How to Fix a Cut in Leather Boots

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

People wear the leather boot for different purposes. Leather boots are sturdy and longest lasting boots. These tough boots are often used for heavy duty. For various reason, your leather boot might get cut. Then you need to know how to fix a cut in leather boots. Cut in leather boots may make your boot unusable. But you can prevent that. Cut in your boot may means a hole in your shoe, which may be caused by excess use of the boot. It can also happen by any kinds of sharp material, which will leave an incision on your shoes.

How to fix a cut in leather boots

How to Fix a Cut in Leather Boots

Whether the cut in your shoe can be repaired or not, will depend on the magnitude of the cut. If the cut or hole is small, it can be fixed. In the case of a larger hole, you should look for a new shoe. You will only need some cleaning item, Reliable glue, Piece of thin leather with the same color, and sandpaper. Do not keep using your boots with the cut. It will increase the amount of cut or worse. So repair the cut in your shoe as soon as possible.

Step 1

First, clean the boots. Use bush or unused cloths to clean the dirt from the shoe. Then you can use a different type of cleanser for cleaning. You can use detergent. Pour some detergent in some water, then clean the leather boots with it. It should clean the mud and other dirt from your boot. You can also use bleaching powder. They are an effective cleaner. But use a pair of cloth, as they might harm your hand. You might try saddle soap which is specialized in cleaning leather boots. You can also use wet cloth or napkin to clean the shoe.

You can try any of the ways mentioned above to clean the shoe. Cleaning is essential. Because during repairing, dirt and mud will decrease the quality of repairing. Thus your shoe will have a high probability to get damaged soon. That’s why you have to ensure that your shoe has been cleaned before repairing. But remember to dry them before repairing.

Fix a Cut in Leather Boots

Step 2

Before applying the glue to stick the cut, you will need sandpaper. To join them, you will need to rough the surface. Roughing up the surface will make the shoe suitable for applying glue.

Buy some sandpaper from the nearby market. Start rubbing gently over the damaged part of your leather boots. Apply the sandpaper around the hole or cut. You should also rub other areas of the shoe. Rub both sides, outside and inside. During rubbing with sandpaper, pay extra cautions to the safety of the shoe. Don’t rub too vigorously.

Step 3

Cut a small leather strip. The leather strip has to have the same color of your shoe. Cut it in such a way that it will cover the cut. The most efficient way is that cut the leather strip in horizontal shape. Cut in a way that it reaches from the one edge of the shoe to the other edge of the shoe. The main reason is that you want to repair the cut, but you also want your shoe looks good. If you just put a small piece of leather on the shoe and glue the hole, it will look vulgar. Your shoe will not look good enough.

Cut a small leather strip

So you have to be smart about the amount of leather strip you will use for the repairing. Cut in a manner so that it matches with the design of the shoe.

Step 4

After cutting the right amount of leather, put some glue on the leather. Make sure that the leather strip has glue all over the side that will close the cut. Then slowly put the leather on the incised part. The glue should be durable and reliable to hold the leather strip on the damaged area. You should put more on the part of the leather strip which will close the gap. The layer of the glue should be thick to ensure the durability of the repairing.

Then gently put the leather strip on the shoe. Then slowly press the strip on your shoe. Make sure that the surface of the leather strip remains smooth after attaching. Any kind of folded or crumpled area will look bad in your shoe. It will make the leather strip easily visible. So while attaching the leather strip, make sure that the surface remains smooth. It will make it hard to see the leather strip.

Step 5

Dry the shoe for a while so that the glue gets dry. It should take no more than a day to dry the glue. Thus it will attach the cut or hole in your shoe. After the glue is properly dried, polish the shoe.


If your shoe is repairable, these steps should be enough for you to repair your shoe. You can go to a cobbler if you do not feel confident enough. I hope that you can fix your shoe properly and increase its life span.

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