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How to Keep Shoes From Creasing When Walking

It would help if you always took good care of your shoes to ensure that they retain their shape and are kept in excellent condition. Nevertheless, even the best shoes may become creased when you walk or run. Some people have no problem with this at all, as it is merely a cosmetic issue. However, if you are among those who find creasing on their shoes very frustrating, then this blog post guide you on how to keep shoes from creasing when walking. So that you don’t find yourself creasing your shoe again when walking.

How to Keep Shoes From Creasing When Walking

7 Ways on How to Keep Shoes From Creasing When Walking

1.Buy The Right Size Shoe:

Shoe creases are very common when you wear the wrong size of shoe. Before buying a new pair of shoes, take your old ones with them and try to find out if your feet fit perfectly in the type of shoe that you want to buy. If they don’t, then buy a bigger size until they do.

Find out whether the area you will be wearing doesn’t pinch your toes or anything else inside that would lead to these creases. If it hurts, then know this, it is not comfortable when walking because it may cause some blisters or bleeding, eventually tearing up your skin.

2.Do Not Wear The Same Shoe All Day Long:

You should always change into another pair after wearing them for an hour or so.  The reason is simple, and your shoes will just be creased by the time you come home. Instead of coming home with uncomfortable shoes and getting a pair of new ones, invest in a comfortable sneaker that is perfect for walking.

So go ahead and purchase two pairs of shoes so that you can wear one while the other gets some rest after each hour or so. This makes them more durable because they’re not the kind to take on any heavy activity like jogging. In this way, your feet may feel better as well, as if not also, it will prevent creases from forming in your shoe, making them look ugly and old.

3.Check Your Walking Style:

Some people walk abnormally when compared to others. Some people have a rocking foot motion, while others may figure that it’s faster to walk in a backward manner. When walking, try to distribute your weight evenly on both feet and make sure that you take most of the steps and not your shoes.

If you happen to be rocking back and forth, then slow down your gait so as not to crease your shoe too early. You can always check how others walk around by observing whether they’re wearing creases or not after each hour or so.

4.Tighten Up Your Shoelaces Properly: 

Shoelaces that are properly tightened are great for preventing creases on your shoes. Before you go to bed at night, remember to tighten them up as tight as possible so that they do not loosen while walking the following day.

You can try double-knotting the laces if they are too loose or using a shoe strap which is more often used by people who want their shoes to remain in shape for very long without getting damaged. When it comes to lacing up and tightening your shoe, avoid doing it now and then because it will make the laces very worn out unevenly, causing fast cleats, which may ruin your money worth of the best running shoes out there.

5.Prevent from Drying Your Shoes Out In The Sun:

Drying your shoes in the sun will cause them to become creased. When it becomes dry, a pair of shoes may shrink and become smaller than they were when you first bought them. Thus causing them to get deeper lines within the shoemaking you look funny and fake for wearing something too old if not also damaged, which may cost you more than buying a new pair yet again.

6.Use Shoe Lining Softeners:

You can easily prevent your shoes from getting creased by using a shoe lining softener. There are many kinds of these lining softeners in the market today but make sure that the product is specifically made for this kind of job. If not also, then choose one that is recommended by a friend or even tries using them in the house first before you decide to use them on your shoes.

Using a Shoe Lining Softener

If not also, these shoe lining softeners are easy to find, especially in online stores because they are more convenient than the old-fashioned way of doing things, and they work better too. They will cause no harm to our health, and you may even forget about creasing problems forever if only you make a habit out of it.

7.Try Using a Shoehorn:   

A shoehorn can be used to help you put on your shoes so that they do not get creased in the process. When using it, make sure that you are making a quick motion and do not push hard otherwise, it may damage your shoe or even cause injury. You can learn how to use a shoehorn properly by going to Youtube, where you will be able to find several videos showing different kinds of shoemaking.

There is a kind of shoehorn that you can purchase which is made for helping the user change his shoes more easily. In this way, you can prevent your shoe from getting an ugly crease on the inside or outside. You should be careful with it so as not to tear it apart and also to make sure that you’re using them in your shoe evenly.

Some Advice To Not Crease Your Shoes While Walking

Here are some advice that will ensure you do not crease your shoes while walking and help keep them looking nice:

  1. When you walk, lift your feet properly. Do not drag your feet across the floor when walking, or else you will end up creasing your shoes and damaging them over time.
  2. Try to take short steps so that you avoid letting your feet hit the floor in one long motion. When taking shorter steps, it will be easier for you to control how hard your feet hit the floor while keeping a good posture.
  3. Walk with good posture. If you have a habit of walking upright, stick to it.
  4. Avoid wearing your shoes in bad weather conditions or when the floor may be wet. Do not wear your best shoes if there is snow on the ground! Not only will you risk ruining your shoes by treading on dirty snow,  but you could risk slipping too.
  5. If you are going to be doing lots of walking in your shoes, get a pair that is comfortable for such activities. Not all shoes are made for prolonged usage and high activity levels so ensure the shoes you buy will handle what they need to when it comes to walking or standing in them for long periods of time.
  6. Avoid wearing shoes that are either too tight or too loose as they will not be as comfortable when walking a lot in them. Shoes that fit properly can better handle your foot’s movement, which helps ensure there is less friction.
Avoid Wearing Shoes That Are Too Tight or Too


The best way to avoid creasing shoes is not by walking on the soles. Instead, find a surface that will support your weight without deforming and put as much of your foot down at one time as possible. This might require you to walk slower or take smaller steps, but it will save you from having to deal with unsightly shoe wrinkles for weeks afterward!

We hope, after reading this blog post on how to keep shoes from creasing when walking, you should be able to keep your shoes in good condition. These tips can help make sure that your shoe is in pristine condition always!

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