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What Type of Running Shoes for Flat Feet

If you are a runner and you have flat feet, then you have known the difference between an enjoyable run and a harsh, painful slog. The arches creates a close contact with the ground, if you have flat feet. So, don’t let missteps cause you potential injuries down the road. By acquiring knowledge of what type of running shoes for flat feet is needed for you, can make you feel physically better while running along.

Running is a popular exercise that allows you to maintain proper health. It can be performed anywhere without any equipment or being any gym member. But if you have flat feet, it can be pretty challenging to stay comfortable. That’s why you need to know what type of running shoes for flat feet are required.

What Type of Running Shoes for Flat Feet

What Are Flat Feet?

The arches provide a springiness and elasticity to the step. It helps to distribute body weight across the feet and legs. But if you have flat feet, the arches inside of your feet are flattened, and the entire soles of your feet touch the floor when you stand up. You can feel pain radiating up from the foot to the calves, thighs, and back since there is no arch.

What Causes Flat Feet?

Flat Feet

Sometimes our foot structure constantly changes, even when our growth stops. Which means if you did not start as flat-footed, you could be now.

  • When you have parents of flat-footed, then it would be the cause.
  • Nerve damage is also a root cause of flat feet.
  • Different types of health problem like obesity, diabetes, and hypertension can cause you flat feet problem.
  • Arthritis and weak arches which create the foot flattens onto the ground when you stand 
  • It can also occur as a result of a developmental fault during your childhood.

Struggles That We Face While Running

Almost 30% of the world’s population has flat feet or low arches problem. For this reason, many runners face severe difficulties due to improper footwear. For a flat-footed runner, it is vital to choose the right shoes made explicitly for flat feet. Otherwise, you may suffer from serious injuries, which can damage your feet in the long run.

Most of us want to put on high heel shoes for many purposes. It’s maybe because they want to take a stylish look or want to show them look tall. But it is a bad process which can lead you to some dangerous foot problem. Especially it causes great suffering to the flat-footed person.

The Types of Shoes and Sandals That We Highly Recommend for Those With Flat Feet Are:

Stability Shoes

Stability running shoes are specially built to give support in the midsole area under the arch of the shoe. There is additional cushioning in the midsole which is designed for runners who usually have flat feet or moderately overpronate. It offers the right balance of motion control and cushioning to them.

Shoes With Toe Support

The structure of the flat-footed people enables them to put more force on the toes and heels to recoup the lack of arches. That’s why a flat-footed runner can always be found wearing heels and toes of their shoes, which are more than normal. This means your shoe is needed to be thicker and bulkier than normal shoes to give you proper support to your toes. Shoes with toe support provide you with necessary protection while running.

Motion Control Shoes & stability shoes

Motion Control Shoes

Motion control running shoes are designed in way that limits excessive foot motions. It also helps to improve the stability of the foot with medical support. This type of running shoe reduces the risk of injury for flat-footed persons and overpronators.

Arch Support Sandals

Sandals with arch support can make every step more comfortable. These are strictly designed with spongy and durable foam arches that can provide instant arch support. They can take the pressure of your feet. They prevent soreness while walking or standing. You can turn your normal sandal into a sandal with arch support, by using instant arches. This type of sandals keeps your whole body in the right balance to the ground. You can move easily with your natural movement style with the help of these sandals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Flat Feet Need Stability Shoes?

Some people have flat feet, which may be due to a neurological condition called pes planus. The best way to determine if you need stable shoes is by checking with your doctor first. If they say that you do, then buy the right kind of shoes.

Can Flat Feet Run in Neutral Shoes?

Flat feet are a result of the arches of your feet not being completely developed. This can cause problems such as overpronation, underpronation, or neutral shoes may be best for you.

A common cause of flat feet is the weight-bearing bones in your foot that are too long and don’t allow enough space for the tendons and ligaments to move around. In this case, running shoes with a more flexible sole may help relieve pressure on these areas and prevent pain and injury.

Neutral shoes will also offer more stability than traditional running shoes, which can benefit those who have trouble maintaining their balance when wearing traditional shoes. Neutral shoe design has been shown to improve gait symmetry by distributing pressure across the entire surface area of your foot rather than just in one spot.

Can You Be a Runner With Flat Feet?

Flat feet are very common in runners and other athletes. If you have flat feet, your arch is not developed enough to absorb the shock of landing on your foot. The result is that you may experience pain or numbness in the lower part of your foot, ankle, knee, hip, or lower back.

There are many different ways to prevent this from happening:

  1. Find a shoe with an elevated heel that helps raise your arch so it can take more of the impact instead of landing on the ground.
  2. Train with a foam roller or rolling pin before running to help develop muscles in your feet and ankles that support stronger arches.
  3. Try adding some extra time between runs at first (about 10 minutes), then gradually build up to 30 minutes between runs over a few weeks before increasing mileage/speed.

Are Nikes Good for Flat Feet?

Flat feet are a condition that affects many people, but it is not always a serious problem. The term flat foot usually refers to the lack of arch in the foot and often occurs in people who have low arches or flat feet.

In general, shoes with low-profile heels, such as Nike sneakers, are best for flat feet because they offer more support and cushioning than high-heeled shoes.

Do Flat Feet Need Arch Support?

Flat feet do not need arch support, but the best way to prevent them is by wearing shoes that fit properly. If you are not wearing proper shoes and your flat feet affect your balance, you may want to consider getting some arch support for them.


You may have already understood the whole point of having different types of shoes or sandals. The various foot structure requires different kinds of the shoe. So, make the correct choice of what can provide you with proper comfort while purchasing a shoe.

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