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How Do You Know If You Need Wide Shoes

Having the right size of shoes matter the most in our everyday outfit. No matter how fashionable you look, if the shoes are uncomfortable, you are going to go through a lot of pain and lose the outlook of the fit you are trying to pull off. Well, maybe you can work with uncomfortable shoes for a certain time being. But for the longer run, you better get the ones that are meant for your fit. And that is why today’s discussion will involve how do you know if you need wide shoes!

Is it really necessary to consider the width of the shoes?

How Do You Know If You Need Wide Shoes

This question may pop up in your mind when you are reading this article. But you need to trust us on this matter that you do need to consider the width of the shoes if you want to wear shoes comfortable for a whole day. Let us see some of the reasons why and how do you know if you need wide shoes.

How Do You Know If You Need Wide Shoes?

When you are buying shoes, you check the size that you are going to wear. But almost all the time you consider the size of your shoes based on your length. While length is the most important when it comes to the size of the shoes but it is not the only thing you need to be considerate about.

A lot of time, you will face a problem even when you have the right size of shoes. Chances are that your shoe size is not the right one. There is the various reason why you might feel like you are wearing the wrong size of the although you bought the right size. Some of the reasons could be temporary while some of them are permanent. When you are wearing the same shoes for the whole day, your feet will start to swell and that is when the shoes will feel the tightest and uncomfortable.

But some of us have it more difficult. Sometimes the swelling of feet is severe for some people and that is when they need to consider a wider shoe size to be able to wear them comfortably for a long time.

So, how do you know if you wide shoes? If you are constantly feeling uncomfortable wearing your shoes even after getting the right size will give you the answer. Or, if you deal with excessive swelling every day, you need to consider getting wider shoes for comfortable wear.

How to Get the Right Width?

Now that you understand that you need a wider shoe for your feet, your need to know the right size that will get you the perfect and comfortable shoes. The best way to determine the size is by measuring your feet. You will not understand the proper fit by trying out shoes. To measure your feet, follow the instruction below-

Find the Right Time

You must measure your feet at the right time. Usually, your feet will be the correct size at the time. During the day, you will have lots of physical activities to be done and therefore, your feet will go through some stress and have a little bit of swelling. Some of the swellings are noticeable and some are not but they are surely going to be a little wider than usual. That is why it is better to measure the feet tight after relaxing.

Measure  The Feet Tight  After Relaxing

Get the Tools

Now that you are ready to measure your feet, you need to find the right tools to do that. Because you will need to measure the feet correctly. You will be needing a paper, pen, and a perfectly flat surface.

Start Measuring

To start, you need to put the paper on the flat surface and put your feet on the paper comfortably. You need to make sure you put your whole body’s pressure on the surface as it will get the right size of your feet with your body weight. Now, trace both feet using the marker. And you will get the right size. After measuring you will get the size and you can buy your shoes according to the size you have traced.

This measurement trick will surely help you to get the right size of shoes.

Measure The Width Of Your Feet

FinaFrequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Wide Size Shoe?

No, a wide-size shoe is not necessary. The width of the shoe will depend on your foot size and what you want to wear them with. The width of the shoe can be measured in millimeters or inches.

Can Normal Feet Wear Wide Fit?

Normal feet can wear wide-fit shoes. This is because a wide-fit shoe has a roomier toe box and will accommodate the foot’s natural shape without causing any discomfort. In addition, the width of the shoe can also be adjusted to ensure that your feet are comfortable.

What Foot Width Is Considered Wide?

Wide is defined as having a width of more than 10 inches. The average foot width is 8.5 inches, so anything wider than that would be considered wide.

What Are the Benefits of Wide Feet?

“Wide feet are good for your body.” But here are some of the benefits of wide feet:

  • The wider the foot, the more surface area it has.
  • Wide feet help prevent injuries and improve balance.
  • Wide feet reduce the impact on joints and bones during exercise.
  • The extra width helps protect against blisters, calluses, and corns on toes.

What Is the Difference Between a Medium and Wide Width Shoe?

A medium-width shoe is generally for those with a foot size of 6-8, and wide-width shoes are designed for people with foot sizes of 9-11.

In addition to this, some factors make the difference between the two types of shoes:

  • The length – A medium width shoe will typically be slightly shorter than a wide width shoe.
  • The weight – A medium width shoe will have less weight than a wide width shoe.
  • Support – A medium or wide width shoe will provide more support to the feet than a narrow or low-supporting model.

Final Thoughts

That was all for how do you know if you need wide shoes. It is always important to wear comfortable shoes no matter what activities you are doing. Not only length-wise, but you will also need to know the width of your shoes

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