materials. Tide Pods are a viable option if you need to wash a pair of shoes and don’t have any other detergent on hand. We hope you find can you wash shoes with tide pods helpful.

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