Best Basketball Shoes for Quick Guards

Team guards are always moving on the court because the victory of their team depends on them. They have to be fast, swift and smart if they must do their parts on the court. If you one of these important players, you must always equip yourself with the right tools to aid your responsibility.

At that time when other team members are looking up to you for action, you must not fail them. They depend on your skills to out-dribble the opponents, throw shots, and even go for scoring during crunch time. For that reason, you need the best basketball shoes for quick guards.

These shoes will help you to serve as the general of the court and help you to lead the team to victory. With the best basketball shoes for point guards on your feet, you can control the basketball court with confidence. Bear this in mind; your feet need a foundation to operate. You need a basketball shoe that can move with your foot as you do sharp cuts and also support you after performing the big jump score.

However, there are so many products in the market which makes it difficult to find the best basketball shoes for quick guards. That is why; we researched the best products to help you.

Best Basketball Shoes for Quick Guards

Reviews of the Best Basketball Shoes for Quick Guards 


Mevlzz Mens Casual

Wonesion Mens Breathab

High Top Mens Basketball Shoes

Kanlanlo Men's Running

Kundork Womens 


Mevlzz Mens Casual Athletic Sneakers Knit Running Shoes Tennis Shoe for Men Walking Baseball Jogging
Wonesion Mens Breathable Walking Tennis Running Shoes
High Top Mens Basketball Shoes
Kanlanlo Men’s Running Shoes Lightweight Breathable Casual Sports Shoes Fashion Sneakers Walking Shoes
Kundork Women’s Casual Athletic Sneakers Knit Running Shoes Tennis Shoe Women Walking Baseball Jogging Training Gym


Comfortable and Breathable

Stylish color scheme

Seamless Integrated Weaving









Upper Front



Flying Woven & PP Film 




13.44 Ounces

31.68 Ounce

35.68 Ounces

14.39 Ounces









Mevlzz Mens Casual Athletic Sneakers Knit Running Shoes Tennis Shoe 

Mevlzz Mens Casual Athletic Sneakers Knit Running Shoes Tennis Shoe for Men Walking Baseball Jogging

If you are looking for a stylish shoe which you can use for versatile functions, it is this particular one. This shoe is impressive, gentle, soft, and you can wear it around your house or run quick errands.

You can even use this shoe as walking shoes, gym workout, burn boot camp, trail running, outdoor sport, baseball, hiking, tennis, and jogging. The design comes from high-quality materials to offer maximum comfort and perfect fit.

Product features :

The construction of the outsole and outlook of this shoe is special. As a result, every step you take with this shoe is full of energy, light, and fast.

Its upper side comes from a breathable, stretchy material. This makes the shoe to expand and suit your feet as you run. Thus; the shoe snuggles comfortably to your feet to reduce irritation.

The shoe is stylish with a unique design that enables versatile applications. You can wear this shoe for your party, exercise, travel, workout (like: boot camp, stairmaster, barre class) , casual, and other outdoor activities.

This shoe provides the lightweight feel, durable, and excellent bounce back due to its MD sole. It adapts effectively to the ground to deliver stability. The shoe’s performance is strategic to maximize its unique attributes on every push and touch.

The uppers of this shoe have a knit design. As a result, your feet can breathe freely as you walk or run. Also, its softness provides a protective cushioning for each of your steps.


  • It is comfortable and beautiful
  • Comes with maximum ventilation and is also breathable
  • The fit is true for every size
  • Stretchy and lightweight
  • It has versatile functions
  • There is a size for everyone


  • There are no noticeable cons to this product yet

Wonesion Mens Tennis Shoes Blade Slip on Casual Fashion Sneakers

Wonesion Mens Breathable Walking Tennis Running Shoes

This shoe comes from a brand we know very well to manufacture authentic products. It is cost-effective, professional, and engineered from high-quality materials. The style is minimal with a color to match your casual wear, fitness, and sports.

Product features :

The shoe is fashionable and serves multiple purposes. The style of the shoe is classic with a color to suit every color need. Also, a fashionable blade is attached to the shoe for everyday running sports and leisure activities. These properties make this shoe perfect for all seasons.

The sizes of the shoe come in various fit. They range from size US 7 to size US 13 making it possible for everyone to get their perfect fit.

It features a non-slip sole and high elasticity. Thus; it makes this more attractive and durable. Thanks to that, you can do your sports activities and walk freely on any kind of ground.

The fashionable vamp material and stylish decorative shoelace make the shoe beautiful and simple. Also, it makes it a lightweight and able to provide maximum breathability thereby minimizing the weight of your feet.

This shoes upper comes from a cool mesh material which makes it soft, provides a perfect fit, and protection against feet injury. The inside of this shoe uses honeycomb insole which increases its impact resistance and cushioning for a comfortable feeling of your feet.

Its outsoles are in the form of a blade which comes from TPU rubber. As a result, it improves the non-slip design, makes the shoe durable, and allows the user to work freely or do sports on any ground.

This shoe can be used for multiple applications such as everyday wear, outdoor activities, climbing, camping, exercise, traveling, workout, casual walking, gym, sports, and running respectively.


  • The shoe comes from a well-known brand for authentic shoes
  • Versatile applications
  • Great customer service from the manufacturers
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable and durable
  • This shoe is stylish and beautiful
  • Snug sleek fit
  • Wearable and soft


  • The durability of this shoe seems to be in question

High Top Mens Basketball Shoes

High Top Mens Basketball Shoes

Product features :

The stitching of this shoe is impressive. The PU leather vamp design consists of smooth lines thus providing maximum durability and breathability.

This Basketball Shoes comes from breathable sweat-absorbent high-quality material. Also, it is sterilized with deodorant to prevent sweating of the soles.

The rubber soles are shock-absorbing and follow the technology which dynamically accommodates every foot strike. No matter how flexible and rate of force you use while running, this brand has got your back.

This shoe is protective and soft thus; providing your feet with a cushioning effect. No matter how fast you run, it will protect your feet from squeezing due to the impact of the run.

The PU outsole and rugged rubber material deliver high-friction. As a result, you are very comfortable while wearing the shoe and it offers excellent bounce-back.


  • The best and quite affordable
  • It is durable
  • Remains dry all day long
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • It is quite elastic
  • The appearance is cool and fashionable
  • It comes in many different colors
  • Perfect for all sexes


  • Their shipping stays long

Kanlanlo Men’s Running Shoes Lightweight Breathable Casual Sports Shoes 

Kanlanlo Men’s Running Shoes Lightweight Breathable Casual Sports Shoes Fashion Sneakers Walking Shoes

This particular product is the perfect men’s shoes suitable for running or walking respectively. The size chart is quite vast to ensure that you must get the size to fit you.

Product features :

The design of this shoe is simple and classic. As a result, people from any age level can wear it. Its top side comes from knit mesh, and this ensures maximum ventilation and breathability. Your shoe breathes as you walk or run. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about fungal infections, sweaty, or smelly shoes.

The rubber sole design of this shoe makes it a lightweight and elastic. It moves and expands as your feet do thus; giving your feet full energy and maintains stability as you move.

It is suitable for various occasions such as walking your dog, jogging, driving, leisure, parties, and other such occasions.


  • It provides optimum arch support
  • The material is safe and environmentally friendly
  • Users say that it lasts very long
  • This shoe offers an excellent cushioning effect
  • Protects the wearers with its non-slip feature
  • Comfortable and always dry
  • Quite affordable for such design


  • You will need a shoe insert

Kundork Women’s Casual Athletic Sneakers Knit Running Shoes Tennis Shoe 

Kundork Women’s Casual Athletic Sneakers Knit Running Shoes Tennis Shoe Women Walking Baseball Jogging Training Gym

This particular shoe is unique for women who need a stylish and casual athletic shoe. They can use it for gym, training, jogging, baseball, walking, and running respectively.

Product features :

This shoe is soft and provides your feet with protective cushioning on each step you take. With the help of the knit upper material, you are assured of optimum comfort and ventilation. Your feet can breathe freely while you walk or run.

The outsole and outlook of this particular shoe provide your feet with full strength on every step. As a result, your step will be light and fast around the court. Also, the breathable stretchy upper expands to suit your foot as you run or walk. Thus, it is suitable for a snug comfortable fit which can minimize irritation.

This shoe’s MD sole has a unique design to be lightweight, durable, and provide excellent bounce back. It adapts to the floor or ground to deliver stability to the wearers. Also, the shoe performs strategically to maximize its unique features of push and touch.

It is stylishly fashionable with a unique design which makes it the perfect shoe for various applications. You can use them for traveling, gym, party, workout, exercise, running, outdoor, walking, or any casual activity.


  • There is a size to fit everyone
  • It is comfortable and beautiful
  • Stretchy and lightweight
  • Stylish and suitable for many occasions 


  • It tends to crease

Things to Consider before Buying the Best Basketball Shoes for Quick Guards

When you are looking for the best traction basketball shoes, there are certain factors which you must consider. If you want the basketball shoes to be perfect for you as a guard, check the following:


The most crucial aspect of your shoe’s performance as a guard is traction. If your shoe provides sticky traction, you can zoom past your defender with explosive steps. You can also stop abruptly when you want to throw into the basket. The perfect traction can also provide you the grip to disturb the defense of your opponents.

However, if you wear a brand with weak traction, all your quickness will be futile, and it will reduce your strength. There is also the likelihood that you may lose your balance while your opponent cross over. Therefore, get basketball shoes with maximum traction.



As a quick guard, you must be on your feet throughout the game. So, you need shoes that can ensure maximum comfort. You don’t need to select shoes with the same cushioning capability as that of your teammates. The reason is that; you need a sturdy shoe that will never reduce your mobility on the court.

If your shoe comes with soft cushioning, it is likely to affect your speed negatively especially when you want to maneuver around your opponents. The perfect shoe for you must provide responsive cushioning which will still be comfortable even as it absorbs certain shocks. However, it shouldn’t be overly spongy and now stop you from moving freely around the court.

Silhouette Style

When talking about the best grip basketball shoes, they come in low-tops, mid-tops, and high-tops. It all means the height of your shoe’s ankle collar over your ankle bone, below your ankle bone, or at the ankle bone. Most guards usually go for the mid-tops or low-tops since they provide more flexibility, more movement, and are lighter than the high-tops.

Ankle support is vital for a basketball player especially; if your ankle is weak or you are recovering from ankle injury. If you happen to buy high-top shoes, you can always wear ankle brace so that you can still be flexible and move quickly too.

Rubber Compound

It is not easy to judge the rubber compound quality like that of traction pattern. A softer rubber compound tends to perform better indoors. However, it attracts much dust. On the other hand, sturdy rubber compound is highly durable but may not deliver similar grip on pristine courts with hardwood.

Therefore, when faced with the option of choosing for colorways that come with either solid or translucent soles, it is advisable to go for the solid choice. Although it may not be attractive, its performance is better especially when it comes to dusty courts.

shoe Rubber Compound


Any supportive basketball shoe is great for stability and safety. If you want the best basketball shoes for point guards that will assure maximum support, check its outrigger. It is an extension of the shoe’s outer sole which widens the shoe. It offers a stable platform that prevents the rolling of your feet.

The outrigger is located at the shoe’s lateral side. Often, mid-foot shanks are built into the shoe to offer torsional support. Also, some brands add heel counters to lock your feet in the shoe. Therefore, you should buy the shoe with proper lockdown and fit.


Another vital factor which you must consider before buying the best traction basketball shoes is its fit. Every player will like a shoe that appropriately lock-in the feet. You don’t need those shoes that will be sliding front-to-back or right-to-left as you move. So when buying, the best basketball shoes for quick guards, make sure you get your perfect fit to avoid pitfalls.

buying the best traction basketball shoes is its fit


There are various materials which are used in producing basketball shoes. They come in leather, mesh, synthetic or high-technology textile materials. Synthetic or mesh materials are less expensive but may be a bit stiff initially and requires more time to break it in.

On the other hand, high-technology materials are usually expensive, but they are comfortable and soft right from the beginning. If you are not considering comfort and aesthetics, most available materials for basketball shoes perform wonderfully without much difference. So feel free to choose the material of your choice and the one your budget can accommodate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Basketball Shoes for Quick Guards?

No, you cannot use basketball shoes for quick guards. Basketball shoes are designed to give you more traction on the court and provide a better grip for your feet.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Basketball Shoes for Quick Guards?

Basketball shoes are one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in the game. The cost for a pair can range from $100 to $300, depending on the brand and the model.

However, there are some great deals that you can find if you do your research and shop around online or offline:

1. You can buy used basketball shoes online with varying degrees of condition. There are usually a few sellers on eBay who have up to 50% off their original price because they know people want these shoes but don't want to pay full price for them.
2. You can also get a new pair through Amazon Warehouse Deals, where they sell open-box or returned items at significant discounts and Prime Shipping, which is usually free 2-day shipping with no minimum purchase required during checkout and typically ships within 1-2 days of purchase date. Hence, it's almost like getting new sneakers without paying full price for them!

Are Quick Guards Worth It?

Quick Guards are a type of product that is used for the protection of your car's paint. It consists of two strips which are made out of flexible plastic and have adhesive on one side.

The strips can be installed onto the front, rear, or both sides of the vehicle's hood, roof, trunk lid, door panel, and other exterior body panels. They are also known as "bumper guards" because they offer added protection to the bumpers and corners of your car.

In general, Quick Guards protect against chips in the paint caused by stones or other road debris, as well as minor scratches from flying leaves and twigs. The product is relatively inexpensive, with a single set costing about $5-$10 depending on where you purchase it from.

Are Quick Guards Safe?

Quick Guards are safe because they are made from specially formulated plastic that is FDA approved. The company takes pride in its products and ensures the quality of each product.

How Long Does Quick Guards Last?

There are many different types of Quick Guards, but they all last a few hours. They can be applied to your skin in the morning and removed at night.


After going through the review of the above shoes, you will agree that they are the best. So feel free to make your choice from any of them that suit your play style. It is an investment that you will never regret. Remember, the best basketball shoes for quick guards will enable you to carry out sleek pull-up jumps and crossovers necessary to out-dribble the opponent.

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